Romantic destinations of Catalonia. Part II


The garrotxa, unique place with volcanic mud and rock formations, has a landscape that oozes romance of the romantic moment where it has dense scenarios, cliffs and valleys formed by elegant historic stone villages. Besalu from the beginning summarizes romance. Stolen kisses in labyrinth passages, passing through cobbled streets full of local art galleries. Also for the riverbank, through the medieval bridge, along wild paths and roads.


from the surrounding plains, and we approach monserrat, the peaks protrude.

They will show you in a dramatic and strange place, with a unique microclimate, a place to go to Catalonia in a unique way.

Monserrat is a magnetic place that has attracted nomads for centuries, especially the most romantic. Since the Romans worshiped Venus to the shepherds who in the ninth century discovered the image of our lady of Monserrat, the brunette, in a sacred cave.

Monserrat, catalonia
Garrotxa, catalonia

Our outcome with the Amazon literary prize 2019

Hi. We know that travel guides have more possibilities in the Anglo-Saxon market.

We are aware of this. In Latin America, you are barely realizing the potential of the internet (we are saying about the internet, not talking about the content creator, or the travel influencers, much less who writes travel guides like us)

But we have enormous potential (in Spain they take us some way now, since 2007 – 2008)

But good. We had visibility in Spain and that was interesting.

Although we are not among the finalists, the intention is to make a good launch of the travel guide (it was a unique opportunity)

If you like the idea of ​​having our book look for the tab of our book of the literary prize Amazon 2019.

Thank you Amazon for making it visible and we will write it in English focused on a guide of Catalonia and Barcelona for traveling couples.

We are dedicated to that and we will be dedicated to traveling couples.

In the next book fair in our city we will revolutionize everything.

By the way, we will also make hype and saucer with this travel guide for traveling couples in Catalonia and Barcelona.

And finally, we told you that we were going to review a travel guide a month, we have not finished it yet but it is good. I hope you like it.

Just wait our travel guide of travel couples in catalonia and barcelona

Are there travel guides for traveling couples?

Hi. We have this question in the inkwell. It will be that there is a travel guide for traveling couples in Spanish and English.

After an exhaustive search to search in Spanish if there are travel guides for traveling couples, the answer is no.

The next question is why? Because in Spain that is developing more the figure of blogger or travel influencer there is no book or exact guide where you talk about romantic places for couples.

In case there is almost nothing developed like travel literature in South America (in Spain if) and only the South American is realizing that he can do it.

But it is assumed that in the markets where Spanish is not spoken there are more possibilities because they take us light years as a travel journalist, but neither does it exist.

Not even the great lonely planet publishing house has focused on the travel guides of traveling couples. But it has focused on backpackers and wanderlust.

So there is great potential to develop a market for travel guides for traveling couples in Spanish and English.

Travel guides

That is why our next travel guide will be of traveling couples.

Books and travel guides to give to traveling souls

The gifts to give to traveling couples are something incredible. If you do not know what to give and re overwhelms what to give gifts? You have a friend or traveling couple who has been bitten by the traveling virus. It makes you think that you want to start a great trip.

As the traveling virus has no cure and is installed for life, why not feed the desire to travel with other people’s books and stories to discover?

give away a travel book, but written by travel bloggers.

why? Because a travel blogger does not write on demand, not to get rich, or to win prizes. It is simply from their experience and perspective of many places that they will inspire you to do people and seek happiness and leave the comfort zone.

One of the sacrifices you make is with money, because you go from stability to uncertainty. You realize that you can live in a minimalist and natural way and not have so many things or be attached to so many possessions. Also it is not easy to travel and have income.

If you dare to give away books and travel diaries, you are contributing to a dream to make it come true. And the recipient of the gift will appreciate it very much.

So if you want to give that special gift to a traveling couple, look at our gift tab for traveling couples. They will love it.

Travel gifts

But if you like the idea we leave the link here:

Shop local!

We have decided to focus this blog for now on traveling couples.

Hi. The more niches and more you specialize the more it works. We are a traveling couple that we want to travel across the entire planet. Just in our country is developing travel blogs and if we are a couple with greater reason.

But it is incredible to work and enjoy your trips as a couple and more if we enjoy traveling as a couple.

Now our store will also take a turn so that they can give gifts as a couple and have their personalized trips as a couple.

We can help you by being your personalized influencers to travel as a couple (for now)

Don’t you think it’s lovely?

You can leave it in the comments.

Good luck traveling couples.

Pd: by the way, lonely planet with its guides has not focused its couples guides, we will do it from now on.

Bom voyage!

We love them. Andrea and Oscar.

Travel couple.

Happy international tourism day 2019!

based on the full text of the UN in commemoration of the day of tourism tomorrow:

The role of tourism in job creation is often underestimated, despite the fact that tourism generates 10% of jobs in the world and that it is included in the Sustainable Development Goal 8 for its potential to create jobs decent.
New policies are needed to maximize the potential of tourism to create more and better jobs, especially for women and young people. New measures are also required to reflect and incorporate ongoing technological advances.
Policies and actions should be aimed at addressing the current mismatch between tourism skills taught and those needed by employers.
For this, a holistic approach to the future of employment in tourism is necessary, with greater cooperation among all those involved, including the public and private sectors.
World Tourism Day is commemorated every year on September 27, with celebrations led by the UNWTO. Its purpose is to raise awareness among the international community about the social, cultural, political and economic value of tourism, as well as how the sector can contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2019, in line with the general emphasis of UNWTO on skills, education and employment throughout the year, the celebration of World Tourism Day will be organized around the theme of “Tourism and employment: a better future for everybody”.

