Being a digital nomad in Latin America and Colombia is becoming a reality …

Hi all. This is incredible … we are so excited about this because many people are going to achieve their dream of becoming a digital nomad. #nomadadigital.

The question is that it is a digital nomad and if it is going to become a reality in Latin America and Colombia.

What is a digital nomad in the first place?

They are professionals who live traveling and live alternative lifestyles, not only to their life but to their profession.

He is among the professions of the future and does not want to give up traveling and knowing the world.

We do not talk about staying a few days but months and years between one place and another.

Working traveling was the way that digital nomads found themselves to stay economically and travel.

The digital nomads take advantage of the technology to work remotely.

They live without direction but it is worth living for the dreams (and it is not impossible) most are businessmen and liberal professionals who got tired of living in a corporate environment.

The question is whether in Latin America you can live like a digital nomad.

And the answer is a resounding yes.

There are 7 cities in Latin America for nomadic workers facilitating the internet, good quality of life, many coworking spaces and accessible prices for accommodation.

Let’s describe them one by one:

City of Panama:

It occupies the first place in Latin America because it has an ideal climate, free internet throughout the city and a real atmosphere.


It is one of the most important places for digital nomadism, where it is a safe and technologically advanced destination. There are 36 coworking spaces.

Buenos Aires:

The Argentine capital has developed technologically during the last decade and is a destination for entrepreneurs. To have a test, the digital nomads conference event was held in Buenos Aires.

San Juan Puerto Rico)

Puerto Rico is a charming city and quite developed by the influence of the United States. It is in the top 10 of the digital nomads in Latin America. Cospazio will become coworking focused on startups.

San Jose Costa Rica):

Its capital San Jose has become a popular destination in Latin America for digital nomads. It is a connected city, with many spaces to work and hundreds of activities to do. It’s not the cheapest cost of living.


We are starting with the beginning of digital nomads in Cali together with another person. The city is fresh, has incredible coworking space and development of startups, a cluster is located near the hostels and we are becoming a city for digital nomads apart from the incredible things that can be done in the city like salsa cultural activities and art. We are willing to become the digital reference in Colombia and its cheap place.

If you love the idea, you can tell us if you would like to develop stories about our city as a digital nomad.

How exciting to be in this environment and that our city is part of it.


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