Hi all. today we have a new video about the “backpackers”

We have the stereotype that the mohilero is a person who has almost no money but we will explain it clearly here.

Backpackers in latinamerica

Today we start working with a new channel of travesias emocionales.

Today we will discuss the issue in twich about the best places to be a backpacker worldwide according to hostelworld: (a chain of hostels worldwide)

Backpackers in latinamerica

One of the best places for backpackers in hostelworld its colombia and we give you to the opportunity of take yours in latinamerica.

The page of hostelworld have the best packpacking places in the world. In 18 position its colombia.

In 2017 its the number one. In 2019 its the best place and enjoy this country. Have amazing cities, countrysides, amazing beaches and low cost. If you like countryside the cafetero valley its the best place, for beaches the tairona national park. If you like trekking the list city its amazing.

Lost city, santa marta treking

As this movement of travel bloggers in Latin America is just developing and I see that they like the idea of being backpackers, traveling low cost, healthy life (that is, being organic, vegan and taking care of your food and supplementation) because we are going to focus on this.

Also the Youtube channel will give a twist about focusing on this plus travel tips for backpackers, low cost travel, travel vlogging and healthy living.

At last we find the possibility of helping everyone in the Latino community to have trips as a local throughout the world and we can enjoy as a couple.

Oh By the way. If you love the idea that we believe custom tours in Latin America as backpackers can tell us.

Travel couples backpacking colombia

what to bring in the backpacker’s backpack. part I

backpacking trips, what do I carry in my backpack?

This doubt affects the first backpackers, as well as the expert backpackers who have been backpacking around the world. these are the 20 imprecindibles for a month of adventure.


1. backpack of 40 liters. It is not advisable to carry more than 40 liters because the weight is a nuisance. the backpack has to be good, with reinforcements on the back, hip, etc.

2. footwear. Comfortable slippers and flip flops, nothing else is needed.
3. mosquito net.
If you are going to travel through tourist areas, it will be very good, otherwise you do not need it.
4. clothes.
Apart from the typical things, do not forget a sack for the plane and especially for the airports, trains and buses.
5. soap in pill.
Do not run out of clean socks.
6. a cord. After washing clothes, you need a place to wash it.
7. Microfiber towel.
It does not take up anything and serves as a shower and beach towel.
8. sunglasses cap / handkerchief.
9. travel Guide.
10. anti-mosquito
pharmacy wristbands and super strong relec.