our experience with booking in madrid, spain

our flight from bogota madrid was very interesting. We arrived at the Bogota airport by the day and when we arrived in Madrid it was the beginning of the next day, but let’s start in parts.

we arrived at the bogota airport. We wait and start riding on our plane. We started to enjoy our trip. I saw things from Europe, a movie, but I did not have the right clothes. late in sleeping. I slept at times.

I realized that the stockings I was wearing was the problem, it was impossible to sleep until I took off my stockings. There and half I could sleep. I liked the avianca theme and it gave everything, even wine. I liked it a lot.

We continue between waking and sleeping until I arrive in Madrid in the afternoon. We left the airport and took the train.

where we stayed (it’s an apartment called chueca village in fuencarral street) is a fairly central apartment in the Fuencarral area, near the train, the Gran Via and the neighborhood of malasaña (very touristy) besides things very close to there. (like the plaza españa and many gardens, besides

we stayed two days there and if you love the nightlife, you will have it properly on the street because there are bars, places where there are tapas, wine and an incredible nightlife this is your place.

If you want something quieter without so much nightlife there you will not like it.

the rooms were good, had good wifi and also closed the windows to avoid the sun.

If you like the idea of ​​staying in Village Chueca, you are on booking and you can see the scores here:

puntuaciones de village chueca madrid

and if you want to have an incredible discount, use this and you will have a discount on village chueca: 1457212 (there you will have discount about all your places travelers)

to me that I liked Madrid: precisely the nightlife and that you can have a good time in Fuencarral street besides malasaña, along with the surroundings of the train and everything. I recommend the place.

we give you a rating of 5 out of 5.

We hope you enjoy Madrid!

village chueca
rooms of village chueca, madrid
large room of village chueca

We were going to tell them that the virtual radio station ekoradio.com contacted us to be part of their radio station and to work together on the 747 radio travelers program. What an emotion that we can work together to make ourselves known. amazing.


video and gift for all you.

Hello Hello!!! We all realize that by changing our channel about top about the most incredible places of Valle del Cauca. we want to dedicate you to the places you least know so that you can enjoy a lot of useful information about places.

Today we put this video and here we send it to you.

Touristic places of valle del cauca

the other news is very related to this: it turns out that airbnb has a function of giving incredible experiences to those who arrive in the city or country in which you are.

we place an airbnb experience that is in our city and enjoy a unique experience in the middle of nature and having a delicious coffee in Juan Valdes, if you want to see it you can do it here:


If you love the idea of enjoying as a local, this will enchant you.

we have a direct of twitch in a sweet 16. if you see that see here:


our airbnb experience in lisbon, portugal.

We arrived in Portugal (Lisbon) a day where the demonstrations of the day of work was the constant throughout the day.

We arrived at the airport and we were leaving. someone told us to take the train. It was amazing and we arrived at alameida (cntral area of ​​lisbon) and it was full of protesters (it was great) and we arrived at our small hotel.

We arrived and it was very safe. I had a great thing (it has two entry codes to get to the hostel). the rooms and the small but very good place, I had a kitchen so I could cook there too. there were also the rooms and the small living room with a telephone and many tourist maps, a bit of everything about finding the tourist places of lisbon.

because our room was large, spacious and had an incredible visibility of the roofs of this side of alameida.

the next day the owner arrived. It helped us a lot to go to tourist places. Although we did not speak Portuguese (not quite) and gave us some useful information to enjoy Lisbon. the lady was incredible.

the hotel was clean, had the kitchen and also changed everything every day in between. the rooms were with spectacular murals, there was good wifi and it was always full (at least when we were there) it is also in a good, central area, where the train was and you could go to the tourist area (near the viewpoint of santa justa and the baixa)

The owner helped us a lot with useful data of the city. and when we left we borrowed up to the number to get a taxi and go to the airport in Barcelona.

He said finally that Lisbon was the university city of Europe and that a lot of students arrived there (a lot of French and German students) and that this small hotel was always full because the campus was also nearby. (I understood him in Portuguese)

the experience was very good and enjoy some incredible days in the facilities of lisbon. I give him a 5 of the whole journey through Europe.

If you want to enjoy Europe, enjoy Lisbon. the city is amazing, small and the people are spectacular. It was a revelation for me because it is a cheap city and the people are incredible.

and if you want to find a very local environment in lisbon, alameida is the ideal place and this small hotel of my house lisbon. they will meet with a pleasant surprise.

Last year we rented it for airbnb and now it is not, but I recommend the place.

my house lisbon.

by the way, the lisboetas are incredible people and their beautiful city and they won my respect and admiration. We hope to return soon, very soon. by the way, not much colombians vistit portugal the owner of the hostel say that and its amazing good tto now we are the first colombians that ever see, the question is why colombians dont go to a beautiful city?

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we have decided to create the traveling store for all of you who want help with your trips

Hi all. The online market grows in Colombia, it grows exponentially in Latin America. 48% seek new experiences online. people use the connections to make the purchase of products and services more frequently. 34% of people who use the internet use electronic commerce and the tourism sector increases.

This is how travel agencies and other online services take center stage in global trends and in Latin America. During the last years, the sales of the tour operators in web pages and represented 13% of the total, of the airlines, 14% and lodging 12%.

48% of Latin Americans, whose age ranges between 25 and 49 years of age, seek new experiences with technology. The growing preference of digital channels lies in the advantages that present to the consumer: 24/7 attention, abundance of options, better prices and access to collaborative communities that will be an ideal.

that’s why we want to create a virtual store where search engines are found, amazon books and also a place where you can buy amazon products (travel journals)

I hope you like it a lot.

tourism store
tourism store

we have decided to focus on tips and tips for backpackers and low cost.

if there is something that we love my husband and me is the possibility of traveling as locals and spending as a local within a region or country.

One of the clearest examples was when we lived in Popayan (within our country) and lived as locals, we ate local food, not as a conventional tourist. (So we lived for almost six months) and it was something incredible and we knew a lot about how the people of the country are.

that’s why we want to help all backpackers (or people who like to enjoy the local) to have the chance to enjoy in a country, as we live.

That’s why we want to dedicate ourselves to traveling couples, backpacking couples and low cost travelers and have the possibility to enjoy products, search engines and also travel guides where you can enjoy the local and enjoy many things.

By the way, I wanted to know if you are interested in having a complete travel guide about Madrid and would like have travel guides in amazon.

do you like that?

backpacker bag.
travel diaries.

special 100 subscribers in travesias emocionales.

Hi all. Today we have the special video because we have reached 100 subscribers last week.

we want to reach 200 or 300 as soon as possible and to celebrate we will make the top 5 of the best low cost travel and backpacker search engines in Latin America and the world.

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top 5 best low cost search engines

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We hope to reach soon 200 or 300 subscribers.

perlu, the page of traveling influencers and digital nomads

Hi. About a month ago I found in a Facebook group a community where if you are an “influencer” you have the possibility to interact with others and also brands may also be interested in your blog or YouTube channel or social networks.

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What is perlu

We hope you like it a lot. If you are a low cost traveler or backpacker and you love the idea of traveling around the world earning money, this is your community.

Good luck.