Recycled fashion for travelers in Latin America.

slow fashion

garments that can be used over and over again? brands that manage raw materials to create new garments? If you like, you can keep this article.

Today we will introduce two very interesting concepts for conscious fashion: recycled fashion and circular fashion.

recycled fashion:

Recycled fashion is one that takes advantage of resources that have already been used to re-manufacture garments or accessories and give them a new use.

take advantage of plastic bottles, coffee capsules, wood or other resources for a new garment and also the materials have a useful life.

It is a very powerful concept, because with recycled fashion you save consumption of resources, energy and even transportation.

circular fashion:

Circular fashion is going one step further. And it is that the own brand or company takes advantage of the residues of its own garment or accessory and turns them back into a useful piece.

This is going one step further and getting steps further and getting the company involved in the reuse of its own waste.

the advantages of recycled fashion and circular fashion:all fashion has a minor or major impact on its environment. Due to the transportation, use of resources and the use of raw materials it is difficult to get rid of the environmental impact.

If it is positive fashion, the way of looking at consumption and fashion is shown, but recycled fashion goes one step further.

this is the main advantages:

  • take advantage of resources and materials because they exist without using a new one.
  • reduction of resources for the manufacture of clothing and accessories.
  • encourages the imagination of brands and people to create unique brands.
  • in circular fashion, a brand for drastic reduction and optimization of your waste in a second use.
  • recycled fashion and join circular fashion:

not everything from fashion recycling is very beneficial. there are many who turn bottles into polyester shirts, but not everything is what shines, the best thing to see this video:

slow fashion microfibers

Even recycled polyester is harmful to the oceans and our health.

Many ways to use these marks are:

  • recycled cotton fashion.
    turn a shirt into a blouse.
  • Portal such as recycles market are suitable for finding stylish fashion.

wooden accessories.

the future: circular fashion.

This is an incredible way to save costs, energy and the durability of materials with the sustainability of the sector.

earn money writing for travel magazines in latin america

travel magazine and earn money
gained money in quarentine

We will be talking here about how to make money writing for travel magazines, although it is not easy for the time it takes to see the results as all freelance work) it is worth practicing this profession if you are passionate about making money as travel writers.

who does not want to travel after this quarantine. we look for the dream in the suitcase and conquer new countries. for this to happen you have to save.

spend every penny on what we like, explore the map and find the best deal for the money to reach. So we decided to make this our lifestyle and we are looking to generate income to do what we want.

there are many ways to earn money and they all work. We hope to dedicate ourselves to writing and traveling on the road. not only in the blog, but also in different media that are interested in our trips and pay us for it (in addition to our book that today we will do the virtual launch)

Although it is not the only way to save, it is a way to earn income. Because we also want to earn to save we can live from traveling and besides saving too.

Writing for a medium raises doubts and that is why we write this with an attempt to clarify and open our eyes to the possibility that exists.

What should I do to write in a newspaper or travel magazine in Latin America?

As travelers we love to read on trips, we will have a particular medium that catches their attention, be it a newspaper or magazine. the first step is to knock on the door.

You have to look in the printed or digital version, the email of the editor or editorial coordinator, the name of the positions varies and in any case you have to talk to the editor. It is very likely that the mail from the editors is not at first glance, but you have to look for what is available.

what can i tell the media editor?

don’t write a long email; Editors don’t like long emails. Most likely, they receive proposals on a daily basis and some don’t care.

In this initial email, briefly introduce yourself and let him know what you want to write in this medium, ask him if they work with external collaborators and if you have a travel proposal (when you travel again) if you are interested.

And you, if you would like to have the advantage of writing in a travel newspaper or magazine? tell us in the comments. It also expects within a few hours the virtual launch of our travel guide in spanish.

Perfect gifts for travel couples in South America. Part III

We are back and with recharged energies. Let’s continue with what we left last year. (Some days ago). By the way, on Saturday we will talk about the romantic places of Madrid.

photographic camera:

trips and photo cameras and more if we are in a couple.

Leave impressions in Portugal (romantic site par excellence) visit Egypt and take a photo in the pyramids or on a beach in southern France and with a camera.

Amazing destinations and take pictures until you run out of photographic memory.

