5 reasons why travel to Colombia. Part I

Reason why travel in colombia
  1. A strategic location.
    It is located in a strategic location because it is located at the entrance of the American continent. No climate problems (without the 4 seasons) without contrasts and biodiversity.

2. Hotel management: it has large and luxurious hotels, including lodgings, farms in coffee plantations, inns in natural reserves or near the sea, to boutique hotels with old touches. Effects of convention centers, fairgrounds and many coworking.

Colombia distinguishes itself as the headquarters of the World Economic Forum for Latin America (2010) and the Bid Assembly (2009)

3. your human values:

The kindness, warmth and passion are the qualities that tourists will find throughout Colombia. People are creative, positive, recursive, cheerful and hardworking. They will show how is a friend.

4. Country with biological diversity:

It is one of the countries with more biological diversity, in avifauna with 1865 species. Colombia has figures between 45 and 55 thousand species of flora, mainly endemic, 56 million hectares of natural forests, 22 million savannas, as well as wetlands, arid and snowy areas.

Reason why travel colombia
Reason why travel colombia

It is a bit difficult to be a digital nomad in Latin America …

What nobody tells you about being a digital nomad in Latin America is this: the confusion of getting everything uphill when you get desperate to get your dream, the monetization when you start, the lack of patience to monetize your dream and so on.

It is incredible that the same dilemma that you and I have is also close to you and you want with all your strength to achieve with all your strength to live from your dream.

If you have a partner, the desire becomes even greater. You want to travel with your partner and the farther, the better.

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How monetize travel blog
How monetize travel blog
Travel blog

If you like cataluña this post would like …

Hi all. We have noticed and we are pleasantly surprised to realize that they love our little guide on how to monetize your travel blog.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help them monetize your travel blog, it’s incredible.

But if you really want to travel in Europe seriously, Catalonia is spectacular to know because it has cultural, nature, hiking, walking the ocean and gastronomy … it’s super cute. It also has Roman, Gothic and Roman architecture. It’s great.
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How monetize your travel blog
Catalonia villages
Catalonia villages

which are the most fabulous places of Maldives and Sri Lanka?

Hi all. What is promised is debt and we started talking about a wonderful place to travel and enjoy the most spectacular natural environment: the Maldivian islands.

On one of the raa atoll islands you can stay in a beach villa or in a prestige beach villa. It also gives you the possibility of having a spa discount.

If you love the idea of enjoying this place, click here:

Raa atoll island maldives


There is also the possibility of combining Sri Lanka and Maldives.

In Sri Lanka you can enjoy four star hotels, also guided tours.

Of the Maldives five-star hotels will be available and the tours will be according to plan.

If you want to know these two wonderful destinations, click here:


Sri lanka and maldives

We hope you liked it as much as we did.

Cali’s fair…

Hi. We had the strangest call fair and we wanted to capture it in this new video.

We hope you like it a lot.

cali`s fair in latinamerican

because to be a digital nomad and travel in the most luxurious places in the world.

Hi. thanks for security. We want to start working every day with the most incredible thing is to start writing about our dream, which is to be a digital nomad and travel the world.

But let’s begin to understand who we are and why we want to fulfill this dream …

we are Andrea and Oscar. we are a couple who love to travel. We started our story before we got married. I lived almost all my childhood traveling. At 14 I started traveling in the United States and in 2002 – 2006 to travel more in the United States. Oscar began traveling throughout Latin America when he was 17 years old and then traveled to Europe during the 2000s. We met and got married … and we started traveling throughout Colombia.

This was the beginning. A year ago we exactly fulfilled the dream of having our blog and our tourism blog. Thank you for being here for all this year …

but well … we want to help you who want to enjoy traveling and being a digital nomad. But are you wondering what it is like to be a digital nomad?

According to Wikipedia, being a digital nomad is: “a professional who uses new technologies to work and carries out a nomadic lifestyle. In general, digital nomads work remotely (from cas, cafeterias or public libraries) rather than in a stable work environment. “

We want to fulfill this dream of being a digital nomada and we want to start with high level tourism and start with high quality hostels, luxury hotels (small luxury) and high level travel articles.

Let’s start with high-level products. A while ago he established a relationship with a brand of spectacular travel articles called palm and peak.

They are spectacular leather articles and have fine items such as hats and leather suitcases and very good fabrics.

Today we will talk about the suitcases. the suitcases are made with very good fabrics such as cotton and leather.

we have several suitcases with the characteristics about cotton but today we will talk about one and tomorrow about two other leather. (they are the most)

It is a very large suitcase where you can take a lot of things and can travel worldwide with this suitcase. It has a length of 30 cm, a depth of 17 cm and a depth of 46 cm.

inside the suitcase has a compartment for the computer, has large pockets and cell phone.

Pro Wanderer Travel Backpack + 6 Colors
This is the most sophisticated travel accessory in Colombia.
Pro Wanderer Travel Backpack + 6 Colors
This is the inside of the suitcase.
Pro Wanderer Travel Backpack + 6 Colors
These are the closures of the suitcase.

Do you like this suitcase? Do you like space and walk around the world with this suitcase? click here:

Pro Wanderer Travel Backpack + 6 Colors

We hope you like it a lot and we continue tomorrow to fulfill this dream of being a digital nomad. we want to fulfill this dream and do you want it too?

the most beautiful road in Colombia?

Hi all. Welcome and happy new year. I hope you like this video a lot and tell us if this road is not the most beautiful in Colombia.

We hope you like it a lot.

put in the comments that you think if it is not the most beautiful road in Colombia. (or not).

Travel with your couple in colombia.

Hi. It is definitely better to enjoy our history. A while ago we enjoyed a trip to the beach as a couple and it was delicious …

Feel the sand on your feet, walk in the salt water … breathe sand through your pores (and more if it is with your partner and hand) is one of the most delicious sensations forever ….

See the sunset, have lunch, enjoy the blue sea. That was almost unreal …

Lunch wow! It was sea food. We ate it with a desire and sitting down to listen to the sound of the ocean is a unique sensation.

That’s what happens when you enjoy your partner. More romantic impossible …

Imagine enjoying a wave or surfing the ocean … that will feel even more spectacular.

Or even more romantic possible: get an engagement ring or get married on the beach …. It is even more incredible.

In 8 days we will talk about the most romantic beach places possible to enjoy as a couple in our country, Colombia and then we will continue later with others.