Premium restaurants in Madrid

This is the recommended restaurants in Madrid, for its quality / price.

Ramon Freixa Madrid:

Ramon freixa, the restaurant with the chef himself placing his name in the restaurant, seeks to excite, communicate and provoke with his dishes. A choreography on the plate seeks to improve in every way.

The GreenHouse:

The chef reinvented himself in 2018 with his move to ponzano. House food is served, with vegetable products, which are the sensation and the season is the key.

tavern tavern.

Food fusion between Galician and Asian food is also the best. It is delicious and fun food, the atmosphere is even more so.


Another restaurant where they give importance to the product. A kitchen that changes frequently and reinvents itself. Offer new experiences every time you go. He also does it with pleasure and care.

5 ecofriendly brands of swimwear for travelers in Latin America. Part I

What works after this quarantine in travel and beach fashion? Recycled and organic fashion.

You can do it with men’s and women’s swimwear that is environmentally responsible.

Discover swimwear brands for this year 2020.

Stay wild swim:

It is a British premium swimwear brand made by Natalie glaze and zanna van dijk, both passionate about ocean conservation. It is a brand very committed to preventing the contamination of plastics to find a solution for the 14 million tons of plastic that end up in the ocean.

The selfridges fashion chain hosted stay wild swim as part of the bright new things sustainable brand collective.

Her one-piece swimsuits use econyl, a bonded nylon. Stay wild swim also features the guppy friend bag on its website, which captures the microplastic poured from synthetic fibers.

Luz collections:

Luz, the French brand of organic and ethical swimwear, has models without GMOs, pesticides or chemical fertilizers and is certified by gots. In each manufacturing process, all parts are manufactured ethically and responsibly.

The founders decided to create the brand because they are passionate about fashion, art and ecology and the other sister finished her studies and joined the brand in addition to seeing incredible women and travelers.

This makes the brand shine on its website and there are more lights in the world.

Ecofriendly swimwear

The 5 vegetarian restaurants you must eat in madrid

Vegan restaurant Madrid

Vegan or vegetarian restaurants have the stigma, you eat leaves some say, but they have much more.

Many are imaginative and even creative. Although there are many fans of this cuisine, many will find the surprise that they are healthy, well-made meals and you even change your eating habits.

We have come across good restaurants (we are not vegetarians) and here we have the top 5 of the best vegetarian restaurants in Madrid.

Top 5 vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Madrid

sanissimo, in Malasaña:

It is a company that sells vegetarian and vegan food. It has fresh and very natural dishes in addition to taking care of your line. They are dishes to take care of your line. Furthermore, its commitment to the environment is palpable. The best thing is that you go hungry because the dishes are huge.

Level veggie bistro, el retiro

the level card is very complete, with many things to look at. But there is not nothing to worry. It has a personalized kitchen that adapts to your tastes and needs. Some dishes are raw vegan like lasagna. Also desserts are homemade.

Premium restaurants in Madrid


incredible food mixed with cuisines from Singapore, Peru and Spain. Incredible combinations in a dish like chicken with garlic always in a dimsum. Flavors that send us to the other side of the planet and it’s great.


The best Japanese restaurant with Japanese bar food. Enjoy it a lot!

soma by Luke

Korean and Spanish fusion. This is what Luke Chang has been learning in the kitchen of the bulli and mugaritz. All this with the artisan touch that characterizes soma by Luke.

Verdejo handmade tavern.

a restaurant that respects the product in Madrid. Top quality raw materials and attention to detail. An incredible place where it is essential to be in Madrid.


Opened in 1973, this place is a benchmark in Madrid. It is constantly renewed and its letter turns from time to time. He also has a taste for the product and the mythical winks to his dishes.

Premium or luxury restaurants in Madrid

slow travel: why travel slow in Latin America.

slow travel

what is slow travel?

The slow food movement in Italy was born against fast food and everything that was handled with fast food and exaggerated consumption. When this philosophy grew, there was a trend of slow travel.

Along with this, citta slow (slow cities) were created to promote cultural diversity and internal characteristics for homogenization and Americanization.

