Romantic restaurants in barcelona.

A romantic dinner of at least two members and a date of romantic restaurants in which to meet and be mentioned.

It is almost always a dinner, perhaps because with less light, more mystery, who knows if the Moon will also have something to do with it … But for there to be a dinner, there must be food and that leads us directly to the question: at home or outside? We opted for romantic restaurants where you let them tell you beautiful things while you eat even more beautiful things, because you give up the total privacy of the home date but it involves less work.

There is already a plan. Now you just need to choose which restaurant will be the perfect setting capable of supporting such a dose of love.

We bristrot, asia and europe:

This bistro with Asian and European fusion has good dishes and at the same time charming. Incredible cheeses, angus burgers and other dishes are delicious. Its wines and its subtle and suggestive places help a lot.

chaka khan, exotic cuisine:

divided in two, chaka is fun, informal and cocktail, khan is more technical food. It is international food that you will enjoy without leaving your chair. They also serve cocktails on the Rambla del Raval.

Ginnete, French restaurant:

Elegant but without falling into formality, this is how this Bar à menger and restaurant blends Catalan, Spanish and French gastronomy in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in the heart of the Born district.

Its dishes are designed to be shared and the cuisine that is practiced here is the least is more, because its preparations are light, fresh and full of flavor and color. The decoration of the space is daring but comfortable and when you sit in their comfortable armchairs, forget about time and get ready to enjoy yourself in one of the romantic restaurants in Barcelona.

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What to see in Colombia: guide to travel around the country on your own

Colombia is surprising for its heterogeneity of landscapes (it is like many countries in one), from paradisiacal Caribbean beaches to arid deserts dotted with colorful hammocks passing through eclectic cultural cities. Whatever you are looking for, around here, you will find it, further north or further south. But, above all, you will find it in the hands of the people who turned out to be the most friendly and hospitable of the trips we made. Don’t be surprised if you start the night learning a few champeta steps with the panda you met in the afternoon and within days you’re already sleeping at home. Or that when you return to your country, people seem boring and boring. Do not worry, it is normal, we have called it “post-colombia syndrome”.

This guide serves to help you plan your trip through Colombia with everything you need to take into account. By pretending that it is so complete, it is in the process of construction and we will be completing and expanding it with specific posts for each area / region.

Why travel to Colombia
Some people do not have Colombia among their possible travel destinations, so we leave you a list of the reasons that led us to visit it, and those that we believe stand out after having been there

It has an incredible variety of landscapes, climates, fauna, cultures and gastronomy
This variety makes it possible to condense different enjoyable plans (beach, desert, city) in a 2 or 3 week itinerary. See more in Travel Itineraries
If you are from the beach, we warn you, the best beaches in our #RandomLatam are found here
Due to its (unfair) stigma of dangerous it is a country much less touristy than some of its neighbors, such as Peru for example. Although this is changing …
The people are, without a doubt, the best of Colombia
Basic data of Colombia
Capital of Colombia: Bogotá
Number of departments: 32
Currency: COP (€ 1 = COP 3700 approx. In August 2019)
Climate: tropical although with cold areas due to the altitude
Language: Spanish is the majority language, and there are more than 60 indigenous languages.
Daily budget: as it depends on your style of travel, here we give more details
Population: 49 million (it is the 2nd most populous country in South America)
Time zone: time difference with Spain of 6 or 7 hours less depending on the time of year (Spain changes time every 6 months, Colombia does not)
Tips: included in the bill (usually 10%) but optional (you can ask to have it removed, although it is normal to leave it)
Prepaid mobile internet price: € 6 for 2GB.


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Travel guides how to use them? Part ii

What are they for?
The main function of a travel guide is to provide information about a place and thus offer a kind of tourist assistance. In general, the data they contain is the following:

How to get
Migratory processes
What to see and what to do
Where to sleep and where to eat
Other information and recommendations
Thus, another of its functions is to advise or recommend, since the editor of these books has already been to that destination and knows what we can find in the places and establishments that we visit.

