slow travel: why travel slow in Latin America.

slow travel

what is slow travel?

The slow food movement in Italy was born against fast food and everything that was handled with fast food and exaggerated consumption. When this philosophy grew, there was a trend of slow travel.

Along with this, citta slow (slow cities) were created to promote cultural diversity and internal characteristics for homogenization and Americanization.

For a city to be a slow city it must have several requirements such as not being a capital, having less than 5000 people and the old town free of traffic.

who is slow travel?

The slow traveler is that traveler is not intended to be from city to city, or to complete a route to have flags.

Although for many travelers it is a pride to collect countries, the slow traveler is established in a place to get to know it slowly, enjoy being comprehensive and slowly savor the experiences.

we only know that we know nothing:

the smallest city has many things to do. it is not uncommon for people to live forever in them.

It may sound normal to know such a country or continent, but the epithet may be pretentious, as it does not include towns, provinces, municipalities or districts of all lifestyles.

for the brain it is better to associate and group through cliches, stereotypes and generalizations, otherwise it could not process all the information. The reality is when we travel a foreign place in a short time, we test their experiences and give us sketches.

slow travel ideas:

  • stay a week in a city.
  • take a course abroad
  • rent or rent an apartment for a season.
  • explore the surroundings on foot or public transport
  • bike from one town to another exchange houses
  • investigate a cultural topic.
  • sleep on trains and meet people.
  • volunteer abroad
  • teach something
  • stay with foreign friends and share
  • rural tourism and learning the activities of a farm
  • traveling by motorcycle, bike, car, etc.
  • go shopping at the local market and prepare your food
  • have a picnic
    It doesn’t matter, it’s doing it slowly.

a brand for travelers: jd sports.

jd sports is a sports brand with a collection of shoes, clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

80% are directed to exclusive jd products. it has a catalog it has very important brands such as nike, adidas original, converse, timberland, asics, puma and others.

as jd exclusive brands like brookhaven, supply and demand, ellese, fila and carbrini.

jd sports is in full expansion, at the moment jd sports has stores in the united kingdom, spain, portugal, italy, germany, holland, belgium, denmark, sweden and malaysia.

Timberland is an American brand of accessories, footwear and sportswear for adventurous travelers around the world. It has an income of 1400 million dollars 10 years ago.

uses recycled materials for the manufacture of products, so its logo is a tree and it has a total commitment to the environment and this adds value to people and society with sustainable development and the raw materials it has and uses.

The company is located in the United States.

the brand shows quality and therefore the price is higher. that is why it seeks to sell with quality.

These boots from Timberland are unisex and if you like to take advantage after quarantine, these boots can be used so that when you win again.

Bota 6 Inch Premium para Hombre en amarillo | Timberland

Brands for eco-conscious travelers in Latin America

Big brands for travelers have decided to invest to be more aware, but at a rather dark price. To reduce costs, many pay negligible prices to maintain the supply chain and inadvertently do not help with sustainability or quality.

Faced with this rampant consumption, it is better to buy a little more expensive but with more sustainable and quality values. Brands that respect human beings, as well as the way they are produced.

This post is to tell you that there are brands that are sustainable (even lasting for life) and that we have quality products and friendly to the environment for travelers.


It is not just any brand. This brand seeks to empower the community. Bottles, bicycles, backpacks, travel accessories … this Seattle company seeks to empower the world in different projects. When you buy they give you a coupon to know what your money is going for and what project.


This Japanese stationery is focused on product design to design your travel notebook. The covers are made of vegetable leather, handmade in a factory in Japan. You can also make blade changes and other accessories when they’re gone.

Ecofriendly brand

basics and whims for the summer in Latin America. part I

shopping is something that we do not give up as a couple and with the incentive of virtual sales. When time is no longer a problem, we not only have some basics to see if we can vacation. here it is with which we have succumbed.

etam, pool or beach:

If we can do it, we can be on the beaches with restrictions. Among this stands out the collection of etam that pay tribute to the tropic with palm trees or flowers.

rupit mallorca: sustainable fashion in shirts.

the islands hook and the enchanting thing is that you can return again and again. the landscapes, taste of the sea, many traditions and unique places. this authenticity found in the rupit mallorca brand, a 2014 company that transmits the Mallorcan spirit of fashion and contributes to the sustainability of the planet with 100% organic clothing.

maujim: high technology in glasses.

maui jim, specialists in high-end polarized sunglasses, with technology with dual gradient lenses that remove 100% of UVA and UVB rays and 99% of glare caused by the sun, reflections and flares of light behind the glasses.

It has 9 protective layers, including the patented polarized foil with polarizedplus 2 that has vivid and natural colors.

buterfly twistst. always ready.

Having comfortable shoes when you travel or in everyday life to get us out of tangles. And thanks to this signature, it can be done with a refined and stylish touch.

organic sustainable

how to write a good travel story? advice to do it in latin america

is there a better way to quarantine than to write travel in quarantine?