For a city to be a slow city it must have several requirements such as not being a capital, having less than 5000 people and the old town free of traffic.

who is slow travel?

The slow traveler is that traveler is not intended to be from city to city, or to complete a route to have flags.

Although for many travelers it is a pride to collect countries, the slow traveler is established in a place to get to know it slowly, enjoy being comprehensive and slowly savor the experiences.

we only know that we know nothing:

the smallest city has many things to do. it is not uncommon for people to live forever in them.

It may sound normal to know such a country or continent, but the epithet may be pretentious, as it does not include towns, provinces, municipalities or districts of all lifestyles.

for the brain it is better to associate and group through cliches, stereotypes and generalizations, otherwise it could not process all the information. The reality is when we travel a foreign place in a short time, we test their experiences and give us sketches.

slow travel ideas:

  • stay a week in a city.
  • take a course abroad
  • rent or rent an apartment for a season.
  • explore the surroundings on foot or public transport
  • bike from one town to another exchange houses
  • investigate a cultural topic.
  • sleep on trains and meet people.
  • volunteer abroad
  • teach something
  • stay with foreign friends and share
  • rural tourism and learning the activities of a farm
  • traveling by motorcycle, bike, car, etc.
  • go shopping at the local market and prepare your food
  • have a picnic
    It doesn’t matter, it’s doing it slowly.

a brand for travelers: jd sports.

jd sports is a sports brand with a collection of shoes, clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

80% are directed to exclusive jd products. it has a catalog it has very important brands such as nike, adidas original, converse, timberland, asics, puma and others.

as jd exclusive brands like brookhaven, supply and demand, ellese, fila and carbrini.

jd sports is in full expansion, at the moment jd sports has stores in the united kingdom, spain, portugal, italy, germany, holland, belgium, denmark, sweden and malaysia.

Timberland is an American brand of accessories, footwear and sportswear for adventurous travelers around the world. It has an income of 1400 million dollars 10 years ago.

uses recycled materials for the manufacture of products, so its logo is a tree and it has a total commitment to the environment and this adds value to people and society with sustainable development and the raw materials it has and uses.

The company is located in the United States.

the brand shows quality and therefore the price is higher. that is why it seeks to sell with quality.

These boots from Timberland are unisex and if you like to take advantage after quarantine, these boots can be used so that when you win again.

Bota 6 Inch Premium para Hombre en amarillo | Timberland

premium restaurants in madrid.


although the kitchen dominated by a product of the season is the protagonist is clos, in addition to the winery with more than 300 references to this restaurant. Marcos Granda has a nearby kitchen with a lot of flavor.

allard club:

Born in 1998 as a private club, the Allard Club goes through many stages. the chef jose fuentes who specializes in cooking seasonal products.


chef ivan’s cuisine is based on higher quality and has hunting first. if you love dishes, misplaced is the place.


arriving at el pardo, within madrid, we met finlandon. It is a restaurant that enjoys the fire, grilled. Enjoy from the parking lot and enjoy the grills.

product and a lot of elaboration, you will find here: fish, meat and vegetables.

the candle restro:

they call themselves wild, wild, untamed and ruleless cuisine. in candela bistro the experience is sought. a journey is found in each bite, the memory of childhood and others.

the malaje:

Andalusian cuisine is shown in the urban manu layout. Forget the poor quality fried and use the best products, quality and flavor and accompanied with wines from the south.

Fotos de stock gratuitas de al aire libre, almacenar, arquitectura, bar
premium restaurants

Brands for eco-conscious travelers in Latin America

Big brands for travelers have decided to invest to be more aware, but at a rather dark price. To reduce costs, many pay negligible prices to maintain the supply chain and inadvertently do not help with sustainability or quality.

Faced with this rampant consumption, it is better to buy a little more expensive but with more sustainable and quality values. Brands that respect human beings, as well as the way they are produced.

This post is to tell you that there are brands that are sustainable (even lasting for life) and that we have quality products and friendly to the environment for travelers.


It is not just any brand. This brand seeks to empower the community. Bottles, bicycles, backpacks, travel accessories … this Seattle company seeks to empower the world in different projects. When you buy they give you a coupon to know what your money is going for and what project.