There are different types of guides, which are adapted to the taste of each traveler. Some of them explain how to travel with children or backpackers to a destination, others focus on the cultural aspects of the place, etc.

We can even find online guides with satanic and horror content, in which they show us places that appear in scary movies, such as Thamesmead, the London neighborhood starring in “A Clockwork Orange.”

The best guides in the world
The most famous guides in Spanish and recommended by travelers are the following:

Globetrotters: they are published by the Anaya Group and translated from the French Guide du Routard collection.
Lonely Planet: they began to be published in the 70s. You can buy them through Fnac, among other portals.
Carrefour: its travel department produces publications for free and for download from its website. They have a total of 28.
Michelin: under the name of The Green Guide they show the best itineraries and attractions. They also have thematic publications, such as caravan trips.
de Dios Editores: they originate from an Argentine family with a passion for travel. They currently have more than 100 titles.
National Geographic: Diario Clarín collections, in Argentina, offers translations into Spanish exclusively from this important entity
La Nación newspaper: despite the fact that this Argentine newspaper has not published guides, it does make very interesting tourism supplements for travelers
COPEC: the Compañía de Petróleos de Chile has the Chiletur Guides. They are sold in some service stations in the country, although they also publish a lot of information on their website.
Some of these guides, such as Lonely Planet or National Geographic, are worldwide, that is, they have books of this type in English and other languages. Due to their fame, it is easy to get them second-hand on many Internet portals.

Likewise, many tourist destinations such as Barcelona, ​​Seville or Madrid publish their own official editions in app (application) format for the mobile or tablet, so that you can easily use them while you visit the city.

If you prefer to use more original guides, the Anaya Touring publishing house has the Inspiración Viajera collection, with which it intends to excite travelers in a different way. One of his books is entitled The best destinations to observe the skies in Spain.

Wait our travel guide of catalonia soon.

Travel guides books

What is travel insurance in Latin America?

Take out insurance to enjoy the trip
Traveling always carries risks, especially if it is done abroad. Some credit and debit cards offer insurance coverage that can be applied to them and some health insurances even have coverage abroad. In addition, public transport has a Mandatory Travelers insurance, but hiring a specific policy extends user protection.

These policies are usually contracted for the determined duration of the trip, but there is the possibility of subscribing them for a longer time depending on the user’s needs and even opting for annual coverage. The guarantees are decided by the insured in order to select the ones that best suit her and suit her specific case and choose the best travel insurance for her.

Travel information
Travel insurance offers many possibilities. For example, specific protection can be obtained depending on the duration of the trip or the reason for it. In addition, depending on the number of people who are going to do it, companies offer the possibility of covering several travelers or groups of more than more than 10 people in the same policy.

Reason for posting
The reason for the trip is one of the points that insurers use to make categories among their Travel insurances and thus be able to adapt the coverage to the specific case. Thus, depending on whether it is a vacation, a cruise, a study trip, a business trip, or a ski getaway, the insurance can include everything from the reimbursement of ski pass, ski lessons and relief costs on the slopes , up to the replacement of employees in the case of companies. Within each of the reasons for the trip, it is possible to make the insurance from the duration of the trip.

Travel time
Depending on how long it will last, insurers offer different products. When it is a few days or a few weeks, the common Travel insurance is contracted. But when what is desired is a single insurance for several trips, it is possible to subscribe an annual coverage that protects the insured from the incidents that he may experience in all those that he makes during that year, as long as each of them has a duration of less than 3 months. You can also take out travel insurance for a long stay abroad, which can be up to one year. The difference between them is in the term of coverage, and therefore in the price, but also in some of the guarantees they include, although these depend directly on the insurer.

What does travel insurance cover?
Within Travel insurance there are several types of guarantees, those that refer to healthcare and those related to its cancellation. Normally, the application of all the coverages is adjusted to a limit agreed between the parties at the signing of the policy.