The creation and guarantee of equitable employment are essential for the prosperity of social inclusion, peace and security. The potential of providing decent work in each sector must be fully exploited.

The emergence of new technologies has led to the development of new forms of employment that are rapidly transforming production processes throughout the world, which provides opportunities while exerting pressure on current employment, social welfare and education programs.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), unemployment at the international level remains high, with more than 190 million unemployed in 2018. All sectors and all countries, therefore, must create the necessary conditions to have more and more Better jobs. The adoption of new technologies can play a fundamental role in achieving that goal.

Making the new wave of technological advances as inclusive as possible will require a considerable investment in training and skills for work and for life. Everyone should have the opportunity to fully realize themselves to benefit from the new technological era.

For this, the impact that technological change has on socio-economic growth, employment and inequality must be studied. Likewise, tools and skills must be provided to those seeking employment and also to those whose jobs are threatened by automation.

On the occasion of its centenary in 2019, the ILO published the document entitled “Working for a more promising future: report of the World Commission on the Future of Work”. This historical report includes the forces that are transforming the world (technology, climate change, demography, globalization) to advocate for a human-centered program for the future of work.

By placing the people and work they do at the center of economic and social policy, in addition to business practice, the path to growth, equity and sustainability is articulated around three lines of action:

Increase investment in people’s abilities.
Increase investment in work institutions.
Increase investment in decent and sustainable employment.
Tourism is a leading sector from person to person, with growth rates that exceed global economic growth and international trade. It is one of the main export categories in the world, whose impact on workers is so high that it constitutes a natural ally in the ILO’s program for the future of employment, centered on the human being.


Tourism is a major source of employment due to its labor-intensive nature and the significant multiplier effect it has on employment in related sectors. It is estimated that a job in the main tourism sector creates around an additional and indirect employment and means in the tourism-related economy. In total, tourism is responsible for one in ten jobs worldwide.

The ILO estimates that the “accommodation and restaurants” sector, together with the “private sector services” sector, will create employment at the fastest rate of all sectors of the economy in the next five years.

Tourism has proven to be an economic activity res

ill. In each of the seven years after the global economic crisis of 2010, the number of international tourist arrivals increased by 4% or more.

Tourism contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a goal within Objectives 8, 12 and 14. The sector’s contribution to job creation is specifically recognized in Goal 8.9 of Goal 8, which reads: « By 2030, develop and implement policies aimed at promoting sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products ».

The voice of tourism within the United Nations is reflected in other international political and development forums. The 26th Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government concluded in November 2018 with a high-level political declaration on sustainable development in which tourism plays a key supporting role. The commitment includes UNWTO as the designated international partner and represents the first time that the tourism sector is included in a multilateral cooperation agenda at the highest level.

More recently, the statement of the leaders of the G20 in Osaka, in June 2019, highlights the contribution of tourism to global economic growth and sustainable and inclusive development: “Tourism represents a significant share of world GDP and is expected to continue to be an important engine of economic growth in the world. We will work to maximize the contribution of the sector to the creation of quality employment and entrepreneurship, especially for women and young people, as well as in the creative industry; resilience and economic recovery; the conservation of natural resources through sustainable planning and management of tourism; and the achievement of inclusive and sustainable development ».

However, despite representing 10% of jobs in the world, the role of tourism in job creation and entrepreneurship is often underestimated and underestimated in the formulation and implementation of policies.

One of the main factors that have an impact on employment and the development of talent in tourism is a mismatch between the qualifications available and the reality of work. The gap between education, on the one hand, and the necessary skills and knowledge, on the other, as well as the resulting shortage of workers with “future-proof” skills, continues to affect economies and harm creation prospects of employment. Likewise, tourism faces important challenges in attracting and retaining talent, as well as in terms of improving working conditions.

Globalization, technological advances and demographic changes are trends that, together, have redefined the tourism sector and how it works. At the center of our hyperconnected and hyperinformed world today is a digital revolution of the markets, as well as the demand for skills and the characteristics of tourism employment. In recent years, there have been technological advances such as new tourist service platforms (the so-called shared or collaborative economy), massive data (big data) and geolocation.

Some of the main problems facing the tourism sector when adapting its workforce to the technological revolution are the following:

The need to review and adapt obsolete legislation and regulations to promote employment, innovation, entrepreneurship and new business models.
The low level of knowledge and management of new technologies and technological trends.
Lack of funding to invest in new technologies and training for the work necessary for the present and the future.
Lack of cooperation and communication between the relevant partners.
Now that a few days ago the thomas cook business that ended in bankruptcy is to realize that the possibility of developing digital tourism on the Internet is immense and that it does not adapt will fall.

World tourism day

If you want to enjoy this day of the tourist with your partner, here we leave you this link so that in expedia you can enjoy the discounts until tomorrow.

Places in the world to enjoy as a couple.



The African memoir that shows the serengeti prompted travel agencies to have champagne baths, to have safaris in the middle of the meadow. An incredible trip for adventurous couples.

Agra, India

Agra, india

An emerging city shows the jewel of Hindu culture: the Taj Mahal.

The 1600 sultan was built by his beloved wife in 1631. It has an incredible sunset and beautiful views.

Krabi, Thailand.


It is the least crowded island in Thailand, being accessible only by boat and which has jungles and immense rocks. If you like the beach we will tell you that it is your place.

Hi. We want to tell you that our book and travel guide continues in the Amazon literary prize. We would love to have a launch of our city and you can help us by buying the book and leaving the review.

We also want to help them plan their trips and we have discounts for their trips.

Thanks for the time being here.