Recalling Barcelona Plaza Catalunya and Paseo de Gracia.

A year and a few months ago we were in Barcelona. An incredible city with enviable transport (as almost all in Europe). The first thing you do after arriving at El Prat (the airport) you arrive at Plaza Catalunya (an incredible square)

Catalonia square is the point of union between the old city and the rest.

It is almost always very lively and is close to the promenade, the boulevards, the old town (such as the Gothic Quarter and the Jew)

It is a central place where you can find roads such as the great Catalan route, shopping centers, showcases and lots of food.

It is also a place to go shopping and also enjoy how passers-by walk all directions.

The walk of grace is also an incredible place. It is one of the most important roads in Barcelona. It is made since the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. It has buildings by Gaudi and others such as Casa Battlo, Casa Ametler and La Pedrera, etc.

It was designed to be the great via of Barcelona and has many modernist buildings. Its origins come from the Roman era (including the middle ages). Until 1827 it was a different city from the city of Barcelona.

Catalunya square

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What to see in the Catalan Costa Brava?

Catalonia is an incredible place that combines history, nature and beach along with friendly people who are willing to enjoy your area.

It is an incredible, cultural and very quiet place where you can sit and read a book in Sant Jordi next to the beach and you will see many people doing the same.

The Costa Brava is an incredible area full of beach and beautiful white beaches that shows an incredible contrast. Dali fell in love with the area and decided to live there, along with his gala wife.

There is the Dali museum in the area and the houses have a Mediterranean charm and an incredible meal is served.

Part of its charm is that. The food, the place and a historical reference where many Catalan people from the Americas made their fortune.

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Catalan costa brava

What to visit in Catalonia. Part II

  1. Peratallada:

Peratallada is another town in Catalonia that stayed in the middle ages, declared a historical – artistic complex in 1975. The town is well maintained and preserved, the town was walled and surrounded by a moat. It is one of the places that you have to see in Catalonia.

Peratallada, catalonia

2. Rupit i pruitt

Rupit i pruitt, is the most beautiful town in Barcelona. Located in the mountains of collsacabra and guilleries stroll through the village.

Rupit i pruitt

3. Calella de palafrugel

Village near Cadaques retains the charm of an old fishing village. Near the best houses of costa brava to walk through llamfranc, in one of the most tourist destinations and one of the most beautiful towns of Girona.

Paoafrugel, catalonia.

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Visit Catalonia

Visit the mountain and the forest. Sun and snow. Busy cities, ghost towns and a multitude of natural spaces.

Catalonia has a privileged pisicion that has it all. It is located in the northwest of Spain bordering France and the Mediterranean Sea and that is why it has been able to trade with the continental Europe and the continental peoples.


If you prefer the mountain you can go for the Pyrenees, with charming villages, lakes and nature excursions. If you prefer the beach you can go to the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada and enjoy the beach and see white houses and turquoise waters. Visit Barcelona or know stories like Girona and Tarragona.

Traditions of Catalonia.

The Catalan people have their own language and culture, which make the territory a very special place because their traditions are deeply rooted.


It is a traditional Catalan dance, they hold hands and dance to the sound of Catalan or different instruments used only in the territory.


It is a well-known party, for its staging. They participate in competitions and national holidays.

The correfocs:

It is a pyrotechnic show that runs through the streets of cities. People disguise themselves as demons and dance to the rhythm of music.

Cagatio and caganer:

It is one of the traditions that most amaze foreigners for their symbols.

The cagatio is a Catalan Christmas character, made with a wooden trunk that on December 25 shit gifts.

Also in the manger there is a man shitting, who is called caganer.

The dyad of sant jordi.

It is on April 23 and is celebrated with books and roses for each one. It is based on a medieval history.

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Travel to Catalonia

Looking on the internet about travel through Catalonia I do not see reliable information about Catalonia and it is curious because it is a place where there is nature tourism, historical and also beach tourism. (In the Catalan wild coast).

If you love the history of Tarragona, you will love it (it has historical roman and roman ruins)

Almost the entire region has Romanesque ruins from the 12th and 13th centuries. On the Costa Brava is the Dali Museum and there are also areas where nature and adventure tourism can be found.

Tarragona and Barcelona are great places to enjoy. They are quiet cities and also full of culture and history.

If you want to enjoy this and travel there, click here:

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I think I will write every marvel of Catalonia so that you can enjoy each place.

On Wednesday I will show about Barcelona.

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Tourism in catalonia
Tourism in catalonia

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Catalonia villages
Catalonia villages