a brand for travelers: jd sports.

jd sports is a sports brand with a collection of shoes, clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

80% are directed to exclusive jd products. it has a catalog it has very important brands such as nike, adidas original, converse, timberland, asics, puma and others.

as jd exclusive brands like brookhaven, supply and demand, ellese, fila and carbrini.

jd sports is in full expansion, at the moment jd sports has stores in the united kingdom, spain, portugal, italy, germany, holland, belgium, denmark, sweden and malaysia.

Timberland is an American brand of accessories, footwear and sportswear for adventurous travelers around the world. It has an income of 1400 million dollars 10 years ago.

uses recycled materials for the manufacture of products, so its logo is a tree and it has a total commitment to the environment and this adds value to people and society with sustainable development and the raw materials it has and uses.

The company is located in the United States.

the brand shows quality and therefore the price is higher. that is why it seeks to sell with quality.

These boots from Timberland are unisex and if you like to take advantage after quarantine, these boots can be used so that when you win again.

Bota 6 Inch Premium para Hombre en amarillo | Timberland

premium restaurants in madrid.


although the kitchen dominated by a product of the season is the protagonist is clos, in addition to the winery with more than 300 references to this restaurant. Marcos Granda has a nearby kitchen with a lot of flavor.

allard club:

Born in 1998 as a private club, the Allard Club goes through many stages. the chef jose fuentes who specializes in cooking seasonal products.


chef ivan’s cuisine is based on higher quality and has hunting first. if you love dishes, misplaced is the place.


arriving at el pardo, within madrid, we met finlandon. It is a restaurant that enjoys the fire, grilled. Enjoy from the parking lot and enjoy the grills.

product and a lot of elaboration, you will find here: fish, meat and vegetables.

the candle restro:

they call themselves wild, wild, untamed and ruleless cuisine. in candela bistro the experience is sought. a journey is found in each bite, the memory of childhood and others.

the malaje:

Andalusian cuisine is shown in the urban manu layout. Forget the poor quality fried and use the best products, quality and flavor and accompanied with wines from the south.

Fotos de stock gratuitas de al aire libre, almacenar, arquitectura, bar
premium restaurants

The restaurants in our city have had to reinvent themselves …

We start today by saying that the coronavirus has changed our lives.

We were going to think in December that a seasonal flu in Wuhan, China was going to hit the other side of the world….

And it has come to our city (Cali) and changed our reality since March when we entered quarantine.

Many restaurants have reinvented themselves, including this one: craving.

For 5 years it started as a fast food business, but the quarantine came and this fast food company decided to reinvent itself.

They only lend addresses.

It was also achieved that many people will also market their products online.

And here is the star product.

Artisan hamburguer

This is her star product and she decided to help people who need an income.

That is why we must help the recovery of tourism in the city of Cali (even if it is national)

This fast food company reinvents itself by paying for advertising on youtube.

publish on kindle in the middle of quarantine: a business that is increasing in latin america.

Have you thought about writing and publishing your book? Most likely, the answer is no or you will see it as complicated and complex because you do not know how to make money by writing books. We have all heard the story of the author who sent his novel to many publishers and was rejected again and again until he abandoned the writer’s dream,

It is not a traditional book because: it is not available on paper, it is not a novel, it does not have 300 pages, you will not find it in a physical bookstore.

wait us in the ebook about luxury travel couple in catalonia and barcelona.

publishers, an obsolete business:

the world of books, as in so many businesses, was controlled by publishers. If you wanted to publish something, you had to do it through it, because it was the way that your physical book would reach the bookshelves (before quarantine. Now with this quarantine, physical books will go down and ebooks will grow. they are already being seen right now with the quarantine)

the problem was more complicated. it was the publisher who decided that the book was good, not your readers, in the event that your book passed, 10-15% of the profits was the author.

with the arrival of the internet and now with this quarantine, this is really coming down. Now anyone can publish your books on amazon, the library with the most customers in the world, in less than 48 hours, for free and receiving 70% of the benefits.

