we have a new video about family territory …

Hi all. since we started the channel we have the most watched video in emotional crossings and for us it is a beautiful place: santa helena.

just this beginning of the year we started walking around santa helena and we realized that we do not have a video of this beautiful place and its road …

so here it is.

the most beautiful road in colombia: santa helena, valle of cauca

thank you for all.


Cali’s fair…

Hi. We had the strangest call fair and we wanted to capture it in this new video.

We hope you like it a lot.

cali`s fair in latinamerican

because to be a digital nomad and travel in the most luxurious places in the world.

Hi. thanks for security. We want to start working every day with the most incredible thing is to start writing about our dream, which is to be a digital nomad and travel the world.

But let’s begin to understand who we are and why we want to fulfill this dream …

we are Andrea and Oscar. we are a couple who love to travel. We started our story before we got married. I lived almost all my childhood traveling. At 14 I started traveling in the United States and in 2002 – 2006 to travel more in the United States. Oscar began traveling throughout Latin America when he was 17 years old and then traveled to Europe during the 2000s. We met and got married … and we started traveling throughout Colombia.

This was the beginning. A year ago we exactly fulfilled the dream of having our blog and our tourism blog. Thank you for being here for all this year …

but well … we want to help you who want to enjoy traveling and being a digital nomad. But are you wondering what it is like to be a digital nomad?

According to Wikipedia, being a digital nomad is: “a professional who uses new technologies to work and carries out a nomadic lifestyle. In general, digital nomads work remotely (from cas, cafeterias or public libraries) rather than in a stable work environment. “

We want to fulfill this dream of being a digital nomada and we want to start with high level tourism and start with high quality hostels, luxury hotels (small luxury) and high level travel articles.

Let’s start with high-level products. A while ago he established a relationship with a brand of spectacular travel articles called palm and peak.

They are spectacular leather articles and have fine items such as hats and leather suitcases and very good fabrics.

Today we will talk about the suitcases. the suitcases are made with very good fabrics such as cotton and leather.

we have several suitcases with the characteristics about cotton but today we will talk about one and tomorrow about two other leather. (they are the most)

It is a very large suitcase where you can take a lot of things and can travel worldwide with this suitcase. It has a length of 30 cm, a depth of 17 cm and a depth of 46 cm.

inside the suitcase has a compartment for the computer, has large pockets and cell phone.

Pro Wanderer Travel Backpack + 6 Colors
This is the most sophisticated travel accessory in Colombia.
Pro Wanderer Travel Backpack + 6 Colors
This is the inside of the suitcase.
Pro Wanderer Travel Backpack + 6 Colors
These are the closures of the suitcase.

Do you like this suitcase? Do you like space and walk around the world with this suitcase? click here:

Pro Wanderer Travel Backpack + 6 Colors

We hope you like it a lot and we continue tomorrow to fulfill this dream of being a digital nomad. we want to fulfill this dream and do you want it too?

the most beautiful road in Colombia?

Hi all. Welcome and happy new year. I hope you like this video a lot and tell us if this road is not the most beautiful in Colombia.

We hope you like it a lot.

put in the comments that you think if it is not the most beautiful road in Colombia. (or not).

goodbye 2019.

Thank you!!! Thanks for following us and for being here. we love!!!

wait for more adventures in 2019!

happy New Year!!!

10 advantages of traveling at Christmas in Colombia.

If you like the travel notebook and enjoy this travel diary to enjoy during Christmas gifts, you can see your benefit of enjoying this product here:

  1. a family trip: Christmas is a time of family surprises, the best gifts are those that are experienced as experiences. A Christmas trip is an unforgettable experience.
  2. Travel diary: there is also the possibility of traveling as a family during this period of the year. the essential part remains and only the accidental changes.
  3. Christmas in the snow. If you are in a place with snow and you like this sport it can be an incredible way to get fit.
  4. travel with friends. Many people celebrate Christmas Eve with their families and friends. Do you like the idea?
  5. an added motivation. There are many motivations to enjoy Christmas. Organizing a trip is a personal aspect that makes you feel good. why postpone projects until the new year, if it is very important to enjoy the present.

