why be a digital nomad in cali

Hi all. Today we have a new live about why be a digital nomad in Cali, Colombia.

Why a digital nomad in cali

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Another live more about wanderlust, venezuela aids live and anato colombia

Hi all. I did a live show about venezuela aids live, which is the wanderlust and also what is the wanderlust syndrome and also what is anato colombia.

Direct venezuela aid live, anato and wanderlust

We also want to create a channel on the purple platform to see what you think.

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Venezuela aid live
Anato 2019
Wanderlust sindrome

we have a new video about family territory …

Hi all. since we started the channel we have the most watched video in emotional crossings and for us it is a beautiful place: santa helena.

just this beginning of the year we started walking around santa helena and we realized that we do not have a video of this beautiful place and its road …

so here it is.

the most beautiful road in colombia: santa helena, valle of cauca

thank you for all.

the most beautiful road in Colombia?

Hi all. Welcome and happy new year. I hope you like this video a lot and tell us if this road is not the most beautiful in Colombia.

We hope you like it a lot.

put in the comments that you think if it is not the most beautiful road in Colombia. (or not).