We decided to give a spin to the channel of you tube and twitch.

curious that studying youtube we have realized that doing certain things we can create a travel community adapted for all of you.

that’s why we’ll give travel tips and tops of the most incredible places. and in our twitch channel when you show your lifestyle and what you do you can do it very well.

that’s why we decided to give this turn to the story and to the emotional crossing channel.

If you are interested in being part of this community you can follow us on the emotional crossing channel and if you want you can also subscribe to the twitch channel as well.

we see that they like to see our daily life and the stories we show there, so we will focus on the stories and every time we travel it would be a travel blog.

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Balnearios en el Valle del Cauca | livevalledelcauca.com
Touristic places of the Cauca Valley. youtube channel
travel vlogger twitch

tomorrow I will be in a live show that you may like muchismo. see you tomorrow.

that in Colombia the phenomena of self-publishing and travel books are growing.

As paradoxical as it sounds, very young writers are conquering audiences that would dream traditional writers. The fan fiction made in Colombia has several examples that are cited at a Latin American level. they are caught in paradoxes: they want to publish in a traditional editorial to be legitimized.

in the traditional edition it has five intermediaries that generate value and cost to the original manuscript in such a way that it reaches the readers. In the traditional publishing house the manuscript is read, revised and prepared to be marketed and then distributed. if the book has resonated they are seen in media, etc.

There are several ways to self-publish. one of them is amazon (in Colombia the practice of it has not been generalized because it is thought to be an American franchise) if you want your printed book you can also do it in bubbok and in a traditional way. another is with the platform publishers authors (which is Colombian) and also can decide how much money they can earn.

The most important thing is to know what books you are going to ask for. andres felipe alvarez of the blog we resigned and traveled, they published their travel chronicles and with the same name. although his brand is followed by 50,000 followers of the 2000 books he bought, he still has half of it left, so it’s good to be careful how many you can self-publish.

selling is harder than writing. How do you sell a book that in the country reads 2.9 books a year? and how to make 2.9 books one’s own? without counting the distribution channels that the consolidated publishers have, the task is much more difficult. but if something is possible with social networks and the internet, anyone can build a brand with that. get your publicist friend to drink a beer, ask your sister (or yourself) that is viral in the networks, if the product does not measure up there are no influencers to stop it.

so if you are interested in the audience in English the idea that we have a book in English on the travel guide in Catalonia and Barcelona we will realize by the amount of likes and I like that we like.

If you would like to have the special book and enjoy it, we could do it.

travel guide catalonia and barcelona

Top 5 of why visit barcelona

Hi all. Today we have a top about the main reasons why visit Barcelona.

Top 5 why visit barcelona.

Thank you for follow us.

Historic zone barcelona
Shopping mall barcelona.

Visit Catalonia

Visit the mountain and the forest. Sun and snow. Busy cities, ghost towns and a multitude of natural spaces.

Catalonia has a privileged pisicion that has it all. It is located in the northwest of Spain bordering France and the Mediterranean Sea and that is why it has been able to trade with the continental Europe and the continental peoples.


If you prefer the mountain you can go for the Pyrenees, with charming villages, lakes and nature excursions. If you prefer the beach you can go to the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada and enjoy the beach and see white houses and turquoise waters. Visit Barcelona or know stories like Girona and Tarragona.

Traditions of Catalonia.

The Catalan people have their own language and culture, which make the territory a very special place because their traditions are deeply rooted.


It is a traditional Catalan dance, they hold hands and dance to the sound of Catalan or different instruments used only in the territory.


It is a well-known party, for its staging. They participate in competitions and national holidays.

The correfocs:

It is a pyrotechnic show that runs through the streets of cities. People disguise themselves as demons and dance to the rhythm of music.

Cagatio and caganer:

It is one of the traditions that most amaze foreigners for their symbols.

The cagatio is a Catalan Christmas character, made with a wooden trunk that on December 25 shit gifts.

Also in the manger there is a man shitting, who is called caganer.

The dyad of sant jordi.

It is on April 23 and is celebrated with books and roses for each one. It is based on a medieval history.

If you want to enjoy this beautiful place, click here:

World Water Day. 7 cities that will run out of water since 2030.

Hi all. Today we have a new live show about World Water Day and the first year on Instagram.

Cities without water 2030
Mexico without water: 2030
Sustainable tourism latinamerica

we have a new video about family territory …

Hi all. since we started the channel we have the most watched video in emotional crossings and for us it is a beautiful place: santa helena.

just this beginning of the year we started walking around santa helena and we realized that we do not have a video of this beautiful place and its road …

so here it is.

the most beautiful road in colombia: santa helena, valle of cauca

thank you for all.

a review of a wonderful place in the middle east …

Hi. I have to say that when we created the facebook we have great people who follow us. That’s why when a friend from Pakistan started talking to us and showed us this beautiful place. is in pakistan near tibet.

but first we are going to show you that it is the country of Pakistan and the place where this friend of us lives.

Pakistan has incredible natural characteristics. Pakistan brought many tourists in 2012. (attracted a million people).

Our friend lives in Gilgit is an extraordinary place to do mountaineering towards the karakoran mountain ranges and the himalayas. It is located near the Khunjerab pass linking Pakistan and Tashkurgan in China. it is close to the gilgit river and ends in the indo river.

the Khunjerab pass is the international crossing of the paved border, it is also a very high point of karakorum. on the Pakistani side it is about 42 km from the national park station.

On the Chinese side, near Tashkurgan, it is near a Chinese port.

in the winter it is close to snow during the winter and it is closed from November 30 until May 1. There are pastures on the Chinese side and a cross between yak and cow domesticated and can be seen from the road.

Our friend lives in the lower part of the mountain on the Pakistani side.

if you want to enjoy a wonderful place in cancun, mexico

Earth my body, breath my breath, water my blood and fire my spirit.

Peace, Nature, Spirituality, Rest Physical and Mental, Joy and happiness; Couples, Family, friends, pets.

chalet and temazcal in yum balam

Come and know this beautiful place in the ecological reserve “Yum Balam” road Kantunilkin-Chiquila Km 32. (very close to the port of Chiquila, Holbox Island, El Corchal and Cuyo), Quintana Roo, Mexico. C.P. 77330
*** One hundred percent ecological.
*** Animal friendly place.
*** No Electric Power or internet signal.

*** Villa with bathroom and water (Chantli), suitable to host up to two people.
*** Accommodation without arrival and departure times.
*** Owned for vacation.
*** Family celebrations, toasts and meetings.
*** Tlecuil (Fogón) based on local firewood.

*** Tlecalpantli (Furnace) of floor for Barbecue.

*** Temazcal for 2 to 6 people
*** Only lovers of nature.
*** Camp for Scouts, backpackers and adventure tourism

*** Hiking: sighting of exotic birds, vegetation and fauna of the place.

Modest and affordable recovery and maintenance cost:

$ 50.00 USD Per Night

$ 245.00 USD per week.

$ 70.00 USD Use of Temazcal. Includes ceremony, salts and aromatic plants, bath and rest. (Session of 1 hour).

*** Prices per couple.

*** 20.00 USD per additional person.

*** The cost of the celebrations are quoted at the time of the request.


Dulce María Vázquez Guadarrama.   Cel. 998 2144598

Sr. Rolando Corona.                                  Cel. 998 1594088

Sr. Fernando Segarra                               Cel. 998 1536539