Our outcome with the Amazon literary prize 2019

Hi. We know that travel guides have more possibilities in the Anglo-Saxon market.

We are aware of this. In Latin America, you are barely realizing the potential of the internet (we are saying about the internet, not talking about the content creator, or the travel influencers, much less who writes travel guides like us)

But we have enormous potential (in Spain they take us some way now, since 2007 – 2008)

But good. We had visibility in Spain and that was interesting.

Although we are not among the finalists, the intention is to make a good launch of the travel guide (it was a unique opportunity)

If you like the idea of ​​having our book look for the tab of our book of the literary prize Amazon 2019.

Thank you Amazon for making it visible and we will write it in English focused on a guide of Catalonia and Barcelona for traveling couples.

We are dedicated to that and we will be dedicated to traveling couples.

In the next book fair in our city we will revolutionize everything.

By the way, we will also make hype and saucer with this travel guide for traveling couples in Catalonia and Barcelona.

And finally, we told you that we were going to review a travel guide a month, we have not finished it yet but it is good. I hope you like it.

Just wait our travel guide of travel couples in catalonia and barcelona

Destinations for lovers: six places in Argentina to enjoy as a couple.

From a dinner in nahuel huapi to a walk under the moonlight in the iguazu falls. You will decide that you fall in love with your couple.

6 amazing places in argentina
  1. Iguazu waterfalls.
Iguazu waterfalls

In missions, Argentina is one of the 7 most incredible natural wonders in the world: the Iguazu Falls. From all sides of the planet come to know the impressive waterfalls. The experience is more incredible when you take a walk in the moonlight. They are made 5 days a month and the guide shows the throat of the devil that is silver in the moonlight. You can also enjoy an incredible dinner with the rainforests and stay in incredible places with magnificent views of the falls.

2. Seven lakes

Seven lakes argentina

They are a must if you want to go through Patagonia. They are so fancy that it’s like being in a story (like certain places in Germany)

In the mountains, like San Martin de los Andes and Villa La Angostura, they have personalized boutique hotels for you to enjoy as a couple.

If you want to enjoy these places as a couple and stay in incredible places, here we leave this link for you to enjoy:

Iguazu waterfalls argentina
Seven lakes argentina

It is the best gift you can give to you and your partner to enjoy incredible experiences for you and your relationship.

Recalling Barcelona Plaza Catalunya and Paseo de Gracia.

A year and a few months ago we were in Barcelona. An incredible city with enviable transport (as almost all in Europe). The first thing you do after arriving at El Prat (the airport) you arrive at Plaza Catalunya (an incredible square)

Catalonia square is the point of union between the old city and the rest.

It is almost always very lively and is close to the promenade, the boulevards, the old town (such as the Gothic Quarter and the Jew)

It is a central place where you can find roads such as the great Catalan route, shopping centers, showcases and lots of food.

It is also a place to go shopping and also enjoy how passers-by walk all directions.

The walk of grace is also an incredible place. It is one of the most important roads in Barcelona. It is made since the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. It has buildings by Gaudi and others such as Casa Battlo, Casa Ametler and La Pedrera, etc.

It was designed to be the great via of Barcelona and has many modernist buildings. Its origins come from the Roman era (including the middle ages). Until 1827 it was a different city from the city of Barcelona.

Catalunya square

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