Is there a new traveler profile in South America?

With the proliferation of flights, low cost airlines and the most trips in your life, a new traveler in South America is growing.

Traditionally the traveler prepared and booked departing from the destination or destination that he wanted to know. Now look at what destination is on offer and then decide where to travel.

It is a paradigm shift for many travelers who are going to make many trips in their lives and a destination can meet you when there is a better offer.

It’s different when you worked once in your life and some destinations were indispensable.

Express offers are included in the portals and visits increased by 8%.

The inveterate travelers are those who make five trips a year and have already visited the main tourist sites on the planet.

That is why if you identify yourself with an inveterate or low cost traveler and you want to have a destination that you have everything; we will give a giveaway about an ebook.

Traveler profile from Latin America

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