Now that you are realizing that we are in quarantine, you have an incredible business and now is the best time to do it.

because publishing ebooks is the future:

Now in quarantine, many authors earn a lot by writing kindle books. Not everyone earns millions of dollars, but there are many who earn euros or dollars in the month.

here are books writing travel guides and none are professional writers:

judy leigh: https://judyleigh.com/

jennifer bonhet: http://www.jenniferbohnet.com/index.html

connor knigton: http://www.conorknighton.com/

janine march: https://www.thegoodlifefrance.com/

t.a williams: https://tawilliamsbooks.com/

What is striking is that this business model follows the same as a niche page: it works once and earns money in years. If you write a book during quarantine, you will work this time and earn money for life. It takes 10 days to write a travel guide and the book makes you earn 200 dollars a month (the dollar is the best way to earn in Latin America) many will be interested in reading this guide for the next 5 years, so you can do the math: $ 200 x12 months x5 years: $ 12,000 for 80 hours of work!

and 1500 euros for an hour of work. needless to say more. In addition, quarantine has increased the reading of ebooks. You can read on your tablet and also on an ereader instead of paper and from now on it is more on the rise.

That is why it is important to write your ebook before and even more in a quarantine.

read travel ebooks in quarentine

tips that a luxury travel blogger do in quarantine.

we are in quarantine and it’s boring you don’t know what to do. you think about traveling, getting out of your confinement, visiting many parts. This coronavirus will one day pass and gradually we will return to normal, but in the meantime stay home and they will take you from the world to your room. transform staying at home into traveling at home.

read a book:

reading is the best way to travel. Take advantage of this time you left in half or start the one you always wanted to read. a book takes you to unknown places.

In Amazon and other places you can buy many books in ebook format. Editorial Planet under the motto #keepreadingencasa made free books available until March 31, where you can find everything from da vinci code books to cookbooks. Also on the web, you will find activities and virtual conferences for writers.

If you want to travel seriously, immerse yourself in travel books. Here we leave you a list of incredible travelers and also this self-published books that everyone wins: you get it cheap and earn more.

  • travel days and syndrome in paris by aniko villalba
  • removing borders: marking the pole
  • Africaneering: de guada aaroz.
  • a curious traveler and challenge your routes, by esteban mazzonzinni
  • journey to the land of straight hair. from dan lande
  • Asia, chronicles of the Far East, Yugoslavia and the labyrinth of the Balkans. from carola fernandez moore.
  • magic is traveling. aldana and magic dino on the way
  • my life in a backpack. by nati bainotti.
  • around the world in 10 years. from pablo rey (free in quarantine)

watch the TV:

Another way to teleport from your home chair is just TV. On Netflix (to name the most common) you will find a lot of movies and series during the quarantine and they take you to different places on the planet.

tales of night: documentary series for traveling. it is to see it from the mind and the gaze from the light.
street food – presents a city of asia and gastronomy.
midnight summer – a series with food stories from tokyo.
If you do not have to pay netflix, you have the app or platform of cine.ar.play. where there are 100% free movies, series, documentaries and shorts. you have the app register and watch.

finally on youtube, you have documentaries of dw and if we talk about documentaries do not miss hello world. if there is something more adventurous, jime and andres, they filmed their journey in 1247: the austral highway.

don’t forget about vimeo. It is forgotten by its competitor there you will have quality audiovisual content. We leave you the last ice box, a short film that will show something incredible in 45 minutes.

travel documentary
Travel Photos
travel picture

positive tips you can do while in quarantine about travel in Latin America

With the constant flow of news of the coronavirus, it is difficult to remain calm but not panic. This seems incredible, but true.

the effect it is having on travel is quite high. Low airlines, low occupancy in hotels, resorts and villas. quarantined countries are being closed. the most popular destinations (paris and venice) the streets are empty and the tours are canceled. restaurants are closed and cruises canceled. quarantine and social distancing are the constants.

As travel writers it has affected as well. event trips are also canceled and that is to say that you do not have to write. Travel blogger traffic has dropped: People don’t plan to travel and destinations aren’t researched either.

many travel writers have given up and prefer to be in hibernation. but the question what can you and I ask?

what is happening is temporary. instead of focusing on the negative and focusing on the positive and being productive.

