change in the channel and this blog. Travel guides and entrepreneurship as a digital nomad in latinamerica

Hi all. We have definitely realized that both you and we like to talk about destinations and help each dream destination have the ability to guide us. In addition to the possibility that you have good reasons to travel. (And write an ebook from time to time helping them how to do it with travel guides and others)

But we are willing to help you to achieve your dream.

With respect to the channel we want to get away from the classic of showing our trips and focus on entrepreneurship, digital nomadism, blogs, living traveling, etc. We want to do it to help you more and give you useful information.

We wanted to make this turn and we hope you like it a lot.

We want to create a strong personal brand and help you.

A huge kiss,

Andrea and Oscar.

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Travel digital nomad in latinamerica.

Because being a digital nomad in cali

Hi all. We have realized that being a digital nomad is our dream and the dream of other people to enjoy their work without difficulty anywhere in the world.

The question is why enjoy being a digital nomad in Cali. The answer is a yes. The city is helping many foreigners, intellectuals, health tourists, digital nomads who are in the tourist area of San Antonio, San Fernando, Tequendama, Granada and Versailles.

These people are developing the skills to start your project or startup in an incredible place.

The food they say they love, their sauce and the green environment is also lovely. Another thing also helps are the technological parks (one in construction, zonamerica and parksoft) another thing is a very cheap city compared to European cities.

If you like the idea of being a digital nomad and traveling everywhere, click here:

Thank you. Travesias emocionales.

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Porque ser un nomada digital en cali

Hola a todos. Nos hemos dado cuenta que ser nomada digital es nuestro sueño y el sueño de otras personas para disfrutar de su trabajo sin dificultad en cualquier parte del mundo.

La pregunta es porque disfrutar de ser nomada digital en cali. La respuesta es un si. La ciudad esta ayudando a que muchos extranjeros, intelectuales, turistas de salud, nomadas digitales que se encuentran en la zona turistica de san antonio, san fernando, tequendama, granada y versalles.

Estas personas estan desarrollando las habilidades de empezar su proyecto o startup en un lugar increible.

La comida dicen que les encanta, su salsa y el entorno verde tambien es encantador. Otra cosa tambien ayuda son los parques tecnologicos (uno en construccion, zonamerica y parquesoft) otra cosa es una ciudad muy barata comparado con ciudades europeas.

Si te gusta la idea de ser un nomada digital y estar viajando por todos lados, haz click aqui:

Muchas gracias. Travesias emocionales.

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