Travel assistance coverage
The most common coverage in Travel insurance are those related to assisting the insured during the same. From help for medical problems to theft of your personal belongings.

Medical assistance
One of the main guarantees of this type of insurance is medical assistance. This provides coverage in the event that the insured falls ill or suffers an accident during their stay, either within or outside their country of residence. In addition to guaranteeing medical, pharmacological, hospitalization and surgical intervention costs until the journey can be continued, healthcare goes further and can offer:

  • Travel and accommodation of a companion of the insured in the event that he is hospitalized.
  • Extension of the stay as a result of an illness or accident.
  • Sending medicines to the place where the insured is located.
  • Transfer or repatriation of the insured and her companion.
  • Transfer or repatriation in the event of death.
  • Early return.
  • Management and coordination of healthcare services.
  • Translation service.
  • Substitution of the insured for repatriation in the case of business trips.
  • In addition to these it is possible to find others such as the payment of expenses for loss of documentation or classes in the case of a study trip, for example.

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travel insurance

Can you do a wine tour in Colombia?

In Boyacá:
Marquis of Puntalarga

This vineyard, in which the Pinot Noir strain and two varieties of Riesiling are grown, is located in Nobsa, an area of ​​Boyacá ideal for growing grapes due to its climatic characteristics. When visiting the vineyard you will be able to visit the vine plantations of the Marqués de Puntalarga guided by expert winemakers, learn to taste wines and explore the cellar that has a wide variety of Chilean, Argentine, Spanish and Colombian wines. In addition, since 1989 in Puntalarga the Welcome Party to the vine in the Valley of the Sun Vine & Wine International is celebrated in which the Queen of Regional Wine is chosen during the month of December and of which you can take part during your visit .

Ain Karim Vineyard

Ain Karim is a vineyard in Villa de Leyva in which strains of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc imported from France, and Chardonnay brought from Napa Valley, are planted with which the Marqués de Villa de Leyva is produced, one of the Colombian wines with greater international recognition. The 20-hectare vineyard also offers tours of its plantations, a visit to the underground cellar and wine tasting for groups accompanied by a wide variety of cheeses, hams and pickles that will complement your experience of tasting this national wine, of which about 50,000 are produced. bottles per year.

Enoturism in colombia

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what is travel insurance?

Travel insurance covers the incidents that can be made in the middle of the trips, from a quarantine or that you stay in a destination, going through the loss of a suitcase and even more coverage.

You can take out insurance for a specific trip, a long-term one or for several that are going to be made in a year.

During travel, whether for vacation or work, the risks increase. the user during the global quarantines were stranded in a country or get sick from the coronavirus. Doing this without having travel insurance to cover it may lead to complicated situations on your trip.

When destinations may be outside the borders, the cost can be multiplied by many situations and increase your trips.

To cover all these circumstances, insurance companies offer citizens the possibility of taking out policies for your safety and well-being. Travel insurance is not mandatory, but it is recommended because it covers the risks surrounding stays away from home.

travel insurance:

Travel insurance is an insurance product that allows the user to travel protected and carefree to enjoy it. They offer coverage throughout the world so that the displacement does not prevent the user from enjoying the assistance and protection.

The guarantees are adapted throughout their duration as the chosen place of destination or the purpose of the trip. It can include a wide variety of benefits, among which is the possibility of canceling the trip if an unforeseen event occurs, receiving emergency medical assistance or not facing the medical expenses that may be needed throughout the trip. This insurance covers the risks and also the unforeseen events that it can offer.

If you want to have travel insurance, you can do it here:

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tips that a luxury travel blogger do in quarantine.

we are in quarantine and it’s boring you don’t know what to do. you think about traveling, getting out of your confinement, visiting many parts. This coronavirus will one day pass and gradually we will return to normal, but in the meantime stay home and they will take you from the world to your room. transform staying at home into traveling at home.

read a book:

reading is the best way to travel. Take advantage of this time you left in half or start the one you always wanted to read. a book takes you to unknown places.

