We reach 1,000 likes! What an emotion and we want to give you a gift.

Hi. We are excited that we have reached a thousand likes. It has been a long road since a few years ago and it is exciting to realize that.

It all started in 2017 when I returned from the United States (if I had been to Disney) and I had been fascinated by a concept of Disney: you live to work or work to live and I responded to work to live. He showed me the image of myself working and surfing the beach. I loved the concept.

Come back determined to turn this dream into reality (that’s why this blog exists)

I remember when almost nobody found this blog, but over time it began to grow until it reached this point. (We hope to grow even more. Now we hope to grow even more. We didn’t expect this. We thought it was a hobby. Not bad for a couple of Colombian bloggers and microinfluencers)

Now this is just the beginning and to celebrate we want to give you a gift for your partner and you. and we will do it from a high level page and category and very romantic hotels and discounts of 70%. Here is the link:

We want to continue giving wonderful things and destinations so they can continue traveling.

We love you so much.

Andrea and Oscar.

Travel couple

Romantic sites of Madrid. Part I

Madrid is the promising place if you arrive from South America to Europe (or specifically from Colombia) so if you want to discover the first stop in Europe and enjoy as a couple or that special person, I will show you these incredible places:

The mountain: the brown (the brown)

The mountain, spain

In an incredible mountain where there are incredible landscapes and green is this restaurant, where you will have a personalized attention according to your budget.

They are specialized in roasts and if you want to get away with your partner from the worldly noise a weekend is the ideal place.

samarkanda: atocha

Samarkanda, spain

In the heart of the city, this restaurant is inside the interior garden of Atocha, in Madrid.

You can surprise your partner with a candlelit dinner and it is an experience you will never forget. In addition to other things.

Madrid’s Retiro Park.

Madrid retiro

I have a love story with this park since last year I was there. I arrived in this city and we went through the gate of Alcala and in the background is this unreal and beautiful park.

Walking through this place has beautiful barges to pass across the lake. The construction between nature and beautiful architecture of Madrid seemed unreal. (A beautiful thing)

I recommend a lot to walk as a couple if I felt this way alone, imagine you and your partner walking hand in hand through this garden and walking at the end of your hand on this barge. A unique sensation (really) and feed the beautiful patios that are in the lake. (Sorry, I lost the photos)

We will continue talking about these beautiful places in Madrid.

We have decided to focus rather on this blog. And we will start with Catalonia

As we have realized that the blog we had is not working very well, we have decided to focus on this to work it quite well and place the improved posts here.

Today we will focus on the most romantic places for couples in Catalonia.

Tarragona is a romantic place to enjoy Roman ruins, Roman circus buildings and eternal vineyards?


It was a settlement on the Roman august road is a romantic destination for years that retains its medieval walls.

Each corner of the medieval Girona will make you take your partner’s hand and steal a kiss in its labyrinthine streets.

Costa Brava:

Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and medieval monks knew the best places to anchor and build. So everyone came to the Costa Brava, a romantic coast, ideal for a memorable stay.

If you want to have memorable personalized trips you can send us a message to the email yuleidymurillo69@gmail.com

Costa brava catalonia
Catalonia romantic

Are there travel guides for traveling couples?

Hi. We have this question in the inkwell. It will be that there is a travel guide for traveling couples in Spanish and English.

After an exhaustive search to search in Spanish if there are travel guides for traveling couples, the answer is no.

The next question is why? Because in Spain that is developing more the figure of blogger or travel influencer there is no book or exact guide where you talk about romantic places for couples.

In case there is almost nothing developed like travel literature in South America (in Spain if) and only the South American is realizing that he can do it.

But it is assumed that in the markets where Spanish is not spoken there are more possibilities because they take us light years as a travel journalist, but neither does it exist.

Not even the great lonely planet publishing house has focused on the travel guides of traveling couples. But it has focused on backpackers and wanderlust.

So there is great potential to develop a market for travel guides for traveling couples in Spanish and English.

Travel guides

That is why our next travel guide will be of traveling couples.

Personalized couple trips, how to do them?

When traveling there are three ways to make a trip. Hire a package in an agency, search for us on the internet or the third option (which we are) to have a trip planner or planners to achieve a customized trip. (That is, specialized destination consulting)

But for you we are going to give you the three options so you can travel together with your partner.

We are willing to ensure that your trip is personalized for you and your partner at this time and you can enjoy the places having the possibility of being personalized (more if it is a honeymoon or you want another)

If you like the possibility of searching for everything online you will have control (control over your tuxedo, hotel, food and many things) but if you almost do not have time as a couple, it is a double-edged sword for you and your partner.

If you want to have security and confidence, a travel agency will give you everything, but you will lose spontaneity and increase the price.

And which of the three do you like best?

Personalized trips

Destinations for lovers: six places in Argentina to enjoy as a couple.

From a dinner in nahuel huapi to a walk under the moonlight in the iguazu falls. You will decide that you fall in love with your couple.

6 amazing places in argentina
  1. Iguazu waterfalls.
Iguazu waterfalls

In missions, Argentina is one of the 7 most incredible natural wonders in the world: the Iguazu Falls. From all sides of the planet come to know the impressive waterfalls. The experience is more incredible when you take a walk in the moonlight. They are made 5 days a month and the guide shows the throat of the devil that is silver in the moonlight. You can also enjoy an incredible dinner with the rainforests and stay in incredible places with magnificent views of the falls.

2. Seven lakes

Seven lakes argentina

They are a must if you want to go through Patagonia. They are so fancy that it’s like being in a story (like certain places in Germany)

In the mountains, like San Martin de los Andes and Villa La Angostura, they have personalized boutique hotels for you to enjoy as a couple.

If you want to enjoy these places as a couple and stay in incredible places, here we leave this link for you to enjoy:

Iguazu waterfalls argentina
Seven lakes argentina

It is the best gift you can give to you and your partner to enjoy incredible experiences for you and your relationship.

We have decided to focus this blog for now on traveling couples.

Hi. The more niches and more you specialize the more it works. We are a traveling couple that we want to travel across the entire planet. Just in our country is developing travel blogs and if we are a couple with greater reason.

But it is incredible to work and enjoy your trips as a couple and more if we enjoy traveling as a couple.

Now our store will also take a turn so that they can give gifts as a couple and have their personalized trips as a couple.

We can help you by being your personalized influencers to travel as a couple (for now)

Don’t you think it’s lovely?

You can leave it in the comments.

Good luck traveling couples.

Pd: by the way, lonely planet with its guides has not focused its couples guides, we will do it from now on.

Bom voyage!

We love them. Andrea and Oscar.

Travel couple.