A gap is forming and freelance travel writers and entrepreneurs can fill it. there you decide.

It doesn’t look very clear, but it will be clearer later. And if you are in the sights of the magazines, they will call you.

these are the things you can do during this quarantine:

Search your travel diaries for stories of your travels:

Search your travel diaries for stories that I never did. where have you been and what can you show? where have you been and what can you show? look at the brochures you have on your travels. Do you have a story to tell? stories you can present.

if you want to have travel diaries click here:


Look in the photo gallery for new story ideas:

Browse your photo files to find untold stories, to research and present. If you have a destination that resonated with you, you can find interesting and unique angles in the destination and marketable.

If you want to know more, you can subscribe here so that you can subscribe to our community of travelers.


travel writting positive tips
travel writting

premium tourism and the coronavirus worldwide

The coronavirus can be said to be a pandemic according to WHO and many will think twice before traveling.

But, people have not realized that if people want to travel they will do it, no matter what happens and one option to travel is premium tourism or luxury tourism.

luxury travel and Coronavirus

luxury tourism is growing for people who have exclusive experiences during their travels. many say that “prices” are innacesible, but the way that their trips can be made in a unique way.

Hotels are not the only ones that take advantage of luxury tourism in Latin America and Colombia. Many think that travel agencies provide first class service to their clients.

we want by all means to be of help to all who follow us and we want to be the first bloggers and influencers to work on luxury tourism (which is to travel without haste and enjoy the local and even the organic)

If you want to enjoy this luxury or premium tourism, we want to talk about it on our trips and also on traveling brands and luxury clothing.

Places to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

2 days ago on March 3, 2013 we got married. It’s been 7 years (as time goes by) and we also wanted our list of what places to visit to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Romantic escape to the passion island in Mexico.

This hidden and idyllic place in Cozumel for its natural sources, along with its crystalline beaches and white sand will make your stay the ideal one if you and your Couple love the beach.

Passion Island mexico

Keruel Island, Hawaii United States

This place is overflowing with nature and is one of the most incredible places in the United States, Hawaii. Go calmly as we say and enjoy staying in a cabin to enjoy the water and the sunset is incredible and I do not know tea I forgot to leave without seeing the Hula.

Garden Island Hawai

In 8 days Talking about that.

Ideas to include in your travel journal in Latin America. Part I

writing in a travel diary is a way of telling your travel stories. Your journal can include tips, anecdotes, photos and opinions, becoming a travel guide (or a potential travel book) and helping thousands of people to inspire or help them in planning their trip.

Your travel diary is your personal work of art (if you are with your partner and love art like us, much better)

You can do what we recommend here or do the opposite. It all depends on you and your partner.

Ideas to include in your travel diary:

There are several travel diaries, some have sensations, other smells, other tips, other tips and so we will continue to infinity.

The best newspapers are those that have a bit of everything and are the ones that combine everything. They also have the potential that if you look at it later they become books or travel guides and help everyone to their destination (if they go to the same place)

How to do it? Or how to have your first travel guide?

If you like the idea we can explain how to make a travel diary and the existing ways of doing it.

We hope you liked it and we will continue giving you more ideas.

How to do a travel journal

Perfect gifts for traveling couples in South America.

travel gifts for travel couple

traveling as a couple is amazing to meet, enjoy and meet as a couple.

If you have your traveling partner and want to travel for the rest of your life for her, follow this post to give incredible gifts for this Christmas.

gifts that make you sigh until your next trip, gifts that remind you how united they are and also enjoy traveling together.

save for our adventure: save for our next trip.

a decorative savings box for when traveling together. It is a beautiful gift for all who remember for a long time that you have to save for travel and as soon as possible.

Savins travel

Camping lovers: mugs for him and her

If you love the mountain, or you love walking and camping this is your ideal gift.

two mugs that will always carry in the suitcase like the adventure begins, etc. the wanderlust awakens anyone.

Travel mugs.

world map in wood and 3d

Another gift for a traveling couple is a world map.

The map is incredible and it will also help you in the world, you can also have mini-studs shaped like an airplane to know which countries you have traveled.

Travel couple map