In these times when we have a lot of time and we are in our house, you can feel better writing down things that you yourself have done while you are at home. Writing about travel always has its tricks.

think carefully about what you are going to communicate

We start at the beginning. This advice is impossible, but it is a big mistake before writing: not being very clear about what to tell. Your text has to be structured, your knowledge of the places you traveled places you as a guide for the reader, it takes an unforeseen itinerary with a defined direction. avoid wandering and writing that follows the flow of your consciousness. think about what you are going to say and summarize it in 4 concepts. now if you can write.

choose the genre well:

Now that you decide what to do to write, you have to show how you want to write it. there are many genres that help you to get better expersed. it all depends on the subject. The most normal thing is that you want to tell it, the way to do it appears alone. You can write your story as a daily diary.

the epistolary genre is also a good way. Imagine that you are writing a story to someone and you are telling this story. It works great! If you like the literary genre and enjoy it, you can do a travel essay. It is the most complicated genre, because you have to have a lot of reflection and erudition.

document well:

When you can travel or be at home in quarantine you want to know new things, the reader of a travel text and find new perspectives. not whenever we travel we have data on destinations, their history, their livestock and their people. The most recommended is that you find out about the things of the country, the sooner the better. have everything and resignify it better. benefit the text and more of yourself.

como escribir bien un blog de viaje
travel writting
travel stories

tips that a luxury travel blogger do in quarantine.

we are in quarantine and it’s boring you don’t know what to do. you think about traveling, getting out of your confinement, visiting many parts. This coronavirus will one day pass and gradually we will return to normal, but in the meantime stay home and they will take you from the world to your room. transform staying at home into traveling at home.

read a book:

reading is the best way to travel. Take advantage of this time you left in half or start the one you always wanted to read. a book takes you to unknown places.

In Amazon and other places you can buy many books in ebook format. Editorial Planet under the motto #keepreadingencasa made free books available until March 31, where you can find everything from da vinci code books to cookbooks. Also on the web, you will find activities and virtual conferences for writers.

If you want to travel seriously, immerse yourself in travel books. Here we leave you a list of incredible travelers and also this self-published books that everyone wins: you get it cheap and earn more.

  • travel days and syndrome in paris by aniko villalba
  • removing borders: marking the pole
  • Africaneering: de guada aaroz.
  • a curious traveler and challenge your routes, by esteban mazzonzinni
  • journey to the land of straight hair. from dan lande
  • Asia, chronicles of the Far East, Yugoslavia and the labyrinth of the Balkans. from carola fernandez moore.
  • magic is traveling. aldana and magic dino on the way
  • my life in a backpack. by nati bainotti.
  • around the world in 10 years. from pablo rey (free in quarantine)

watch the TV:

Another way to teleport from your home chair is just TV. On Netflix (to name the most common) you will find a lot of movies and series during the quarantine and they take you to different places on the planet.

tales of night: documentary series for traveling. it is to see it from the mind and the gaze from the light.
street food – presents a city of asia and gastronomy.
midnight summer – a series with food stories from tokyo.
If you do not have to pay netflix, you have the app or platform of where there are 100% free movies, series, documentaries and shorts. you have the app register and watch.

finally on youtube, you have documentaries of dw and if we talk about documentaries do not miss hello world. if there is something more adventurous, jime and andres, they filmed their journey in 1247: the austral highway.

don’t forget about vimeo. It is forgotten by its competitor there you will have quality audiovisual content. We leave you the last ice box, a short film that will show something incredible in 45 minutes.

travel documentary
Travel Photos
travel picture

review of the barcelona travel guide.

I start by saying that the guide turned out great. short, but of a very good standard. we are of the group but, trips and pleasure.

This travel agency is from Cordoba, Argentina (the characteristic that Argentines write extremely well is an advantage). they are an agency that does things well.

This little guide is well written because you enjoy an enjoyable and incredible reading about Barcelona. It shows all the things that can be done in Barcelona and that you can enjoy.

you have to know that you are in quarantine you enjoy reading travel guides while you can not travel.

Although it is small, this guide is very good.

and we give it a review of 5 because it is very good.

travel guide barcelona
travel guide

Complete tour of the blog travesías emocionales

It turns out that travel blogs are experiencing a drop in affiliate links.

As we have a travel affiliate link for now we will focus on lifestyle and reading travel guides for now.

It is what we can do the most.

Fortunately we have a travel guide and if you want to read it virtual, take advantage of the opportunity as well as write travel diaries and much more.

We are definitely on a contingency plan and we will do that now.

We don’t know how long we will talk about travel again, but we will.

On twitch and YouTube we will talk about this (our forced quarantine, who knows when it will last 😄)

Thank you for your support.

Travel guides ir touristic guides

the impact of the coronavirus for world tourism and luxury tourism in Latin America

El coronavirus podrían tener un fuerte impacto en la industria del lujo
the impact of coronavirus on the luxury industry

The Chinese are the largest consumers of luxury and the confinement will create a loss of income in high quality products, both at home and abroad.

the Chinese consume 33% and 35% of luxury purchases. will increase to 45% in 2025, and most will be in mainland China.

Un centro comercial casi vacío en Beijing
shopping mall in beiging

tourism has also been affected. since the wuhan epidemic it has happened that the occupation has decreased to 75% and more with luxury products and high level tourism.

So it’s just waiting for the epidemic to end to revive tourism and shopping for luxury brands.

premium tourism and the coronavirus worldwide

The coronavirus can be said to be a pandemic according to WHO and many will think twice before traveling.

But, people have not realized that if people want to travel they will do it, no matter what happens and one option to travel is premium tourism or luxury tourism.

luxury travel and Coronavirus

luxury tourism is growing for people who have exclusive experiences during their travels. many say that “prices” are innacesible, but the way that their trips can be made in a unique way.

Hotels are not the only ones that take advantage of luxury tourism in Latin America and Colombia. Many think that travel agencies provide first class service to their clients.

we want by all means to be of help to all who follow us and we want to be the first bloggers and influencers to work on luxury tourism (which is to travel without haste and enjoy the local and even the organic)

If you want to enjoy this luxury or premium tourism, we want to talk about it on our trips and also on traveling brands and luxury clothing.