Premium restaurants in Madrid. Part III

1 star:

In this last part of the guide we will find the following restaurants:


The best Japanese fusion food restaurant. With a clear base and also with complex mixtures that you can love.

viridiana: 40 years with this restaurant, the chef continues to innovate as a pioneer. A delight to the palate with its fusion food.

It covers:

Three different places and what unites them is excellence. the chef displays his unique style whether from a table, the bar and elsewhere.

Corral de la morreria:

It started as a table that had fallen short but with the chef from Bilbao, he revolutionized the place and put haute cuisine together with the Bilbao show and good food.


If you want to eat something different every day, this is ephemeral. Change the menu every day with fresh, quality ingredients.

casino terrace:

With two Michelin stars, the chef respects the most classic Spanish cuisine, travel and international cuisine. Quality in every way.


Luma is the best Peruvian cuisine place in Madrid. It combines the best of Peru with Spanish cuisine.

99 sushi

the best japanese food restaurant. Located in the NH Eurobuilding, it is a must stop in Madrid. It is best to sit at the bar with the chef and enjoy a sushi bar with the chef.

Spanish restaurants
Spanish restaurants

The restaurants in our city have had to reinvent themselves …

We start today by saying that the coronavirus has changed our lives.

We were going to think in December that a seasonal flu in Wuhan, China was going to hit the other side of the world….

And it has come to our city (Cali) and changed our reality since March when we entered quarantine.

Many restaurants have reinvented themselves, including this one: craving.

For 5 years it started as a fast food business, but the quarantine came and this fast food company decided to reinvent itself.

They only lend addresses.

It was also achieved that many people will also market their products online.

And here is the star product.

Artisan hamburguer

This is her star product and she decided to help people who need an income.

That is why we must help the recovery of tourism in the city of Cali (even if it is national)

This fast food company reinvents itself by paying for advertising on youtube.

publish on kindle in the middle of quarantine: a business that is increasing in latin america.

Have you thought about writing and publishing your book? Most likely, the answer is no or you will see it as complicated and complex because you do not know how to make money by writing books. We have all heard the story of the author who sent his novel to many publishers and was rejected again and again until he abandoned the writer’s dream,

It is not a traditional book because: it is not available on paper, it is not a novel, it does not have 300 pages, you will not find it in a physical bookstore.

wait us in the ebook about luxury travel couple in catalonia and barcelona.

publishers, an obsolete business:

the world of books, as in so many businesses, was controlled by publishers. If you wanted to publish something, you had to do it through it, because it was the way that your physical book would reach the bookshelves (before quarantine. Now with this quarantine, physical books will go down and ebooks will grow. they are already being seen right now with the quarantine)

the problem was more complicated. it was the publisher who decided that the book was good, not your readers, in the event that your book passed, 10-15% of the profits was the author.

with the arrival of the internet and now with this quarantine, this is really coming down. Now anyone can publish your books on amazon, the library with the most customers in the world, in less than 48 hours, for free and receiving 70% of the benefits.

Now that you are realizing that we are in quarantine, you have an incredible business and now is the best time to do it.

because publishing ebooks is the future:

Now in quarantine, many authors earn a lot by writing kindle books. Not everyone earns millions of dollars, but there are many who earn euros or dollars in the month.

here are books writing travel guides and none are professional writers:

judy leigh:

jennifer bonhet:

connor knigton:

janine march:

t.a williams:

What is striking is that this business model follows the same as a niche page: it works once and earns money in years. If you write a book during quarantine, you will work this time and earn money for life. It takes 10 days to write a travel guide and the book makes you earn 200 dollars a month (the dollar is the best way to earn in Latin America) many will be interested in reading this guide for the next 5 years, so you can do the math: $ 200 x12 months x5 years: $ 12,000 for 80 hours of work!

and 1500 euros for an hour of work. needless to say more. In addition, quarantine has increased the reading of ebooks. You can read on your tablet and also on an ereader instead of paper and from now on it is more on the rise.

That is why it is important to write your ebook before and even more in a quarantine.

read travel ebooks in quarentine

the mandatory question in quarantine: how to travel in luxury after the coronavirus

The entire planet is going through one of the most complicated periods of the modern era, a pandemic that changes our reality and puts us in difficulties. all sectors undergo major changes, from healthcare to industries and of course, tourism.

there are few certainties of the coronavirus, there is the awareness that we are fragile and vulnerable. human beings, who have been able to resist, adapt or evolve in more serious situations.

others say that they are suffering a shock, perhaps they are small details, the daily life that we will rediscover will no longer be the same.

We want to show with this post about luxury tourism and we will tell you the truth how tourism will change.

There is no scientific data, but that is what we will imagine in the future.

What are the psychological phases we will go through in relation to travel?

fear: it is normal that no one is thinking of traveling at this time. The fear has created a normal fear, also outbreaks are occurring in other countries.

uncertainty: when it becomes “under control” we will start dreaming about traveling. In any case, we will look at the safe areas, the risks that exist and the limitations. Let’s say that with uncertainty a recovery begins, but the future is not clear.

caution: now it is more manageable, the virus is managed (the vaccine can appear in 12 – 18 months) we are close to a vaccine. caution will be a brake.

recovery: travel has been ingrained in us since ancient times, we cannot deny it. Although we are going to be careful and we are going to do it in a safer way (in safe areas and premium commuter tourism will grow and more slow travel)

What are the main changes compared to the coronavirus?

controls at the airport: it is safe when we can travel, we will be subject to more health controls at the airport (travel insurance will increase more we even find the almost the same controls before 11s) in fact it will be a problem, but the lines (even being a first class tourist will be long)

airlines: the companies most affected by the coronavirus are found. air traffic is zero and with the weeks it will be an open wound. some will fail, new ones will emerge, focus and communication with customers will change. it is to be understood and discovered.

ota: like airlines, booking, expedia and others (online travel agency in english) are suffering enormous damage. Before the pandemic, they were the leaders of the tourism sector, controlling communication, focus, standards and consumer wishes. this can alter it, ota can collapse and look for new forms of reservation.

