tips that a luxury travel blogger do in quarantine.

we are in quarantine and it’s boring you don’t know what to do. you think about traveling, getting out of your confinement, visiting many parts. This coronavirus will one day pass and gradually we will return to normal, but in the meantime stay home and they will take you from the world to your room. transform staying at home into traveling at home.

read a book:

reading is the best way to travel. Take advantage of this time you left in half or start the one you always wanted to read. a book takes you to unknown places.

In Amazon and other places you can buy many books in ebook format. Editorial Planet under the motto #keepreadingencasa made free books available until March 31, where you can find everything from da vinci code books to cookbooks. Also on the web, you will find activities and virtual conferences for writers.

If you want to travel seriously, immerse yourself in travel books. Here we leave you a list of incredible travelers and also this self-published books that everyone wins: you get it cheap and earn more.

  • travel days and syndrome in paris by aniko villalba
  • removing borders: marking the pole
  • Africaneering: de guada aaroz.
  • a curious traveler and challenge your routes, by esteban mazzonzinni
  • journey to the land of straight hair. from dan lande
  • Asia, chronicles of the Far East, Yugoslavia and the labyrinth of the Balkans. from carola fernandez moore.
  • magic is traveling. aldana and magic dino on the way
  • my life in a backpack. by nati bainotti.
  • around the world in 10 years. from pablo rey (free in quarantine)

watch the TV:

Another way to teleport from your home chair is just TV. On Netflix (to name the most common) you will find a lot of movies and series during the quarantine and they take you to different places on the planet.

tales of night: documentary series for traveling. it is to see it from the mind and the gaze from the light.
street food – presents a city of asia and gastronomy.
midnight summer – a series with food stories from tokyo.
If you do not have to pay netflix, you have the app or platform of where there are 100% free movies, series, documentaries and shorts. you have the app register and watch.

finally on youtube, you have documentaries of dw and if we talk about documentaries do not miss hello world. if there is something more adventurous, jime and andres, they filmed their journey in 1247: the austral highway.

don’t forget about vimeo. It is forgotten by its competitor there you will have quality audiovisual content. We leave you the last ice box, a short film that will show something incredible in 45 minutes.

travel documentary
Travel Photos
travel picture

Madrid romantic sites. last part.

the hiding place

If you are passionate about theater, you have to be in the hiding place. His proposal is this: two plays in theaters in 15 minutes each for a ridiculous price. Most are from independent authors and companies, but it does not fail, each one has quality.

In the hiding place there is a love for art on all four sides. so that the love and doing is seen in the works. Sites like these are actually enjoyable for the Madrid theater scene talking about a breath of freshness and fresh air.

They hidding place

sabatini gardens

Another of Sabatini’s gardens is a very romantic place in Madrid. It is an incomparable place and you can see the best sunsets of Madrid.

right at the foot of the royal palace, from the sabatini gardens we can enjoy its beautiful marble statues, the fountains and the breeze that can be enjoyed from the treetops. It is an incredible place where everything is possible, where we look into the eyes of this special person. worth it.

Sabatini gardens

We hope you liked these romantic sites. Would you visit them with your couple?

Romantic sites in Madrid. penultimate part.

Madrid capricho park.

park of caprice

It is an incredible and unknown green area of the city. Located in Alameda de Osuna, it is one of the most beautiful parks that make up Madrid’s naturalism. there is a civil war bunker that holds up to 100 kilos of bombs.

The space was created in 1784 by the Dukes of Osuna, especially with the Duchess Maria Josefa, this naturalistic version was frequented in the most illustrious personalities and many artists, gardeners and scenographers worked.

the lavapies library:

lavapies library

It is the ideal place to enjoy a good coffee, while enjoying the second-hand books it has on its shelves.

It is in the central part of the city, it has a quiet place, to enjoy an incredible time. The incredible thing is that it has that charm that it has since its inception.

Airbnb give you a trip with your couple un italy for calentones day

Do you like valentine (We in Colombia celebrated it on another date) but airbnb has the Digulian house, the original house of Romeo and Juliet and airbnb wants to give this gift to 1 couple on the planet to enjoy everything high in San valentin.

If you enter between January 21 and February 2 you will enjoy the stay along with an incredible walk and gastronomic walk.

In addition there will be a chef with two Michelin stars preparing your meal.

You will also know the balcony of the history of Romeo and Juliet, together with the beautiful city of Verona.

You dare?

The famous balcony. XIV Century
Romantic room
Casa diguluana. verona, italy

Romantic sites of Madrid. Part V

Tantra spa, nueva España.

Tantra spa, Madrid

Another place that you and your partner will love is tantra spa with its erotic massages, you will discover massages and incredible things with your partner with Thai massage, which comes from ancient India.