If you have your partner or are starting and love to travel this will be an incredible gift.

the olimpus camera is perfect for you because it is small and very basic for those who are starting and the sophisticated ones even more.

Photographic camera

wine bag with traveling glasses (stainless steel)

This is the ideal gift for a local getaway near the beach or even within your city.

For those who love wine and travel this gift is the ideal.

It has a capacity for two bottles and two stainless steel cups to leave home.

Wine bag

The world most romantic places by national geographic

Lonely planet when engaged in backpackers did not focus on guides for traveling couples. We realized that.

We will take advantage of it with our guide in English but for now enjoy this national geographic.

for now this book will give you ideas where to enjoy romantic places while waiting for ours.

The world most romantic destinations

What do you think about the idea of showing on twitch how we work on the book in English of the guide of cataluña and barcelona.

Hi all. I know that more than one likes our Latin American videos more than those from Europe. That’s funny, is not it?

And we decided to always focus on Latin America and a little elsewhere (when we go on a trip) and talk about the experience of being tourists in another country and in our countries.

Would it be better if we talked about it? Everything to do a video blog of Colombians vloggers for the world in the style of zach morris and others?

Do you think a better idea?

Tell us what you think and if it seems a good idea.

We would also like to talk about videos of our surroundings and our trips on the twitch channel and show them our work of the guide in English of barcelona and cataluña.

You can follow us here on twitch:

And our YouTube channel we send it in this link:

Thank you very much for always following us.

travel vloggers

that in Colombia the phenomena of self-publishing and travel books are growing. part II

from the first part we return to this phrase to return to the thread of the conversation. selling books in Colombia is like placing a vegetable stand in the willy wonka chocolate factory: very difficult.

On average, each Colombian reads 1, 4 books a year. I wish it were ours, hopefully one day. we went to the market to sell what almost nobody buys: books.

we told you that we decided to write this guide when we were in Barcelona and decided to make this guide to Catalonia and Barcelona to enjoy this beautiful place, this book was self-published. It was also not just to write it, but to diagram it, to illustrate the cover and the photos that are there.

We are dedicated to write in a platform called authors editors that is great here in Colombia and we will continue writing here.

In this post we will talk about the physical birth of the book and how we have distributed it during the time that has passed since the day of the launch.

How much does it cost to self-publish a line in Colombia?

depends on several factors among which we can consider the number of sheets, the quality of the paper, whether or not it includes photos, special paper and especially the number of copies will be printed in each edition.

After having the time and desire to write the book, it costs 800,000 plus or minus some intangibles that do not appear on the list.

That is our budget. You will have to make your own. it is so that a global, generalized idea is made.

How do we finance it?

They think that we travel a lot, they think that we are millionaires and that they have a pocket ready to print the books. (After we will write a post about how to live traveling without being millionaires)

when we were in Cartagena.

we made it very simple, we wrote this book guide and we put it in author editors. we appear in google and in our social networks our book.

We believe in our project and we were not afraid to risk it. if we continue in an office, none of this would have happened: no trip, no travel guide, nothing. We work hard to realize our dream and the money will come at any time. and we are at this precise moment.

record of author’s work:

unlike the isbn, the copyright registration is free. however it is necessary to register the work in pdf. Once registered, your site can not be submitted to changes.

It has a duration of 15 days and books are not indispensable. it is a safeguard so that nobody reproduces to produce his book.

You can read the first 15 pages here:

then we decided to make the template of 11 x 17 cm and I think it’s good. we write it and we edit it very fast. that’s why we chose this size for the library, to load it in the purse, in the wallet, in the travel briefcase or to carry it in the hand in the public transport. we also find it beautiful in our book.


even without the physical books, we started the presale very recently. that’s why we created the emotional crossing shop on Facebook and placed it on the marketplace. We launched the book with something very special but daily travel to 45,000. the price on offer, lower than it will cost at launch. the book depends on how it will arrive (it will take a few days) you will have to wait for it to have them.

travel journals plus the book
travel diaries with the travel guide.

We gave him a launch and a presale and the launch event.


without an editorial promoting promoting and rotating the book, writing the book is a children’s garden bought with the distribution. We have tried to reach as many people and we are just beginning. but we want to do it in an untraditional way to be known.

however, we hope to send this book to as many people as possible.