This Japanese stationery is focused on product design to design your travel notebook. The covers are made of vegetable leather, handmade in a factory in Japan. You can also make blade changes and other accessories when they’re gone.

Ecofriendly brand

The best pet friendly destinations to travel with your pet in Latin America.

On your getaway, don’t leave your great friend at home.

pet friendly

budapest: when you go out with your dog in the capital of hungary, you will find it incredible. you can take a tour of the danube. when you get to the chain bridge, cross the buddha district, go up the hill and see the pest and the hungarian parliament. Let the pet rest in the apartment, visit and have a hot drink in a cat cafe in the city. in the supreme city center, where pets can stay for free.

Moscow: The Russian capital has a great history and very interesting architecture and has the Moscow Cat Museum, they celebrate Cat Day (March 1) and it is very common to see domestic animals throughout the city. your cat may not be able to accompany you everywhere, but you can go to cat cafes in the Russian capital and enjoy cats. in the apartments on bronnaya, they are pet friendly and it is located in the city center.

Melbourne: Melbourne is a wine town, and it is best to meet it with your pet. the cat has to stay at home, because the tours admit dogs and they also give them massage, film and food while you enjoy a good tasting. After the tour, take a walk around Port Melbourne, they are pet fryendly and you can hang out together. you can stay in flemington apartment avenue, which from the reception make visits with pets.

Tokyo: If you want to travel with your dog Tokyo is the ideal city, because it has fashion stores that offer luxury accessories for dogs, sweets and beauty treatments. It is an animal-loving city that houses cafes and restaurants for both humans and dogs. after eating, take a walk in the yoyogui park. enjoy the trees and the blossoming trees.

you can stay at the four seasons hotel tokyo at maronuchi admits dogs and cats of up to 7 kilos, with an additional cost you can stay at the hotel.

crikvenic: it is a Roman settlement and is perfect for travelers and pets seeking tranquility, it is full of many coasts, lakes and even a special place for dogs, the montys dog and beach, if you want to drink and swim. Aside from human food, they have pizzas, ice creams, and dog teas. the hotel vali dramalj, just one minute from the beach and overlooking the adriatic.

madrid: the streets and parks of madrid also await your pet with open arms and all corners of the city are the best place to walk with your dog. Since 2016 you can travel on the subway and always in the last train car. You can stay in the Petit Palace, which has a bed and plate for puppies and that do not exceed 15 kilos.

barcelona: as in madrid, in barcelona you can also travel by subway with the dog, as long as it is not in rush hour, with a muzzle and a non-extendable leash. the city is full of pet friendly restaurants and cafes. It has many areas for dogs. Levante beach is ideal for them.

You can stay at the Hotel Colon, in the Gothic Quarter, whatever their weight and without additional charge, that they are not in the common areas or alone in the room.

We will continue to talk about lifestyle, travel and other things from now on.

basics and whims for the summer in Latin America. part I

shopping is something that we do not give up as a couple and with the incentive of virtual sales. When time is no longer a problem, we not only have some basics to see if we can vacation. here it is with which we have succumbed.

etam, pool or beach:

If we can do it, we can be on the beaches with restrictions. Among this stands out the collection of etam that pay tribute to the tropic with palm trees or flowers.

rupit mallorca: sustainable fashion in shirts.

the islands hook and the enchanting thing is that you can return again and again. the landscapes, taste of the sea, many traditions and unique places. this authenticity found in the rupit mallorca brand, a 2014 company that transmits the Mallorcan spirit of fashion and contributes to the sustainability of the planet with 100% organic clothing.

maujim: high technology in glasses.

maui jim, specialists in high-end polarized sunglasses, with technology with dual gradient lenses that remove 100% of UVA and UVB rays and 99% of glare caused by the sun, reflections and flares of light behind the glasses.

It has 9 protective layers, including the patented polarized foil with polarizedplus 2 that has vivid and natural colors.

buterfly twistst. always ready.

Having comfortable shoes when you travel or in everyday life to get us out of tangles. And thanks to this signature, it can be done with a refined and stylish touch.

organic sustainable