the most important travel bloggers in Latin America, part I

Siuler, travel and photos.

Sabine and Luis write in siuler trips and photos, one of the Spanish-speaking blogs with the most human photos on the internet.

India, Srilanka are some of the chosen destinations

They are involved in a project in a country that they will love: Nepal. They collaborate with various NGOs and deliver money collected.

quitans of bitacora:

Enric and Celia are friendly people, that you would love to talk about. that is transmitted in his blog, quaderns de bitacora, through the posts that include many things that describe many parts of the world.

They now have a large number of projects, on a photographic exhibition of Ethiopia and have already traveled half of Catalonia and have a daughter born already.

we want to see everything with our own eyes

Alan for the world:

If someone tells a trip masterfully, this is Alan X the world. youtube of trips would be lame without it, because it has a trip, through a type of videos that not only do not bore, but that hook from the first minute. (We are Alan fans and it is our inspiration)

Traveling gives us the possibility of having one of the best values of our era: tolerance.

jump with me:

Sara and Jaac, great travelers and continued throughout South America, because they toured part of the continent and the Antarctic in 372 days. (very interesting)

travel at any cost:

Alejandra, an Argentine traveler, who takes into account a very good name. travel at any cost, not literally of a monetary type, but in sacrifices to continue traveling, desire and few luxuries.

the world ok:

Bo, a Peruvian from Iquitos, has very original articles such as the acronym of the airports of the world, curious and fun acronyms are discovered.

I wanted to tell you that our book of the travel guide of Catalonia and Barcelona will do us very well in Spain.

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hola. este es el nuevo blog de travesias emocionales. quieres conocer tips de viaje, noicias de viajes y wanderlust ademas de mochileros y parejas viajeras? siguenos. y si quieres ver los maravillosos destinos en colombia, latinoamerica y el mundo siguenos en blogspot como travesias emocionales para conocer las historias donde hemos estado como pareja viajera y wanerlust.


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