Recalling Barcelona Plaza Catalunya and Paseo de Gracia.

A year and a few months ago we were in Barcelona. An incredible city with enviable transport (as almost all in Europe). The first thing you do after arriving at El Prat (the airport) you arrive at Plaza Catalunya (an incredible square)

Catalonia square is the point of union between the old city and the rest.

It is almost always very lively and is close to the promenade, the boulevards, the old town (such as the Gothic Quarter and the Jew)

It is a central place where you can find roads such as the great Catalan route, shopping centers, showcases and lots of food.

It is also a place to go shopping and also enjoy how passers-by walk all directions.

The walk of grace is also an incredible place. It is one of the most important roads in Barcelona. It is made since the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. It has buildings by Gaudi and others such as Casa Battlo, Casa Ametler and La Pedrera, etc.

It was designed to be the great via of Barcelona and has many modernist buildings. Its origins come from the Roman era (including the middle ages). Until 1827 it was a different city from the city of Barcelona.

Catalunya square

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the most important Latin American travel bloggers part II

stories of our planet:

Antonio Aguilar is the person behind stories of our planet, in which you will not find the typical travel post.

Antonio makes his words, feeling what can be lost in such incredible lines as Iraq, Nepal, China, India, Tibet, etc.

in the letters disappears the bombastic and misplaced metaphors, which they believe are necessary to describe travel.

Traveling is a way of getting the sery not as a conjunctural experience, but as a mental state.

an idea, a trip: eviña is a person who is behind the most exciting blogs, so if you are looking for adventure, it is your favorite blog.

At the moment on the road, it is a very popular blog. Do not miss a single post to enjoy the incredible places on the planet (in your blog and social networks)

We don’t want to get old and regret what I haven’t done.

marking the pole: dani and the best way to show them as they say in their blog.

“A couple. More than six years on the road (and no plans to stop). 30 countries visited (and we go for more). One objective: to eliminate the most dangerous border, the one we create ourselves. This is the story of two young Argentines who left everything to see their dream come true. ”

After watching the pole, it is one of the most inspiring places on the web. true?

Today it unites Asia from end to end, from the Philippines to Turkey, eliminating the mental frontier we have.

They are in the project removing borders started in January 2013 throughout Asia. That is their original plan and they will always continue traveling.

vero 4 travel: jesus and veronica, who with his travel blog inform and inspire other travelers who want to pack their bags. experts in blog trips that help you prepare your trip with the information they give on their website.

Baby travel: Laura lives with her backpack in tow has been in 62 countries, generates content for many brands so now traveling is her job. He has also written books, all on the web for you to enter and know. (part of 3 travel bloggers)

Jump with me: Sara and Jaac, some travelers and another blog that talks about South America because they toured the continent and the Antarctic in 372 days, so you have to follow the advice very close.

the most important travel bloggers in Latin America, part I

Siuler, travel and photos.

Sabine and Luis write in siuler trips and photos, one of the Spanish-speaking blogs with the most human photos on the internet.

India, Srilanka are some of the chosen destinations

They are involved in a project in a country that they will love: Nepal. They collaborate with various NGOs and deliver money collected.

quitans of bitacora:

Enric and Celia are friendly people, that you would love to talk about. that is transmitted in his blog, quaderns de bitacora, through the posts that include many things that describe many parts of the world.

They now have a large number of projects, on a photographic exhibition of Ethiopia and have already traveled half of Catalonia and have a daughter born already.

we want to see everything with our own eyes

Alan for the world:

If someone tells a trip masterfully, this is Alan X the world. youtube of trips would be lame without it, because it has a trip, through a type of videos that not only do not bore, but that hook from the first minute. (We are Alan fans and it is our inspiration)

Traveling gives us the possibility of having one of the best values of our era: tolerance.

jump with me:

Sara and Jaac, great travelers and continued throughout South America, because they toured part of the continent and the Antarctic in 372 days. (very interesting)

travel at any cost:

Alejandra, an Argentine traveler, who takes into account a very good name. travel at any cost, not literally of a monetary type, but in sacrifices to continue traveling, desire and few luxuries.

the world ok:

Bo, a Peruvian from Iquitos, has very original articles such as the acronym of the airports of the world, curious and fun acronyms are discovered.

I wanted to tell you that our book of the travel guide of Catalonia and Barcelona will do us very well in Spain.

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landing pages de travesias emocionales

our experience with booking in madrid, spain

our flight from bogota madrid was very interesting. We arrived at the Bogota airport by the day and when we arrived in Madrid it was the beginning of the next day, but let’s start in parts.

we arrived at the bogota airport. We wait and start riding on our plane. We started to enjoy our trip. I saw things from Europe, a movie, but I did not have the right clothes. late in sleeping. I slept at times.

I realized that the stockings I was wearing was the problem, it was impossible to sleep until I took off my stockings. There and half I could sleep. I liked the avianca theme and it gave everything, even wine. I liked it a lot.

We continue between waking and sleeping until I arrive in Madrid in the afternoon. We left the airport and took the train.

where we stayed (it’s an apartment called chueca village in fuencarral street) is a fairly central apartment in the Fuencarral area, near the train, the Gran Via and the neighborhood of malasaña (very touristy) besides things very close to there. (like the plaza españa and many gardens, besides

we stayed two days there and if you love the nightlife, you will have it properly on the street because there are bars, places where there are tapas, wine and an incredible nightlife this is your place.

If you want something quieter without so much nightlife there you will not like it.

the rooms were good, had good wifi and also closed the windows to avoid the sun.

If you like the idea of ​​staying in Village Chueca, you are on booking and you can see the scores here:

puntuaciones de village chueca madrid

and if you want to have an incredible discount, use this and you will have a discount on village chueca: 1457212 (there you will have discount about all your places travelers)

to me that I liked Madrid: precisely the nightlife and that you can have a good time in Fuencarral street besides malasaña, along with the surroundings of the train and everything. I recommend the place.

we give you a rating of 5 out of 5.

We hope you enjoy Madrid!

village chueca
rooms of village chueca, madrid
large room of village chueca

We were going to tell them that the virtual radio station contacted us to be part of their radio station and to work together on the 747 radio travelers program. What an emotion that we can work together to make ourselves known. amazing.

video and gift for all you.

Hello Hello!!! We all realize that by changing our channel about top about the most incredible places of Valle del Cauca. we want to dedicate you to the places you least know so that you can enjoy a lot of useful information about places.

Today we put this video and here we send it to you.

Touristic places of valle del cauca

the other news is very related to this: it turns out that airbnb has a function of giving incredible experiences to those who arrive in the city or country in which you are.

we place an airbnb experience that is in our city and enjoy a unique experience in the middle of nature and having a delicious coffee in Juan Valdes, if you want to see it you can do it here:

If you love the idea of enjoying as a local, this will enchant you.

we have a direct of twitch in a sweet 16. if you see that see here: