review of the barcelona travel guide.

I start by saying that the guide turned out great. short, but of a very good standard. we are of the group but, trips and pleasure.

This travel agency is from Cordoba, Argentina (the characteristic that Argentines write extremely well is an advantage). they are an agency that does things well.

This little guide is well written because you enjoy an enjoyable and incredible reading about Barcelona. It shows all the things that can be done in Barcelona and that you can enjoy.

you have to know that you are in quarantine you enjoy reading travel guides while you can not travel.

Although it is small, this guide is very good.

and we give it a review of 5 because it is very good.

travel guide barcelona
travel guide

Tips for writing travel during the quarantine in Latin America

travel and a notebook

to be in quarantine you would like to travel and you cannot but you can make a substitute and put ideas in the notebooks, be it in order to create a story, a blog entry, or re-reflections to reread in the future and smile that we were there and no longer. When we leave we will have good automatic traveling habits.

notebook and pen:

notepad and pen

These two items are for writing while you are in quarantine to write so you have a great look. We recommend that you have a notebook that fits in the backpack, with enough sheets and carry the pen while you are using it. the two best allies to write.

travel diaries:

If you are alone or accompanied at home, having a travel journal is a more than recommended option, you can concentrate those elements and extract while you are at home from your trips in your future writings, be it a story, a blog entry or a newspaper broader travel, full of nuances.

write notes:

You have many ideas but can’t find a common thread to form a text. When we have inspiration, all ideas come to us dropper and we are not and do not know how to put them together when creating a compact writing. don’t worry, write down what you can think of and every time the days go by, think about the inspiration put in and get out of it.

use the cell phone:

applications like google docs or the notes of our cell phone and become perfect allies of ideas while you are at home. Write them down and memorize them while you are away.

by the way, we have travel diaries while you’re at home.


We are going to add a new section to the blog. Reading travel guides.

It is something necessary but we did a survey on Instagram and so far it is winning. is to make reviews of travel guides along with review of destinations for traveling couples.

We have always loved to do this and that is what we will do.

I already have a travel guide that I thought was going to be great but it didn’t happen and it was the lonely planet travel guide by abu dhabi.

I will review them once.

One has a high expectation that lonely planet since the 70 writes very good things and is very tanned in the writing of travel guides.

We tell you the truth? After saying wow I am reading a lonely planet guide, you are disenchanted and don’t finish. (or the city seems too conservative for our taste)

I think it was that. What happened is that an Islamic country cannot drink alcohol on certain days (we don’t say it, the guide says) and they close almost everything in Ramadan (it’s respectable, but it’s not our style)

That’s why we got there.

You have to give lonely planet a chance to a less conservative place.

We give it a 1.

Wait another month for another guide.

Thanks for your support.

Abu dhabi travel guide

Our outcome with the Amazon literary prize 2019

Hi. We know that travel guides have more possibilities in the Anglo-Saxon market.

We are aware of this. In Latin America, you are barely realizing the potential of the internet (we are saying about the internet, not talking about the content creator, or the travel influencers, much less who writes travel guides like us)

But we have enormous potential (in Spain they take us some way now, since 2007 – 2008)

But good. We had visibility in Spain and that was interesting.

Although we are not among the finalists, the intention is to make a good launch of the travel guide (it was a unique opportunity)

If you like the idea of ​​having our book look for the tab of our book of the literary prize Amazon 2019.

Thank you Amazon for making it visible and we will write it in English focused on a guide of Catalonia and Barcelona for traveling couples.

We are dedicated to that and we will be dedicated to traveling couples.

In the next book fair in our city we will revolutionize everything.

By the way, we will also make hype and saucer with this travel guide for traveling couples in Catalonia and Barcelona.

And finally, we told you that we were going to review a travel guide a month, we have not finished it yet but it is good. I hope you like it.

Just wait our travel guide of travel couples in catalonia and barcelona

Are there travel guides for traveling couples?

Hi. We have this question in the inkwell. It will be that there is a travel guide for traveling couples in Spanish and English.

After an exhaustive search to search in Spanish if there are travel guides for traveling couples, the answer is no.

The next question is why? Because in Spain that is developing more the figure of blogger or travel influencer there is no book or exact guide where you talk about romantic places for couples.

In case there is almost nothing developed like travel literature in South America (in Spain if) and only the South American is realizing that he can do it.

But it is assumed that in the markets where Spanish is not spoken there are more possibilities because they take us light years as a travel journalist, but neither does it exist.

Not even the great lonely planet publishing house has focused on the travel guides of traveling couples. But it has focused on backpackers and wanderlust.

So there is great potential to develop a market for travel guides for traveling couples in Spanish and English.

Travel guides

That is why our next travel guide will be of traveling couples.

Why do foreigners love Colombia?

That is a question that many people ask themselves and why they love our country.

If you want to know why foreigners love Colombia, click here:

good luck.

foreigns love colombia.

we are in the amazon literary prize 2019

How incredible that we are in the amazon literary prize. This award is for all of us to have the possibility of having a showcase in Amazon and that your book has visibility within the page.

It is incredible to realize that amazon gives us the possibility to bloggers and travel bloggers have the possibility to enjoy that their books are in the showcase of amazon.

If you are in Latin America and Spain, you can see the possibility of enjoying this non fiction book about the travel guide of Barcelona and Catalonia.

If you want to know if you can see and even leave a review of Amazon you can do it here:

We are the pioneers that we have a travel guide in Latin America. It is incredible to realize that.

in english is in another date. just wait that in english.

literary price amazon 2019

we are the first latinamerican travel bloggers who have a book.