we have a new video about family territory …

Hi all. since we started the channel we have the most watched video in emotional crossings and for us it is a beautiful place: santa helena.

just this beginning of the year we started walking around santa helena and we realized that we do not have a video of this beautiful place and its road …

so here it is.

the most beautiful road in colombia: santa helena, valle of cauca

thank you for all.


because to be a digital nomad and travel in the most luxurious places in the world.

Hi. thanks for security. We want to start working every day with the most incredible thing is to start writing about our dream, which is to be a digital nomad and travel the world.

But let’s begin to understand who we are and why we want to fulfill this dream …

we are Andrea and Oscar. we are a couple who love to travel. We started our story before we got married. I lived almost all my childhood traveling. At 14 I started traveling in the United States and in 2002 – 2006 to travel more in the United States. Oscar began traveling throughout Latin America when he was 17 years old and then traveled to Europe during the 2000s. We met and got married … and we started traveling throughout Colombia.

This was the beginning. A year ago we exactly fulfilled the dream of having our blog and our tourism blog. Thank you for being here for all this year …

but well … we want to help you who want to enjoy traveling and being a digital nomad. But are you wondering what it is like to be a digital nomad?

According to Wikipedia, being a digital nomad is: “a professional who uses new technologies to work and carries out a nomadic lifestyle. In general, digital nomads work remotely (from cas, cafeterias or public libraries) rather than in a stable work environment. “

We want to fulfill this dream of being a digital nomada and we want to start with high level tourism and start with high quality hostels, luxury hotels (small luxury) and high level travel articles.

Let’s start with high-level products. A while ago he established a relationship with a brand of spectacular travel articles called palm and peak.

They are spectacular leather articles and have fine items such as hats and leather suitcases and very good fabrics.

Today we will talk about the suitcases. the suitcases are made with very good fabrics such as cotton and leather.

we have several suitcases with the characteristics about cotton but today we will talk about one and tomorrow about two other leather. (they are the most)

It is a very large suitcase where you can take a lot of things and can travel worldwide with this suitcase. It has a length of 30 cm, a depth of 17 cm and a depth of 46 cm.

inside the suitcase has a compartment for the computer, has large pockets and cell phone.

Pro Wanderer Travel Backpack + 6 Colors
This is the most sophisticated travel accessory in Colombia.
Pro Wanderer Travel Backpack + 6 Colors
This is the inside of the suitcase.
Pro Wanderer Travel Backpack + 6 Colors
These are the closures of the suitcase.

Do you like this suitcase? Do you like space and walk around the world with this suitcase? click here:

Pro Wanderer Travel Backpack + 6 Colors

We hope you like it a lot and we continue tomorrow to fulfill this dream of being a digital nomad. we want to fulfill this dream and do you want it too?

the most beautiful road in Colombia?

Hi all. Welcome and happy new year. I hope you like this video a lot and tell us if this road is not the most beautiful in Colombia.

We hope you like it a lot.

put in the comments that you think if it is not the most beautiful road in Colombia. (or not).

la carretera mas bonita de colombia?

hola a todos. bienvenidos y feliz año nuevo. espero que les guste este video bastante y nos digan si esta carretera no es la mas bonita de colombia.

esperamos que les guste bastante.

coloquen en los comentarios que tal les parece si no es la carretera mas bonita de colombia. (o no).

goodbye 2019.

Thank you!!! Thanks for following us and for being here. we love!!!

wait for more adventures in 2019!

happy New Year!!!

the transformations in tourism and technological development in colombia. part I

Destinations and tourist companies it is important that they know the new trends in consumption and the way tourists travel and the experiences they seek.

Technology has transformed the way we consume. the interrelationships between the countries and the technology have made the supply of technology and services very broad and the technology has transformed consumer laws.

in technology a large amount of information is allowed, much more detailed and visual. There have been changes in communication and direct sales, between suppliers and consumers that does not depend on communication.

All this has caused power to change from suppliers and intermediaries, to consumers and technology companies.

There has been a radical change in the tourism sector model, with the loss of tour operators and travel agencies and tour packages.

Resultado de imagen para https://www.aprendedeturismo.org/cambios-en-los-habitos-de-consumo-y-su-implicacion-en-el-turismo/

By the end of 2016, approximately 4.5 billion people on the planet will have a smartphone. The figure is important for its volume and the penetration of the device in most societies. It is also surprising if we compare it with the 2,800 million units that are currently available. its growth is being impressive.

its relevance affects the consumption habits and it is explained that the smartphone that we spend the most time. This massive use of smartphones are radically changing the information and how to buy. cell phones are an important source of entertainment and are the great generators of content.


these contents have to be more and more of higher quality and of greater relevance for the consumer. For so much information, the contents must be made in an audiovisual and impactful way.

the video is the medium where information is transmitted and content transmitted (be it news or commercial information) destinations and companies have to place information and their audiovisual materials to this medium.

the destinations and tourist places that adapt technically to standards and direct communication (such as apps or mobile applications and millennials are those that most use the applications) in all the stages of travel. that requires offering information in real time.

Having an app designed for tourists can help tourists and tourist companies to have direct communication with their customers, such as customer consumption and cross-selling. offering new products and services that increase your tourist spending.

The smartphones can be the main channels of promotion without any cost with tourists their experience and sensations in social networks through photos and videos that go viral.