Travel bloggers in 2019 in english and how monetize your blog in latinamerica.

From Colombia Jorge bela in what a shame with you is the first blog but he did not decide to continue writing his blog. (Hurts, 😦)

Indira from nazca peru with her blog viaje por peru shows useful information about traveling through Peru. (She monetizes her blog with personalized tours for Peru and the world)

Eloy from his blog from Asia to Latin America shows tips of tourism, guide of Colombia and gastronomy and is a tourism consultant, community manager and works in brands recognized as proexport.

Alexandra and David has his blog from Mexico and has travel tips from around the world. (They are the oldest travel bloggers in Latin America). His blog is called light travel.

Brazil is an incredible tourist destination. Silvia con matraqueando is a blog representative of brazil. To monetize your blog you have a booking search engine, car rental, travel insurance, rent an apartment in Curitiba and some travel guides.

Aniko villalba with her blog traveling around is a travel blog focused on the travel literature and travel journals. From Argentina she has her book and she also has personalized travel journals to monetize her channel.

We Rebunt and Travel is a travel blog with Colombian travel bloggers where they write travel tips around the world. To monetize your blog you have a virtual shop of posters, t-shirts and the sale of your book from the virtual page. (That is, they are self-published)

We as emotional travelers are also a travel blog from Colombia. We monetize our blog with travel search engines, affiliate links about travel journals and we have two travel infoproducts.

Carlicas is a travel blogger about counting travel tips. She is a blogger who started with the suitcase and then created others. To monetize your blog you have a search engine of skycanner, booking, link of amazon about travel, an international travel insurance, makes personalized tours for each destination and is a consultant of projects such as carlicas that teaches about digital nomadism and how to build your blog from scratch . (After silvia in Brazil it is the one that seems more interesting because it diversifies.)

Everyone of some degree or another monetizes their travel blogs, including us. (We have a lot of things and besides these consultants of digital markwting, advertising copywriting and seo in tourism, it is preferable to diversify your travel blog to focus on only one.)

If you are interested in seeing what we do and helping us to continue traveling, click here:

Travel bloggers latinamerica

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hola. este es el nuevo blog de travesias emocionales. quieres conocer tips de viaje, noicias de viajes y wanderlust ademas de mochileros y parejas viajeras? siguenos. y si quieres ver los maravillosos destinos en colombia, latinoamerica y el mundo siguenos en blogspot como travesias emocionales para conocer las historias donde hemos estado como pareja viajera y wanerlust.


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