because yoga helps you to have a quality of life.

Having a nomadic lifestyle gives you options to have a quality of life. Vegan or non-vegan? Organic or non-organic? Do exercise or do yoga?

It is a very good question that you want to live this healthy lifestyle.

Vegan u organic?
Yoga lifestyle

But for that we will tell our story.

When we were in Barcelona we stayed in a great hostel. This hostel was very relaxing and very quiet. But he had something very special: his music. I had the most relaxing music.

We realized that they also did yoga and had a very spiritual aura.

There I realized that I would love to do yoga for the rest of my life.

With yoga you focus, you are happy, you realize that you can be happy and focused from the inside.

We had to leave the country to realize it. And that is the advice we give you.