Enjoy tantric massages and couples massages along with 150 m2 of oriental and western aromas and sensuality.

Attic terrace 11 Madrid. Chueca village.

Attic 11, Madrid.

This terrace is the most beautiful and picturesque place in Madrid. It is open every day along with a spectacular meal and the best views of Madrid.

Located at number 11 of the great road, you can see the unobstructed views of the city. A place where good drinks, good food and great views and downtown Madrid and near the Subway and hotels.

Madrid romantic sites for travel couples in Latin America

thaidy restaurant:

Thailand thaidy restaurant

Do you prefer something more oriental? In this case your ideal restaurant is thaidy. It is an amazing Thai restaurant.

With a unique and incredible atmosphere full of flowers, incense, damask flowers, and incredible curtains will make a unique atmosphere.

The laundry of patones.

Patones laundry

The laundry of patones is an incredible restaurant in a unique place. At 50km from Madrid, you find patones. A place lost in time and with a place of stone since before time.

the laundry is an incredible place where you can see naturally and the food although it is incredible the person who sees this landscape will remain with an unforgettable memory.

Icebar Madrid:

Icebar madrid

It is one of the most original places in Madrid. It’s like having drinks at the north pole because everything is frozen.

Everything is made of ice, it is original and the glasses are of quality and cheap.

If you like originality and drinks you have to go yes or yes to Madrid.

The tourist environmental fair of the Colombian Pacific

Yesterday we learned the news and it is incredible to realize that we are showing the wonders of our department that are many.

The Cauca Valley has the immense potential to become a tourist place (not only tourist, but ecotourism) and this will take advantage of this area of the Pacific.

The jump is a path along the street cali – Buenaventura that takes advantage of tourism and the environment to be developed in this first ecotourism fair.

Finally there are initiatives that seek to promote the Pacific and the Cauca Valley and not focus so much on the coffee axis.

We hope you like it a lot and here we leave you the photo of this first fair.

Los saltos.

We reach 1,000 likes! What an emotion and we want to give you a gift.

Hi. We are excited that we have reached a thousand likes. It has been a long road since a few years ago and it is exciting to realize that.

It all started in 2017 when I returned from the United States (if I had been to Disney) and I had been fascinated by a concept of Disney: you live to work or work to live and I responded to work to live. He showed me the image of myself working and surfing the beach. I loved the concept.

Come back determined to turn this dream into reality (that’s why this blog exists)

I remember when almost nobody found this blog, but over time it began to grow until it reached this point. (We hope to grow even more. Now we hope to grow even more. We didn’t expect this. We thought it was a hobby. Not bad for a couple of Colombian bloggers and microinfluencers)

Now this is just the beginning and to celebrate we want to give you a gift for your partner and you. and we will do it from a high level page and category and very romantic hotels and discounts of 70%. Here is the link:

We want to continue giving wonderful things and destinations so they can continue traveling.

We love you so much.

Andrea and Oscar.

Travel couple

Our outcome with the Amazon literary prize 2019

Hi. We know that travel guides have more possibilities in the Anglo-Saxon market.

We are aware of this. In Latin America, you are barely realizing the potential of the internet (we are saying about the internet, not talking about the content creator, or the travel influencers, much less who writes travel guides like us)

But we have enormous potential (in Spain they take us some way now, since 2007 – 2008)

But good. We had visibility in Spain and that was interesting.

Although we are not among the finalists, the intention is to make a good launch of the travel guide (it was a unique opportunity)

If you like the idea of ​​having our book look for the tab of our book of the literary prize Amazon 2019.

Thank you Amazon for making it visible and we will write it in English focused on a guide of Catalonia and Barcelona for traveling couples.

We are dedicated to that and we will be dedicated to traveling couples.

In the next book fair in our city we will revolutionize everything.

By the way, we will also make hype and saucer with this travel guide for traveling couples in Catalonia and Barcelona.

And finally, we told you that we were going to review a travel guide a month, we have not finished it yet but it is good. I hope you like it.

Just wait our travel guide of travel couples in catalonia and barcelona

We have decided to focus rather on this blog. And we will start with Catalonia

As we have realized that the blog we had is not working very well, we have decided to focus on this to work it quite well and place the improved posts here.

Today we will focus on the most romantic places for couples in Catalonia.

Tarragona is a romantic place to enjoy Roman ruins, Roman circus buildings and eternal vineyards?


It was a settlement on the Roman august road is a romantic destination for years that retains its medieval walls.

Each corner of the medieval Girona will make you take your partner’s hand and steal a kiss in its labyrinthine streets.

Costa Brava:

Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and medieval monks knew the best places to anchor and build. So everyone came to the Costa Brava, a romantic coast, ideal for a memorable stay.

If you want to have memorable personalized trips you can send us a message to the email

Costa brava catalonia
Catalonia romantic