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Travel digital nomad in latinamerica.

Destinations for romance on your anniversary (be it a wedding or a wedding) in Colombia and Latin America. Part II

  • Romance on the island of Faraglioni in Italy. Where we have not seen romantic walks by boats, navigating the horizon. The island of Faraglioni in Italy, an island located south of Capri. The grotta azzura cave, the blue cave, will be enchanted by the intense blue. The tradition of crossing the scopolo rock, because the locals tell a legend that if you go through there you will have an eternal love. You can not leave without seeing its cobblestone streets and its historic center.
Faraglioni island, capri, italy
  • botanical garden d kioto.
    A city with historical and mystical is kioto. Romanticism is breathed in the air with the mixture of green landscapes and a cosmopolitan city. The most important thing is to meet your most precious jewels: the botanical garden. It is adorned with beautiful landscapes and cherry trees in the background. You can also go to the bamboo forest of arashiyama. You can walk through its temples or take a tea in the geishas neighborhood.
Botanical garden, kioto, japan.
  • The northern lights of Saariselka, Finland.
    Seal the love you have looking at the beautiful landscape with incredible tones of nature. If you like extreme sports, this town is the ideal place for extreme sports such as skiing or horse-drawn sleighs.
Northern lights in finland.

On Friday we will continue talking about these places.

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romantic destinations for couples in colombia and the world, part III


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If you like to take photos with your partner, then this place would like you. On the first day of tourism, your partner and you can take a picture in the Seoul N. Tower. They have placed heart-shaped benches for couples to feel with the thousands of locks around the world.

The city of Seoul is romantic, especially if you visit the island of Namiseon. Located 60 km from Seoul, it is perfect for taking photos at any time of the year. Another way to end the day is in the DIY ring cafe in the trendy hongdae neighborhood, where you can make your own traveling couple’s jewelry.

For newlyweds who love the beach: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

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You’ve already finished the party so it’s easy to escape to Puerto Plata, you and your partner, one of the least touristic and most paradisiacal places in the Dominican Republic. Leave the room and enjoy the beach and enjoy the historic center. Creole culture of African and Caribbean descent to the rhythm of merengue a music that can not resist. After dancing, take a sip of mamajuana, a Dominican liquor for being an aphrodisiac. sure you recover strength to go to the track of travel … or to another side.

for hungry hearts: istria, croatia.

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You can conquer a person by the stomach. If this is true on the Croatian peninsula of Istria, it has a lot to offer as dishes of fresh fish or white truffles, for example. here the croatian olive oil is produced, which is used in the buzara, (battered prawns or steamed mussels) or pljukanci (hand-rolled pasta) which are the result of the Mediterranean mixture with continental Europe.

its landscape of blue waters contrasts with the green mountains, you will love the desserts … you can go shopping to visit the market of the port of rovinj, located under the hill where is the church of santa eufemia, with its bell tower 60 meters height.

Egypt travel tips

Tourists traveling in an organized manner does not pose any additional risk with respect to another destination, that is, it is as safe and reliable as some countries that have more security. As soon as you step on the country, you will realize that it has nothing to do with what you see in the news.

You can go and check the areas you visit, nothing happens, and if there is a demonstration on the trips, do not approach and the problem is fixed.

Cairo is a main city that does not rest at night. the difficulty to move of an inexperienced tourist is in the traffic. the Egyptian museum, the mummification museum and the luxor temple are the three visits and can be done in the same street without having to go by taxi.

Asuan is a smaller city and its monuments are more difficult, in addition you have to hire taxis, and motorboats, without knowing how to negotiate the price can be more expensive than hiring extra lives directly with the agency.

If you want to enjoy this trip to Egypt, you can see this link and click here.

if you want to enjoy a wonderful place in cancun, mexico

Earth my body, breath my breath, water my blood and fire my spirit.

Peace, Nature, Spirituality, Rest Physical and Mental, Joy and happiness; Couples, Family, friends, pets.

chalet and temazcal in yum balam

Come and know this beautiful place in the ecological reserve “Yum Balam” road Kantunilkin-Chiquila Km 32. (very close to the port of Chiquila, Holbox Island, El Corchal and Cuyo), Quintana Roo, Mexico. C.P. 77330
*** One hundred percent ecological.
*** Animal friendly place.
*** No Electric Power or internet signal.

*** Villa with bathroom and water (Chantli), suitable to host up to two people.
*** Accommodation without arrival and departure times.
*** Owned for vacation.
*** Family celebrations, toasts and meetings.
*** Tlecuil (Fogón) based on local firewood.

*** Tlecalpantli (Furnace) of floor for Barbecue.

*** Temazcal for 2 to 6 people
*** Only lovers of nature.
*** Camp for Scouts, backpackers and adventure tourism

*** Hiking: sighting of exotic birds, vegetation and fauna of the place.

Modest and affordable recovery and maintenance cost:

$ 50.00 USD Per Night

$ 245.00 USD per week.

$ 70.00 USD Use of Temazcal. Includes ceremony, salts and aromatic plants, bath and rest. (Session of 1 hour).

*** Prices per couple.

*** 20.00 USD per additional person.

*** The cost of the celebrations are quoted at the time of the request.


Dulce María Vázquez Guadarrama.   Cel. 998 2144598

Sr. Rolando Corona.                                  Cel. 998 1594088

Sr. Fernando Segarra                               Cel. 998 1536539