★ Size 83x60cm. Our world map made of high quality materials. Take a coin to remove the paper from the surface, point out where you have been and record your travel stop in a unique way.
★ Our card is available in ready-to-use packages to delight the enthusiasts of your life. A perfect start to the conversation, give them a fun and special time to scratch the card with friends and family while sharing travel stories!
★ Enrich our map and add some holiday photos, of course you will receive many compliments! Add a little life to that boring house or office wall.
★ Keep track of the magical places you have visited and then plan the next place you go in a visual and organized way. Find out where you want to go in the future.
★ Give your friends a perfect gift: inspire others to explore the world and make sedentary people become passionate travelers! It is packed in a beautiful eco-friendly cardboard and recycling box and can be shipped at any time, so do not worry about wrapping paper!

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars Agenda with ideal size and timeless. November 7, 2018. Color: Brown. Purchase verified It was for a gift, but I liked it even for me. Very timeless, with detail of leather engraving and with rudder to tie it and anchor to mark paper. He loved it!!. Also, when you fill it, you fill it and that’s it.
  • Lovely. December 13, 2018. Color: Brown. Purchase verified. It’s very pretty. The leaves are brown they come but you can write well in them without problems. They came a little folded both the agenda and the sheets and I struggled to straighten them.
  • 4 stars. Recommendable. December 4, 2018. Color: Brown. Verified purchaseIt is very good. Perfect size
    Lovely. December 9, 2018. Color: Brown. Purchase verified. Lovely. Good value for money.


  • Unique daily: the pages are acid-free and bleed-resistant, perfect for any type of ink or lead pencil. It includes an elegant elastic striped cord, practical to keep the diary closed and protect the pages during the trip. Handmade soft touch feel synthetic leather case, it looks stylish and feels comfortable
  • ❤ Refillable: buy this laptop once and continue using it for a useful life, including 2 inserts – Paper with notebooks, notebooks, each with 76 pages (96 sheets), total: 152 sheets of blank paper, 76 sheets
  • ❤ Our guarantee: We are factory and are committed to providing high quality items for customer. If for any reason you do not love the portable osunp please contact us and we will refund you or items for carpet without any doubt
  • ❤ Perfect size: the size of this diary is approximately 7.9 x4.7 inches. Weight is about 10 ounces, which makes it easy to carry with you during your trip or carry in your purse or backpack pocket or the leather diary is coming with card holder insert and PVC zip pocket that It provides convenient for traveling and for daily daily use. You can take the diary as a wallet, and put your phone, cash, cards
  • ❤gift: great ideal gift for travelers, businessmen, women, business, creative writers, journalists of poets, artists, designers, students for birthdays, anniversaries or for anyone who sets out on a new adventure. Perfect size for use as a diary, travel journal, daily bullet or daily agenda, or to write notes, grocery lists, sketches and drawings. 7.9 “x4.7” measures so it fits in any bag or backpack for any trip.
  • It is not genuine leather. October 3, 2018. Color: coffee. Purchase verified. the product is fine for the price it has but it is not genuine leather so I do not recommend it. Besides the words on the cover make it impractical to use over time.
  • 0 out of 5 stars Very successful November 26, 2018. Color: coffee. Purchase verified. I used it as a travel notebook, to paste photos, tickets, receipts and other memories of a trip. The appearance and quality fulfill this function perfectly.
  • Material: Durable soft PU and paper.
  • Conveniently size 18 * 13 * 2.0 cm (L * W * H) / 7.3 * 5 * 0.8 inch, for travel and well made and sturdy.
  • weight: 280 g, pages: 90
  • Blank papers are perfect for writing, drawing, drawing, pasting photos or recording your incredible memories.
  • It can be used for your daily log, travel diary and note, A very nice gift for you or your friends.
  • Good notebook September 11, 2017. Color: Color-2. Purchase verified.It’s fine.But I can not find a two-ring refill, I got a disappointment.For the rest is nice, the cord has an original closure I used to come with a turtle pendant, they can also place inside some photo, card , postcard … in the transparent cover.
  • Beautiful gift for students, travelers or for those who miss the times of pens, pens and pencils. April 21, 2018. Color: Green-stamp. Purchase verified. Very happy with the notebook. It has a good finish and the size of the leaves is 17,40cm x 10.50cm. They are sepia in color and thick enough so that they do not stain the ink of the ballpoint pen or the pen on the other side of the sheet. The decorated tapas are very cool with images of English stamps with olive green base and very soft which makes it very practical to carry in your bag or backpack. It also has some sheets with compartments for cards and a document bag.
  • Beautiful. December 3, 2017. Color: Color-4. Purchase verified. It is very beautiful, the lid looks like leather and handmade. As a craft, I just miss something to close it better.


thank you.