Places in the world to enjoy as a couple.



The African memoir that shows the serengeti prompted travel agencies to have champagne baths, to have safaris in the middle of the meadow. An incredible trip for adventurous couples.

Agra, India

Agra, india

An emerging city shows the jewel of Hindu culture: the Taj Mahal.

The 1600 sultan was built by his beloved wife in 1631. It has an incredible sunset and beautiful views.

Krabi, Thailand.


It is the least crowded island in Thailand, being accessible only by boat and which has jungles and immense rocks. If you like the beach we will tell you that it is your place.

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The best places to travel as a couple. Part I

Traveling as a couple is one of the best plans that can be made and is the best known.

Places where there is tranquility, romantic dinners at sunset and common interests.

From America to Asia there are incredible places where you can enjoy as a couple.

Traveler couple

Guanajuato; Mexico

In the center of Mexico, Guanajuato has colorful houses, numerous events such as the Cervatino festival, and the alley of the kiss that has its history.

Guanajuato; mexico

Fernando de Norohna; Brazil

Unknown to some Brazilians, this archipelago considered the Atlantis and lost in the northern part of Brazil, is incredible for lovers of ecotourism and diving, where you swim with sharks, the internet does not exist and is a lost eden.


zagora; Morocco

Located on the edge of the Sahara desert, Zagora is suspended in the middle of a stop where camels and palm trees show the vestiges of the Maghreb. Getting carried away by the wind and having the moon as a flashlight is priceless.


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What to see in the Catalan Costa Brava? Part II

4. Casa granados. Tossa de mar.

Casa granados

It has the peculiarity of having a beach and at the same time a lot of green. Here is granados house. A 200-year-old mansion with a lot of history and refinement.

If you are a couple and you love luxury and romanticism you will love this place that combines refinement with its 7 exclusive rooms.

5. Hotel mas salvi. Pals.

Hotel mas salvi.

A farmhouse with nature is your ideal place. A hotel with 30 rooms that denote calm and silence. If you like privacy, this place will delight you.

It has rooms with private terraces. There are luxurious rooms and enjoy the pool, golf and spa.

6. Hotel blau mar.

Hotel blau mar.

the blau mar hotel is very close to the sea. If you love the beach, this will be your place. It is incredible to feel the beach, the smells of the sand and feel it and the sound of the birds and to be hand in hand with your partner.

It is a relatively new, Provencal hotel and also has gardens and terraces.

It has one of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava and has an infinity pool.

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What to see in the Catalan Costa Brava?

Catalonia is an incredible place that combines history, nature and beach along with friendly people who are willing to enjoy your area.

It is an incredible, cultural and very quiet place where you can sit and read a book in Sant Jordi next to the beach and you will see many people doing the same.

The Costa Brava is an incredible area full of beach and beautiful white beaches that shows an incredible contrast. Dali fell in love with the area and decided to live there, along with his gala wife.

There is the Dali museum in the area and the houses have a Mediterranean charm and an incredible meal is served.

Part of its charm is that. The food, the place and a historical reference where many Catalan people from the Americas made their fortune.

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Catalan costa brava

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las vegas

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