Perfect gifts for travel couples in South America. Part IV

travel diaries:

This gift is for traveling couples who love and write travel blogs.

You can write down all your adventures and use them even for a book or your travel blog.

Nor is it for bloggers but to do fun things like traveling challenges.

It is to inspire other couples to travel the world.

In the case of us we also have so you can buy them.

Get it here:

Travel notebooks
Travel notebooks

Keep memories of where you’ve been.

A decoration for your home. In this deciracion you can place tickets, cards of places where they have been traveling.

tickets to museums like we said, parks, or attractions, etc.

It will be an ornament that will speak every time there is a meeting at home.

Memories box.

We hope you liked it a lot.

Perfect gifts for travel couples in South America. Part III

We are back and with recharged energies. Let’s continue with what we left last year. (Some days ago). By the way, on Saturday we will talk about the romantic places of Madrid.

photographic camera:

trips and photo cameras and more if we are in a couple.

Leave impressions in Portugal (romantic site par excellence) visit Egypt and take a photo in the pyramids or on a beach in southern France and with a camera.

Amazing destinations and take pictures until you run out of photographic memory.

If you have your partner or are starting and love to travel this will be an incredible gift.

the olimpus camera is perfect for you because it is small and very basic for those who are starting and the sophisticated ones even more.

Photographic camera

wine bag with traveling glasses (stainless steel)

This is the ideal gift for a local getaway near the beach or even within your city.

For those who love wine and travel this gift is the ideal.

It has a capacity for two bottles and two stainless steel cups to leave home.

Wine bag

The world most romantic places by national geographic

Lonely planet when engaged in backpackers did not focus on guides for traveling couples. We realized that.

We will take advantage of it with our guide in English but for now enjoy this national geographic.

for now this book will give you ideas where to enjoy romantic places while waiting for ours.

The world most romantic destinations

Perfect gifts for travel couples in South America. Part II

This is a gift that a travel couple will love. Any detail to save for your trips. And a gift cards to save on your trips, you will love them.

With airbnb you can choose accommodation anywhere in the world.

You can choose to give from $ 25 to $ 100 dollars in a gift card. This is an amazing gift for Christmas and honeymoon.

Airbnb gift card

passport cover for travel couples:

An incredible gift to be cheesy at times. A passport cover is very practical is the indispensable document and take care of it as a baby.

Enjoy it as a couple and put the name of you and your couple.

Passport cover

Travel guides: you love books and more about traveling and getting exact places.

A travel guide will help you enjoy what to do when you go to a place and there are many guides. And more if you like to feel the physical book in your hands and feel the pages, just like walking with your physical book in your hand and remembering the places of the guide.

We have our guide too. Just wait in english soon for travel couple and romantic places.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We will be returning in January.

Travel guides.

Perfect gifts for traveling couples in South America.

travel gifts for travel couple

traveling as a couple is amazing to meet, enjoy and meet as a couple.

If you have your traveling partner and want to travel for the rest of your life for her, follow this post to give incredible gifts for this Christmas.

gifts that make you sigh until your next trip, gifts that remind you how united they are and also enjoy traveling together.

save for our adventure: save for our next trip.

a decorative savings box for when traveling together. It is a beautiful gift for all who remember for a long time that you have to save for travel and as soon as possible.

Savins travel

Camping lovers: mugs for him and her

If you love the mountain, or you love walking and camping this is your ideal gift.

two mugs that will always carry in the suitcase like the adventure begins, etc. the wanderlust awakens anyone.

Travel mugs.

world map in wood and 3d

Another gift for a traveling couple is a world map.

The map is incredible and it will also help you in the world, you can also have mini-studs shaped like an airplane to know which countries you have traveled.

Travel couple map

Books and travel guides to give to traveling souls

The gifts to give to traveling couples are something incredible. If you do not know what to give and re overwhelms what to give gifts? You have a friend or traveling couple who has been bitten by the traveling virus. It makes you think that you want to start a great trip.

As the traveling virus has no cure and is installed for life, why not feed the desire to travel with other people’s books and stories to discover?

give away a travel book, but written by travel bloggers.

why? Because a travel blogger does not write on demand, not to get rich, or to win prizes. It is simply from their experience and perspective of many places that they will inspire you to do people and seek happiness and leave the comfort zone.

One of the sacrifices you make is with money, because you go from stability to uncertainty. You realize that you can live in a minimalist and natural way and not have so many things or be attached to so many possessions. Also it is not easy to travel and have income.

If you dare to give away books and travel diaries, you are contributing to a dream to make it come true. And the recipient of the gift will appreciate it very much.

So if you want to give that special gift to a traveling couple, look at our gift tab for traveling couples. They will love it.

Travel gifts

But if you like the idea we leave the link here:

Shop local!

What to see in the Catalan Costa Brava? Part II

4. Casa granados. Tossa de mar.

Casa granados

It has the peculiarity of having a beach and at the same time a lot of green. Here is granados house. A 200-year-old mansion with a lot of history and refinement.

If you are a couple and you love luxury and romanticism you will love this place that combines refinement with its 7 exclusive rooms.

5. Hotel mas salvi. Pals.

Hotel mas salvi.

A farmhouse with nature is your ideal place. A hotel with 30 rooms that denote calm and silence. If you like privacy, this place will delight you.

It has rooms with private terraces. There are luxurious rooms and enjoy the pool, golf and spa.

6. Hotel blau mar.

Hotel blau mar.

the blau mar hotel is very close to the sea. If you love the beach, this will be your place. It is incredible to feel the beach, the smells of the sand and feel it and the sound of the birds and to be hand in hand with your partner.

It is a relatively new, Provencal hotel and also has gardens and terraces.

It has one of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava and has an infinity pool.

If you want to know more we leave you in our store our travel guide and to write thoughts about your trips:

Why do foreigners love Colombia?

That is a question that many people ask themselves and why they love our country.

If you want to know why foreigners love Colombia, click here:

good luck.

foreigns love colombia.