basics and whims for the summer in Latin America. part I

shopping is something that we do not give up as a couple and with the incentive of virtual sales. When time is no longer a problem, we not only have some basics to see if we can vacation. here it is with which we have succumbed.

etam, pool or beach:

If we can do it, we can be on the beaches with restrictions. Among this stands out the collection of etam that pay tribute to the tropic with palm trees or flowers.

rupit mallorca: sustainable fashion in shirts.

the islands hook and the enchanting thing is that you can return again and again. the landscapes, taste of the sea, many traditions and unique places. this authenticity found in the rupit mallorca brand, a 2014 company that transmits the Mallorcan spirit of fashion and contributes to the sustainability of the planet with 100% organic clothing.

maujim: high technology in glasses.

maui jim, specialists in high-end polarized sunglasses, with technology with dual gradient lenses that remove 100% of UVA and UVB rays and 99% of glare caused by the sun, reflections and flares of light behind the glasses.

It has 9 protective layers, including the patented polarized foil with polarizedplus 2 that has vivid and natural colors.

buterfly twistst. always ready.

Having comfortable shoes when you travel or in everyday life to get us out of tangles. And thanks to this signature, it can be done with a refined and stylish touch.

organic sustainable

how to write a good travel story? advice to do it in latin america

is there a better way to quarantine than to write travel in quarantine?

In these times when we have a lot of time and we are in our house, you can feel better writing down things that you yourself have done while you are at home. Writing about travel always has its tricks.

think carefully about what you are going to communicate

We start at the beginning. This advice is impossible, but it is a big mistake before writing: not being very clear about what to tell. Your text has to be structured, your knowledge of the places you traveled places you as a guide for the reader, it takes an unforeseen itinerary with a defined direction. avoid wandering and writing that follows the flow of your consciousness. think about what you are going to say and summarize it in 4 concepts. now if you can write.

choose the genre well:

Now that you decide what to do to write, you have to show how you want to write it. there are many genres that help you to get better expersed. it all depends on the subject. The most normal thing is that you want to tell it, the way to do it appears alone. You can write your story as a daily diary.

the epistolary genre is also a good way. Imagine that you are writing a story to someone and you are telling this story. It works great! If you like the literary genre and enjoy it, you can do a travel essay. It is the most complicated genre, because you have to have a lot of reflection and erudition.

document well:

When you can travel or be at home in quarantine you want to know new things, the reader of a travel text and find new perspectives. not whenever we travel we have data on destinations, their history, their livestock and their people. The most recommended is that you find out about the things of the country, the sooner the better. have everything and resignify it better. benefit the text and more of yourself.

como escribir bien un blog de viaje
travel writting
travel stories

the best premium restaurants in madrid. part I

comida premium madrid. gracias a Andrea Piacquadio
food madrid
gracias a daria sherstova. comida premium
premium food

These are the best restaurants in Madrid and are divided into three categories. Here are the best restaurants in Madrid, the ten essential restaurants in the city, 20 about the city of cuisine and the quality of the dish or the price.

Today we will focus on the 10 restaurants in Madrid.

the ten best restaurants in madrid.

sacha, stove and botilleria: product and quality. when you are going to eat well and enjoy the tradition.

there is no other place like it, you can enjoy tradition. There is no such thing in Madrid, you can enjoy snacks as they do in sacha. It is best to take and advise, be open and try everything that is offered. and that includes wine, because the collection that comes out is wonderful. the important thing is sacha.


Diego Guerrero has recognition from the public and from the gastronomic community. with two stars michelin is a favorite of Madrid, who place it as a favorite restaurants.


It is the most awarded restaurant in Madrid, it has reached the three Michelin stars. the owner is responsible for changing from a seedy delicious meal to appearing in the guides. fusion cuisine, innovation of the kitchen, experiments in the room and other things and the experience is more interesting than we can find.

The little tavern opposite

loved by some and hated by another, the little tavern opposite is a restaurant committed to a local and national product. The essentials, the classics, the traditional and the raw materials are essential in Madrid. for some the price is high, the tasquita is not just a restaurant and we will have a better product.


renovated after its move to the center of madrid, coque is a great restaurant without a doubt and its two michelin stars prove it. It is elegant and with incredible services. prices are high, but whoever likes good gastronomy is part of their experiences.

kabuki wellington:

It is a benchmark of Japanese cuisine and fusion of Madrid. you can enjoy every bite one after another. It merged with Japanese food and a very balance was achieved. It has a good quality and renew this day.


It is a most authentic Japanese restaurant in Madrid, where the traditions of oriental cuisine are respected. miso soup, more elaborate dishes such as green tea soba noodles and the best sushis in madrid. If you love Japanese food you will enjoy kappo.