Anyway, despite how difficult it is, we can say that it can. There will be many people who want to read your book or travel guide. you will never know if it is going to be a literary success if you do not dare to write it. A closed door in a publishing house does not mean the end of your writer’s dream. when publishing the road it will be long, but it will be worth it.

We want to start making our trip first through Cartagena as well as Peru to know our place.

If you like our work or want to support us, you can download it here: and you can also download it here:

you can also send us a message to whatsapp 57 3154604987 and 3155184271 or to the email: and we send to any part of the world.

By the way, if you are also interested in the channel being dedicated to the tops of interesting places, you can tell us here as well. if you like spanish. in english it is in presale.

this is in spanish. wait in english.

by the way, we like to change the you tube channel with tops of wonderfull places and everything like hostels, hotels, experience, etc.

that in Colombia the phenomena of self-publishing and travel books are growing.

As paradoxical as it sounds, very young writers are conquering audiences that would dream traditional writers. The fan fiction made in Colombia has several examples that are cited at a Latin American level. they are caught in paradoxes: they want to publish in a traditional editorial to be legitimized.

in the traditional edition it has five intermediaries that generate value and cost to the original manuscript in such a way that it reaches the readers. In the traditional publishing house the manuscript is read, revised and prepared to be marketed and then distributed. if the book has resonated they are seen in media, etc.

There are several ways to self-publish. one of them is amazon (in Colombia the practice of it has not been generalized because it is thought to be an American franchise) if you want your printed book you can also do it in bubbok and in a traditional way. another is with the platform publishers authors (which is Colombian) and also can decide how much money they can earn.

The most important thing is to know what books you are going to ask for. andres felipe alvarez of the blog we resigned and traveled, they published their travel chronicles and with the same name. although his brand is followed by 50,000 followers of the 2000 books he bought, he still has half of it left, so it’s good to be careful how many you can self-publish.

selling is harder than writing. How do you sell a book that in the country reads 2.9 books a year? and how to make 2.9 books one’s own? without counting the distribution channels that the consolidated publishers have, the task is much more difficult. but if something is possible with social networks and the internet, anyone can build a brand with that. get your publicist friend to drink a beer, ask your sister (or yourself) that is viral in the networks, if the product does not measure up there are no influencers to stop it.

so if you are interested in the audience in English the idea that we have a book in English on the travel guide in Catalonia and Barcelona we will realize by the amount of likes and I like that we like.

If you would like to have the special book and enjoy it, we could do it.

travel guide catalonia and barcelona

virtual shop on Facebook in Latin America to help you travel.

we have realized that creating an online store on Facebook has the possibilities of creating a virtual store on Facebook and that it is addressed to us who are called “influencers” or travel bloggers.

a very interesting way to travel without a return ticket is to create an online store on facebook to sell products like others.

Creating an online store helps you travel for a long time and place it online. but it is not enough to create your products and stay there waiting. It is necessary to go out to look for clients, create authority, sympathy and credibility. show authentic and create confidence.

We decided to create this online store while we work in traveling around the world, we are spreading it here and through social networks and we can sell everything.

but you have to have an important job to gain enough from the online store. with a few hours on the internet the possibility of selling the products over the internet will be achieved.

It is not just about uploading a product to the store and selling it. You also have to work so that the products are visible and know your customers to see what products they are going to buy and what they are not.

With the blog and social networks you can achieve online sales.

create a blog is basic to build trust and not only have confidence and generate not only visits but also future customers.

Besides showing your products also create post that have value. people have trouble buying online (in Colombia this is changing quickly) in the United States is very ingrained buying products online. It is because of the distrust of knowing who you are buying.

with a blog you can place travel tips, who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you do it. There are real people behind the store, you can make people identify with you and the story.

It is basic that you generate confidence to generate online sales. A blog that has positioned itself in Google will attract thousands of visits to your store. In addition, the project will be supported by a community of readers who identify with you. these visits will become sales.

a blog will help you to have confidence but social networks promote in social networks getting likes. the products that will be sold on trips will be moved by the blog and social networks.