Communication and hotel offers: the world of hotels, hitherto “slaves” of the policies of the giants, is linked to the crisis of the ota (online travel agency) for them it is good disintermediation of the final consumer. It will not be very easy, but it will not be impossible either, the hotels will find fast, captivating and easy-to-use ways to enjoy and not get used to using otas.

the benefits are greater because the trips will be dictated in the next years. This will give a possibility and variety of offers, proposals, flexible and more personalized policies.

Now we are making our ebook of luxury trips and traveling couples and we will be delighted to make a good launch in English.

And since we are also personalized travel consultants and we want to help you when the recovery occurs, we explain it here and we could also work together (taking place with the safest places, slow travel and luxury hotels)

That is going to be our policy: closer trips and if they are far in safe places and luxury hotels so that they do not have to worry about security.

luxury travel post coronavirus
luxury travel
travel luxury post coronavirus
travel luxury

earn money writing for travel magazines in latin america

travel magazine and earn money
gained money in quarentine

We will be talking here about how to make money writing for travel magazines, although it is not easy for the time it takes to see the results as all freelance work) it is worth practicing this profession if you are passionate about making money as travel writers.

who does not want to travel after this quarantine. we look for the dream in the suitcase and conquer new countries. for this to happen you have to save.

spend every penny on what we like, explore the map and find the best deal for the money to reach. So we decided to make this our lifestyle and we are looking to generate income to do what we want.

there are many ways to earn money and they all work. We hope to dedicate ourselves to writing and traveling on the road. not only in the blog, but also in different media that are interested in our trips and pay us for it (in addition to our book that today we will do the virtual launch)

Although it is not the only way to save, it is a way to earn income. Because we also want to earn to save we can live from traveling and besides saving too.

Writing for a medium raises doubts and that is why we write this with an attempt to clarify and open our eyes to the possibility that exists.

What should I do to write in a newspaper or travel magazine in Latin America?

As travelers we love to read on trips, we will have a particular medium that catches their attention, be it a newspaper or magazine. the first step is to knock on the door.

You have to look in the printed or digital version, the email of the editor or editorial coordinator, the name of the positions varies and in any case you have to talk to the editor. It is very likely that the mail from the editors is not at first glance, but you have to look for what is available.

what can i tell the media editor?

don’t write a long email; Editors don’t like long emails. Most likely, they receive proposals on a daily basis and some don’t care.

In this initial email, briefly introduce yourself and let him know what you want to write in this medium, ask him if they work with external collaborators and if you have a travel proposal (when you travel again) if you are interested.

And you, if you would like to have the advantage of writing in a travel newspaper or magazine? tell us in the comments. It also expects within a few hours the virtual launch of our travel guide in spanish.

review of the barcelona travel guide.

I start by saying that the guide turned out great. short, but of a very good standard. we are of the group but, trips and pleasure.

This travel agency is from Cordoba, Argentina (the characteristic that Argentines write extremely well is an advantage). they are an agency that does things well.

This little guide is well written because you enjoy an enjoyable and incredible reading about Barcelona. It shows all the things that can be done in Barcelona and that you can enjoy.

you have to know that you are in quarantine you enjoy reading travel guides while you can not travel.

Although it is small, this guide is very good.

and we give it a review of 5 because it is very good.

travel guide barcelona
travel guide

positive tips you can do while in quarantine about travel in Latin America

With the constant flow of news of the coronavirus, it is difficult to remain calm but not panic. This seems incredible, but true.

the effect it is having on travel is quite high. Low airlines, low occupancy in hotels, resorts and villas. quarantined countries are being closed. the most popular destinations (paris and venice) the streets are empty and the tours are canceled. restaurants are closed and cruises canceled. quarantine and social distancing are the constants.

As travel writers it has affected as well. event trips are also canceled and that is to say that you do not have to write. Travel blogger traffic has dropped: People don’t plan to travel and destinations aren’t researched either.

many travel writers have given up and prefer to be in hibernation. but the question what can you and I ask?

what is happening is temporary. instead of focusing on the negative and focusing on the positive and being productive.

A gap is forming and freelance travel writers and entrepreneurs can fill it. there you decide.

It doesn’t look very clear, but it will be clearer later. And if you are in the sights of the magazines, they will call you.

these are the things you can do during this quarantine:

Search your travel diaries for stories of your travels:

Search your travel diaries for stories that I never did. where have you been and what can you show? where have you been and what can you show? look at the brochures you have on your travels. Do you have a story to tell? stories you can present.

if you want to have travel diaries click here:

Look in the photo gallery for new story ideas:

Browse your photo files to find untold stories, to research and present. If you have a destination that resonated with you, you can find interesting and unique angles in the destination and marketable.

If you want to know more, you can subscribe here so that you can subscribe to our community of travelers.

travel writting positive tips
travel writting