This time Santceloni turns 18. 18 years old who has spoken about haute cuisine from Madrid and is a benchmark of luxury and sophistication in the city. a sincere meal, based on the product and season.


is cared for in every detail. It has two dining rooms, reserved and a bar area, different spaces. traditional cuisine with seasonal products.

earn money writing for travel magazines in latin america

travel magazine and earn money
gained money in quarentine

We will be talking here about how to make money writing for travel magazines, although it is not easy for the time it takes to see the results as all freelance work) it is worth practicing this profession if you are passionate about making money as travel writers.

who does not want to travel after this quarantine. we look for the dream in the suitcase and conquer new countries. for this to happen you have to save.

spend every penny on what we like, explore the map and find the best deal for the money to reach. So we decided to make this our lifestyle and we are looking to generate income to do what we want.

there are many ways to earn money and they all work. We hope to dedicate ourselves to writing and traveling on the road. not only in the blog, but also in different media that are interested in our trips and pay us for it (in addition to our book that today we will do the virtual launch)

Although it is not the only way to save, it is a way to earn income. Because we also want to earn to save we can live from traveling and besides saving too.

Writing for a medium raises doubts and that is why we write this with an attempt to clarify and open our eyes to the possibility that exists.

What should I do to write in a newspaper or travel magazine in Latin America?

As travelers we love to read on trips, we will have a particular medium that catches their attention, be it a newspaper or magazine. the first step is to knock on the door.

You have to look in the printed or digital version, the email of the editor or editorial coordinator, the name of the positions varies and in any case you have to talk to the editor. It is very likely that the mail from the editors is not at first glance, but you have to look for what is available.

what can i tell the media editor?

don’t write a long email; Editors don’t like long emails. Most likely, they receive proposals on a daily basis and some don’t care.

In this initial email, briefly introduce yourself and let him know what you want to write in this medium, ask him if they work with external collaborators and if you have a travel proposal (when you travel again) if you are interested.

And you, if you would like to have the advantage of writing in a travel newspaper or magazine? tell us in the comments. It also expects within a few hours the virtual launch of our travel guide in spanish.

How to earn money as a travel blogger in Latin America?

Now that we are in quarantine we cannot travel, write down your adventures when you start traveling again, before long you will have sponsors who will stand in line and giving you good money to have a luxury travel lifestyle in the world. (Just be patient)

The market exists, but content that resonates with a global audience is not very easy.

Trends indicate that audiences are 72% influenced by travel bloggers and are willing to switch destinations for a travel blogger.

How to turn your trip into a viable career?

There we show you how you can turn your passion for traveling into a profitable business.

Blog for the reasons that are:

Many who block travel is a way to earn money while traveling, but the conviction of this project must come from the deepest.

Have a very clear vision of how you want your business in the future. Let this shape your decisions, the content you create, and the experience you give your readers.

Blog correctly, do not do it for free travel, because it is not sustainable.

You have to build a relationship of trust and write from your heart when you travel. This way you can earn even more loyal followers who will follow you and read your adventures.

know your field:

One day you write fancy restaurants in Vietnam and then something cheap in another country.

Guess you mistake them.

When focused on something, you become a reference and create a niche.

When you write something unique and help people to travel and be an inspiration to you. The important thing is that the best bloggers focus their efforts on many (we will work from now on in the destinations of luxury Couples and leisurely travel and how you can win with your travel blogger endeavor as well, together with guide reviews from travel and travel journal writing, from now on, if you like the idea that’s fine)

we already made our decision. Do whatever it takes, offer your own perspective.

Unique stories will help you engage your readers, build your credibility and you will have a personal brand. Loyal readers will eventually arrive, you also have to give yourself a very good reason and they will follow you and they will make your voice reach more.

How to Make Money from Travel Blogging
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Places to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

2 days ago on March 3, 2013 we got married. It’s been 7 years (as time goes by) and we also wanted our list of what places to visit to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Romantic escape to the passion island in Mexico.

This hidden and idyllic place in Cozumel for its natural sources, along with its crystalline beaches and white sand will make your stay the ideal one if you and your Couple love the beach.

Passion Island mexico

Keruel Island, Hawaii United States

This place is overflowing with nature and is one of the most incredible places in the United States, Hawaii. Go calmly as we say and enjoy staying in a cabin to enjoy the water and the sunset is incredible and I do not know tea I forgot to leave without seeing the Hula.

Garden Island Hawai

In 8 days Talking about that.

Romantic places to go with your girlfriend to Barcelona

Do you want to escape with your partner to an incredible place in Barcelona? If so, your decision is the most incredible (despite everything), although Barcelona is not another European city, the city has its charm. There are incredible places to enjoy with your partner and leave your soulmate breathless. (also with a more benign climate)

Ready to enjoy these places?

horta labyrinth park

Do you want to enjoy the oldest gardens in Barcelona? You will find it in this beautiful place. This site belonged to the Marques de Llupia, Poal and Alfarras, which commissioned its construction from an Italian architect. The work conclutyo in 1808, this garden has neoclassical and romantic effects of great beauty. turned into a park in 1971, it has a maze with cypress walls and embellished with sculptures.

horta labyrinth park, Barcelona.

Sant Felip Neri Square:

It is one of the most beautiful and unique squares in Barcelona. Located in the Gothic quarter, or in the Jewish quarter, it takes its name from the Baroque church. It still retains the evidence of the civil war. It has Renaissance houses, it is also in the museum of footwear and an octagonal fountain. It also has an antiquity attributed to it (it had to be rebuilt by the civil war) is an oasis of peace amid the noise, would you like to go with your couple?

Saturday, we talking about this.

Sant felip square.