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Hi. This video came out of an exceptional situation. We hope you like it a lot.

Social media and amazonia

video and gift for all you.

Hello Hello!!! We all realize that by changing our channel about top about the most incredible places of Valle del Cauca. we want to dedicate you to the places you least know so that you can enjoy a lot of useful information about places.

Today we put this video and here we send it to you.

Touristic places of valle del cauca

the other news is very related to this: it turns out that airbnb has a function of giving incredible experiences to those who arrive in the city or country in which you are.

we place an airbnb experience that is in our city and enjoy a unique experience in the middle of nature and having a delicious coffee in Juan Valdes, if you want to see it you can do it here:

If you love the idea of enjoying as a local, this will enchant you.

we have a direct of twitch in a sweet 16. if you see that see here:

What do you think about the idea of showing on twitch how we work on the book in English of the guide of cataluña and barcelona.

Hi all. I know that more than one likes our Latin American videos more than those from Europe. That’s funny, is not it?

And we decided to always focus on Latin America and a little elsewhere (when we go on a trip) and talk about the experience of being tourists in another country and in our countries.

Would it be better if we talked about it? Everything to do a video blog of Colombians vloggers for the world in the style of zach morris and others?

Do you think a better idea?

Tell us what you think and if it seems a good idea.

We would also like to talk about videos of our surroundings and our trips on the twitch channel and show them our work of the guide in English of barcelona and cataluña.

You can follow us here on twitch:

And our YouTube channel we send it in this link:

Thank you very much for always following us.

travel vloggers

como arreglar tu maleta de mochilero

hola a todos. hoy tenemos un video acerca de los tips principales para colocar en tu mochila de viajes o mochileando por el mundo.

esperamos que les guste bastante.

tip para viajar mochilero

hoy tendremos un directo de twitch para que los que viven afuera puedan ver que consumimos en nuestro pais. mucha suerte.

a new direct twitch about near our house

Hi all. Today we have a new post about a live on twitch. If you want to see it, you can see it here:

We hope you like it a lot

top 7 hostels and hotels in madrid in youtube

un nuevo video sobre madrid

hola a todos. hoy tenemos un nuevo video acerca de un top 7 de los mejores hostales y hoteles de madrid.

por cierto tambien hicimos un directo en twich acerca de un lugar cerca de nuestra casa.

si quieren verlo pueden verlo por aca:

top 7 de hostales y hoteles de madrid

el video acerca de madrid.

hola a todos. hoy decidimos hacer un nuevo video. debido que viajamos a madrid hace un año hicimos un video acerca de 20 ideas acerca de como disfutar madrid siendo mochilero.

ideas para mochilear por madrid.

y tambien hicimos un directo en twitch acerca de una reseña de un restaurante interesante.

para ver el directo haz click aqui.

esperamos que les guste bastante.

Hi all. today we have a new video about the “backpackers”

We have the stereotype that the mohilero is a person who has almost no money but we will explain it clearly here.

Backpackers in latinamerica

Today we start working with a new channel of travesias emocionales.

Today we will discuss the issue in twich about the best places to be a backpacker worldwide according to hostelworld: (a chain of hostels worldwide)

Backpackers in latinamerica

Hola a todos. Hoy tenemos un nuevo video acerca de los “mochileros”

Tenemos el estereotipo que el mohilero es una persona que casi no tiene dinero pero lo explicaremos claramente aqui.

Que es ser mochilero en latinoamerica

Hoy empezamos a trabajar con un nuevo canal de travesias emocionales.

Hoy trataremos el tema en twich acerca de los mejores lugares para ser mochilero a nivel mundial segun hostelworld: (una cadena de hostales a nivel mundial)


Travel in disney for twich.

Hi all. Today we have a new video about what to see in Barcelona for 2 or 3 days.

Today in Twich we talk about a gift for everyone in Twich.

Here is the link of twich:

Search in our twich.

Trip in disney (twich)