The best places to travel as a couple. Part I

Traveling as a couple is one of the best plans that can be made and is the best known.

Places where there is tranquility, romantic dinners at sunset and common interests.

From America to Asia there are incredible places where you can enjoy as a couple.

Traveler couple

Guanajuato; Mexico

In the center of Mexico, Guanajuato has colorful houses, numerous events such as the Cervatino festival, and the alley of the kiss that has its history.

Guanajuato; mexico

Fernando de Norohna; Brazil

Unknown to some Brazilians, this archipelago considered the Atlantis and lost in the northern part of Brazil, is incredible for lovers of ecotourism and diving, where you swim with sharks, the internet does not exist and is a lost eden.


zagora; Morocco

Located on the edge of the Sahara desert, Zagora is suspended in the middle of a stop where camels and palm trees show the vestiges of the Maghreb. Getting carried away by the wind and having the moon as a flashlight is priceless.


We will continue talking about these destinations.


Recalling Lisbon’s Belem …

We really love Lisbon because the city has that nostalgic touch. From alameida, la baixa and belem…. Belem is amazing. A bridge similar to the golden gate of San Francisco is found.

The places in Belem are many. The monastery of the Jeronimos, the incredible belem cakes (made since the 17th century by the Jeronimos), walking through its incredible streets and the monument of discoveries and the Belem tower (it is also beautiful) and the monument is incredible and The beautiful Tagus River (which is from Spain and ends right there in the city of Lisbon, ends in Belem)

The famous belem cakes are so delicious that people make huge queues to enjoy the cupcakes.

It must be a must when you go to Lisbon, in addition to taking port and listening to fado.

An incredible place to get to know Lisbon.

do you want to get fat? Belem cupcakes are a good reason.

Belem tower
Jeronimos monastery
discovery monastery
Belem pasteis.

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What to see in the Catalan Costa Brava? Part II

4. Casa granados. Tossa de mar.

Casa granados

It has the peculiarity of having a beach and at the same time a lot of green. Here is granados house. A 200-year-old mansion with a lot of history and refinement.

If you are a couple and you love luxury and romanticism you will love this place that combines refinement with its 7 exclusive rooms.

5. Hotel mas salvi. Pals.

Hotel mas salvi.

A farmhouse with nature is your ideal place. A hotel with 30 rooms that denote calm and silence. If you like privacy, this place will delight you.

It has rooms with private terraces. There are luxurious rooms and enjoy the pool, golf and spa.

6. Hotel blau mar.

Hotel blau mar.

the blau mar hotel is very close to the sea. If you love the beach, this will be your place. It is incredible to feel the beach, the smells of the sand and feel it and the sound of the birds and to be hand in hand with your partner.

It is a relatively new, Provencal hotel and also has gardens and terraces.

It has one of the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava and has an infinity pool.

If you want to know more we leave you in our store our travel guide and to write thoughts about your trips:

What to see in the Catalan Costa Brava?

Catalonia is an incredible place that combines history, nature and beach along with friendly people who are willing to enjoy your area.

It is an incredible, cultural and very quiet place where you can sit and read a book in Sant Jordi next to the beach and you will see many people doing the same.

The Costa Brava is an incredible area full of beach and beautiful white beaches that shows an incredible contrast. Dali fell in love with the area and decided to live there, along with his gala wife.

There is the Dali museum in the area and the houses have a Mediterranean charm and an incredible meal is served.

Part of its charm is that. The food, the place and a historical reference where many Catalan people from the Americas made their fortune.

If you want to know more the guide of Barcelona and Catalonia that is in the Amazon literary prize 2019.

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Catalan costa brava

the most important Latin American travel bloggers part II

stories of our planet:

Antonio Aguilar is the person behind stories of our planet, in which you will not find the typical travel post.

Antonio makes his words, feeling what can be lost in such incredible lines as Iraq, Nepal, China, India, Tibet, etc.

in the letters disappears the bombastic and misplaced metaphors, which they believe are necessary to describe travel.

Traveling is a way of getting the sery not as a conjunctural experience, but as a mental state.

an idea, a trip: eviña is a person who is behind the most exciting blogs, so if you are looking for adventure, it is your favorite blog.

At the moment on the road, it is a very popular blog. Do not miss a single post to enjoy the incredible places on the planet (in your blog and social networks)

We don’t want to get old and regret what I haven’t done.

marking the pole: dani and the best way to show them as they say in their blog.

“A couple. More than six years on the road (and no plans to stop). 30 countries visited (and we go for more). One objective: to eliminate the most dangerous border, the one we create ourselves. This is the story of two young Argentines who left everything to see their dream come true. ”

After watching the pole, it is one of the most inspiring places on the web. true?

Today it unites Asia from end to end, from the Philippines to Turkey, eliminating the mental frontier we have.

They are in the project removing borders started in January 2013 throughout Asia. That is their original plan and they will always continue traveling.

vero 4 travel: jesus and veronica, who with his travel blog inform and inspire other travelers who want to pack their bags. experts in blog trips that help you prepare your trip with the information they give on their website.

Baby travel: Laura lives with her backpack in tow has been in 62 countries, generates content for many brands so now traveling is her job. He has also written books, all on the web for you to enter and know. (part of 3 travel bloggers)

Jump with me: Sara and Jaac, some travelers and another blog that talks about South America because they toured the continent and the Antarctic in 372 days, so you have to follow the advice very close.

Why do foreigners love Colombia?

That is a question that many people ask themselves and why they love our country.

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foreigns love colombia.