I also help a lot to get to know my contacts on social networks. I help people who did not know my blog, nor the trips, nor the store, they decide to support the project by buying incredible things.

by the way, the last link that we are going to place here is an incredible yoga and organic lifestyle event, there is a congress worldwide and you can also have a discount here if you use the code that is on the last sheet.

if you are interested in seeing the store, subscribe and see what you are interested in seeing in the facebook store you can see it here:

discounts expedia, voyage prive and airbnb
wanderlust giveaway for yoga entrance and organic lifestyle

we have decided to create the traveling store for all of you who want help with your trips

Hi all. The online market grows in Colombia, it grows exponentially in Latin America. 48% seek new experiences online. people use the connections to make the purchase of products and services more frequently. 34% of people who use the internet use electronic commerce and the tourism sector increases.

This is how travel agencies and other online services take center stage in global trends and in Latin America. During the last years, the sales of the tour operators in web pages and represented 13% of the total, of the airlines, 14% and lodging 12%.

48% of Latin Americans, whose age ranges between 25 and 49 years of age, seek new experiences with technology. The growing preference of digital channels lies in the advantages that present to the consumer: 24/7 attention, abundance of options, better prices and access to collaborative communities that will be an ideal.

that’s why we want to create a virtual store where search engines are found, amazon books and also a place where you can buy amazon products (travel journals)

I hope you like it a lot.

tourism store
tourism store

Is there a new traveler profile in South America?

With the proliferation of flights, low cost airlines and the most trips in your life, a new traveler in South America is growing.

Traditionally the traveler prepared and booked departing from the destination or destination that he wanted to know. Now look at what destination is on offer and then decide where to travel.

It is a paradigm shift for many travelers who are going to make many trips in their lives and a destination can meet you when there is a better offer.

It’s different when you worked once in your life and some destinations were indispensable.

Express offers are included in the portals and visits increased by 8%.

The inveterate travelers are those who make five trips a year and have already visited the main tourist sites on the planet.

That is why if you identify yourself with an inveterate or low cost traveler and you want to have a destination that you have everything; we will give a giveaway about an ebook.

Traveler profile from Latin America

To enjoy this giveaway we will give you the possibility to subscribe to all our social networks and tag several friends so that you can win them.

Facebook: andrea garcia

Twitter: @andreag42680997


Hope you like.

Travel bloggers in 2019 in english and how monetize your blog in latinamerica.

From Colombia Jorge bela in what a shame with you is the first blog but he did not decide to continue writing his blog. (Hurts, 😦)

Indira from nazca peru with her blog viaje por peru shows useful information about traveling through Peru. (She monetizes her blog with personalized tours for Peru and the world)

Eloy from his blog from Asia to Latin America shows tips of tourism, guide of Colombia and gastronomy and is a tourism consultant, community manager and works in brands recognized as proexport.

Alexandra and David has his blog from Mexico and has travel tips from around the world. (They are the oldest travel bloggers in Latin America). His blog is called light travel.

Brazil is an incredible tourist destination. Silvia con matraqueando is a blog representative of brazil. To monetize your blog you have a booking search engine, car rental, travel insurance, rent an apartment in Curitiba and some travel guides.

Aniko villalba with her blog traveling around is a travel blog focused on the travel literature and travel journals. From Argentina she has her book and she also has personalized travel journals to monetize her channel.

We Rebunt and Travel is a travel blog with Colombian travel bloggers where they write travel tips around the world. To monetize your blog you have a virtual shop of posters, t-shirts and the sale of your book from the virtual page. (That is, they are self-published)

We as emotional travelers are also a travel blog from Colombia. We monetize our blog with travel search engines, affiliate links about travel journals and we have two travel infoproducts.

Carlicas is a travel blogger about counting travel tips. She is a blogger who started with the suitcase and then created others. To monetize your blog you have a search engine of skycanner, booking, link of amazon about travel, an international travel insurance, makes personalized tours for each destination and is a consultant of projects such as carlicas that teaches about digital nomadism and how to build your blog from scratch . (After silvia in Brazil it is the one that seems more interesting because it diversifies.)

Everyone of some degree or another monetizes their travel blogs, including us. (We have a lot of things and besides these consultants of digital markwting, advertising copywriting and seo in tourism, it is preferable to diversify your travel blog to focus on only one.)

If you are interested in seeing what we do and helping us to continue traveling, click here:

Travel bloggers latinamerica