youtube every less we like but we want to continue making history.

Hi all. We already realized that doing videoreactions on YouTube by copywright is extremely complicated but we would like to do it in Twich. We hope you like it.

tomorrow we have a new live show about something very special that we did not do properly and we hope you like it.

If you want to see the live performance of Twich, you can do it here:

videoreaction of bailen fitur 2019
twich stream

Un directo del fitur 2019, birra tours y venezuela aids

Hola a todos. Tuvimos un directo acerca del fitur 2019, birra tours y el concierto de venezuela aids.

Fitur 2019, birra tours
Fitur 2019 colombia
Fitur 2019 colombia
Birra tour 2019
Birra tour 2019
Venezuela aid live