In Amazon and other places you can buy many books in ebook format. Editorial Planet under the motto #keepreadingencasa made free books available until March 31, where you can find everything from da vinci code books to cookbooks. Also on the web, you will find activities and virtual conferences for writers.

If you want to travel seriously, immerse yourself in travel books. Here we leave you a list of incredible travelers and also this self-published books that everyone wins: you get it cheap and earn more.

  • travel days and syndrome in paris by aniko villalba
  • removing borders: marking the pole
  • Africaneering: de guada aaroz.
  • a curious traveler and challenge your routes, by esteban mazzonzinni
  • journey to the land of straight hair. from dan lande
  • Asia, chronicles of the Far East, Yugoslavia and the labyrinth of the Balkans. from carola fernandez moore.
  • magic is traveling. aldana and magic dino on the way
  • my life in a backpack. by nati bainotti.
  • around the world in 10 years. from pablo rey (free in quarantine)

watch the TV:

Another way to teleport from your home chair is just TV. On Netflix (to name the most common) you will find a lot of movies and series during the quarantine and they take you to different places on the planet.

tales of night: documentary series for traveling. it is to see it from the mind and the gaze from the light.
street food – presents a city of asia and gastronomy.
midnight summer – a series with food stories from tokyo.
If you do not have to pay netflix, you have the app or platform of where there are 100% free movies, series, documentaries and shorts. you have the app register and watch.

finally on youtube, you have documentaries of dw and if we talk about documentaries do not miss hello world. if there is something more adventurous, jime and andres, they filmed their journey in 1247: the austral highway.

don’t forget about vimeo. It is forgotten by its competitor there you will have quality audiovisual content. We leave you the last ice box, a short film that will show something incredible in 45 minutes.

travel documentary
Travel Photos
travel picture

Romantic sites in Madrid. penultimate part.

Madrid capricho park.

park of caprice

It is an incredible and unknown green area of the city. Located in Alameda de Osuna, it is one of the most beautiful parks that make up Madrid’s naturalism. there is a civil war bunker that holds up to 100 kilos of bombs.

The space was created in 1784 by the Dukes of Osuna, especially with the Duchess Maria Josefa, this naturalistic version was frequented in the most illustrious personalities and many artists, gardeners and scenographers worked.

the lavapies library:

lavapies library

It is the ideal place to enjoy a good coffee, while enjoying the second-hand books it has on its shelves.

It is in the central part of the city, it has a quiet place, to enjoy an incredible time. The incredible thing is that it has that charm that it has since its inception.

Airbnb give you a trip with your couple un italy for calentones day

Do you like valentine (We in Colombia celebrated it on another date) but airbnb has the Digulian house, the original house of Romeo and Juliet and airbnb wants to give this gift to 1 couple on the planet to enjoy everything high in San valentin.

If you enter between January 21 and February 2 you will enjoy the stay along with an incredible walk and gastronomic walk.

In addition there will be a chef with two Michelin stars preparing your meal.

You will also know the balcony of the history of Romeo and Juliet, together with the beautiful city of Verona.

You dare?

The famous balcony. XIV Century
Romantic room
Casa diguluana. verona, italy

Romantic sites of Madrid. Part V

Tantra spa, nueva España.

Tantra spa, Madrid

Another place that you and your partner will love is tantra spa with its erotic massages, you will discover massages and incredible things with your partner with Thai massage, which comes from ancient India.

Enjoy tantric massages and couples massages along with 150 m2 of oriental and western aromas and sensuality.

Attic terrace 11 Madrid. Chueca village.

Attic 11, Madrid.

This terrace is the most beautiful and picturesque place in Madrid. It is open every day along with a spectacular meal and the best views of Madrid.

Located at number 11 of the great road, you can see the unobstructed views of the city. A place where good drinks, good food and great views and downtown Madrid and near the Subway and hotels.