a new direct twitch about near our house

Hi all. Today we have a new post about a live on twitch. If you want to see it, you can see it here:


We hope you like it a lot

top 7 hostels and hotels in madrid in youtube

notre dame and other stories.

Hi all. These days we will take vacations and that is why this is the last post before returning the other week.

By doing this post we would love to talk about notre dame and its history.

Built between 1163 and 1245 on the ille de la cite it is one of the oldest gothic cathedrals in the world.

The cathedral of Notre Dame has been renovated on many occasions, in which is the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte (David is his painting), the beatification of Joan of Arc and the coronation of Henry VI of England.

Due to the damage caused to the oldest Gothic church in the world, it is expected that the renovation can be done soon and also saved many gothic works of art.

I survived a renovation in the nineteenth century, the war of one hundred years, the French revolution and two world wars.

We hope we can see it soon and when we go to Paris, we can see it in its splendor.

Notre dame cathedral

By the way, we were going to tell everyone that we created a twich channel and we will post the twitch live on youtube.

The future of streaming is more important in twich than in YouTube and we are going to do it for now both.

Twich: andreaoscartravesias.

What to visit in Catalonia. part I

There are very nice places in Catalonia, some considered the most beautiful in Catalonia.

Many are medieval villages, with their typical houses and stone streets and fishing villages that are found in the corners of the Costa Brava.

We have the list of the best places in Catalonia; Although there are many towns in Catalonia that deserve to be visited as: Miravet, Santa Pau, Vielha, Arties, Tossa de Mar, Mura, Llivia, Begget, Beggut, Barruera.

  1. Cadaquez: a very nice village, old fishermen’s place keeps all its charm, highlighting its white houses, narrow streets and its boats, it was the refuge of salvador dali along with port lligart, it is a safe bet and more if you find yourself in a park natural…
Cadaques, 😊
  1. Guimera. It is one of the most incredible towns in Catalonia, especially in its medieval old quarter where you can see its houses and stone streets. Full of stone corners and move to the century before. It is located in the valley of the corb in Lleida. A route through the village of guimera. I would start by the river, where you can see some incredible views of the guimera, which is located on the side of a hill, up to the castle and the church.

If you want to enjoy this place and the most incredible places in Catalonia, click here:

Barcelona and catalonia

Que visitar en cataluña. Parte I.

Hay lugares muy bonitos en cataluña, algunos considerados los mas bonitos de cataluña.

Muchos son pueblos medievales, con sus tipicas casas y calles de piedra y pueblos de pescadores que se encuentran en los rincones de la costa brava.

Tenemos la lista de los mejores lugares de cataluña; aunque hay muchisimos pueblos de cataluña que merecen visitarse como: miravet, santa pau, vielha, arties, tossa de mar, mura, llivia, begget, beggut, barruera.

  1. Cadaquez: un pueblo muy bonito, antiguo lugar de pescadores conserva todo su encanto, destacando sus casas blancas, calles estrechas y sus barcas, fue el refugio de salvador dali junto con port lligart, es una apuesta segura y mas si te encuentras en un parque natural…
Cadaques, costa brava catalana.

2. Guimera. Es uno de los pueblis mas increibles de cataluña, sobretodo en su casco antiguo medieval donde puedes ver sus casas y calles de piedra. Lleno de rincones de piedra y trasladarse al siglo antes. Se encuentra en el valle del corb en lerida. Una ruta por el pueblo de guimera. Empezaria por el rio, donde se ven unas vistas increibles de guimera, que se encuentra en la ladera de un cerro, hasta el castillo y la iglesia.


Si quieres disfrutar de este lugar y de los lugares mas increibles de cataluña, haz click aqui:

Que ver en cataluña

Y haz click aqui:


for now we will not focus on the channel.

Hi all. We are going to focus on the blog and the channel we will do it later because for reasons beyond our control we can not continue with the direct ones.

When the situation is fixed, we will continue with the channel.

Thanks for your understanding.

Travesias emocionales.

We focus on blog.

Por ahora no nos centraremos en el canal.

Hola a todos. Vamos a centrarnos en el blog y el canal lo haremos despues porque por cuestiones ajenas a nuestra voluntad no podemos seguir con los directos.

Cuando la situacion se arregle, seguiremos con el canal.

Gracias por su comprension.

Travesias emocionales.

Nos centraremos en el blog.

change in the channel and this blog. Travel guides and entrepreneurship as a digital nomad in latinamerica

Hi all. We have definitely realized that both you and we like to talk about destinations and help each dream destination have the ability to guide us. In addition to the possibility that you have good reasons to travel. (And write an ebook from time to time helping them how to do it with travel guides and others)

But we are willing to help you to achieve your dream.

With respect to the channel we want to get away from the classic of showing our trips and focus on entrepreneurship, digital nomadism, blogs, living traveling, etc. We want to do it to help you more and give you useful information.

We wanted to make this turn and we hope you like it a lot.

We want to create a strong personal brand and help you.

A huge kiss,

Andrea and Oscar.

Travel digital nomad
Travel digital nomad in latinamerica.