We have decided to do this to Colombians and Latin Americans to see if they like the idea.

ebooks have not reached the highest level in our country, Colombia. Maybe in Latin America if (in places like Mexico and Brazil) Colombians like physical books very much in the publishing world, but the virtual ebook grows.

94.5% of books are physical, since 2010 digital books has tripled, marking a trend of a growing sector. the favorite ebooks are school and university books. Third, there are literary texts.

Because Colombians still love paper books, our ebooks about how to monetize your travel blog will still be in Amazon and if you like the idea, create a guide in English from Madrid.

We hope you like this news and that you can give us these answers.

We also want to dedicate ourselves to have the possibility to enjoy their trips and if it is more in Colombia and Latin America, better. We will also create an email marketing where you can enjoy our contents.


Travel guide madrid
This guide its in amazon

youtube every less we like but we want to continue making history.

Hi all. We already realized that doing videoreactions on YouTube by copywright is extremely complicated but we would like to do it in Twich. We hope you like it.

tomorrow we have a new live show about something very special that we did not do properly and we hope you like it.

If you want to see the live performance of Twich, you can do it here:


videoreaction of bailen fitur 2019
twich stream

we have decided to create the traveling store for all of you who want help with your trips

Hi all. The online market grows in Colombia, it grows exponentially in Latin America. 48% seek new experiences online. people use the connections to make the purchase of products and services more frequently. 34% of people who use the internet use electronic commerce and the tourism sector increases.

This is how travel agencies and other online services take center stage in global trends and in Latin America. During the last years, the sales of the tour operators in web pages and represented 13% of the total, of the airlines, 14% and lodging 12%.

48% of Latin Americans, whose age ranges between 25 and 49 years of age, seek new experiences with technology. The growing preference of digital channels lies in the advantages that present to the consumer: 24/7 attention, abundance of options, better prices and access to collaborative communities that will be an ideal.

that’s why we want to create a virtual store where search engines are found, amazon books and also a place where you can buy amazon products (travel journals)

I hope you like it a lot.

tourism store
tourism store

we have decided to focus on tips and tips for backpackers and low cost.

if there is something that we love my husband and me is the possibility of traveling as locals and spending as a local within a region or country.

One of the clearest examples was when we lived in Popayan (within our country) and lived as locals, we ate local food, not as a conventional tourist. (So we lived for almost six months) and it was something incredible and we knew a lot about how the people of the country are.

that’s why we want to help all backpackers (or people who like to enjoy the local) to have the chance to enjoy in a country, as we live.

That’s why we want to dedicate ourselves to traveling couples, backpacking couples and low cost travelers and have the possibility to enjoy products, search engines and also travel guides where you can enjoy the local and enjoy many things.

By the way, I wanted to know if you are interested in having a complete travel guide about Madrid and would like have travel guides in amazon.

do you like that?

backpacker bag.
travel diaries.

perlu, the page of traveling influencers and digital nomads

Hi. About a month ago I found in a Facebook group a community where if you are an “influencer” you have the possibility to interact with others and also brands may also be interested in your blog or YouTube channel or social networks.

If you would like to join this community of travelers you can click here to know it.

What is perlu

We hope you like it a lot. If you are a low cost traveler or backpacker and you love the idea of traveling around the world earning money, this is your community.

Good luck.

tips to save for your next trip for Latin America travellers

How save money for your trips

Before entering this post about how to save money to travel you have to understand one thing: we are not millionaires, nor people who reach out to receive money, all trips have been paid for their effort. (Now we have a virtual store that can help us travel and more if we have a budget)

To understand that we are a normal couple who have worked in tourism and hotels.

For the last year and a half that we created this blog we are two normal people in Colombia. Now we want to travel and travel the world.

We do not like the idea of ​​labeling ourselves for something else, but sometimes we are a tourist and we observe everything, very rarely have we been backpackers (and we would love to do it).

We would love to work as a backpacker and travelers and to know the world. That is, we are low cost travelers who love being at our own pace.

We have traveled as locals, in airbnb, hostels and we have eaten in very cheap places and if it is with organic buffet much better.

With this blog and the YouTube channel we are looking for alternatives to monetize this blog. If you like the idea of ​​seeing the alternatives with which we monetize the blog, click here:


How do two people travel the world?

Our accounts were not prepared to travel nor did we have funds to reach the end of the month.

We saved enough for two years and say save now and travel later.

But when you have the way to travel create an objective that is what you want to create: 15 days in Miami, 1 month in Europe or a sabbatical year in the world.

Keep it in your head all the time. For us it is key when you have to buy shoes or buy tickets for a festival, etc.

Eliminate debts They will think that you can not! It can take years about credit cards and debts. That is the question that you have a money and that you do not have to pay them.

After falling into the account you can achieve a fortnight for you and you can save.

Do an analysis of the finances and organize your expenses.

You do not need to be a financial professional but do not fool yourself and be realistic with what you spend.

Do not spend on what you do not have.

In a few days we will continue talking about how to save on your trips.

Travel bloggers in 2019 in english and how monetize your blog in latinamerica.

From Colombia Jorge bela in what a shame with you is the first blog but he did not decide to continue writing his blog. (Hurts, 😦)

Indira from nazca peru with her blog viaje por peru shows useful information about traveling through Peru. (She monetizes her blog with personalized tours for Peru and the world)

Eloy from his blog from Asia to Latin America shows tips of tourism, guide of Colombia and gastronomy and is a tourism consultant, community manager and works in brands recognized as proexport.

Alexandra and David has his blog from Mexico and has travel tips from around the world. (They are the oldest travel bloggers in Latin America). His blog is called light travel.

Brazil is an incredible tourist destination. Silvia con matraqueando is a blog representative of brazil. To monetize your blog you have a booking search engine, car rental, travel insurance, rent an apartment in Curitiba and some travel guides.

Aniko villalba with her blog traveling around is a travel blog focused on the travel literature and travel journals. From Argentina she has her book and she also has personalized travel journals to monetize her channel.

We Rebunt and Travel is a travel blog with Colombian travel bloggers where they write travel tips around the world. To monetize your blog you have a virtual shop of posters, t-shirts and the sale of your book from the virtual page. (That is, they are self-published)

We as emotional travelers are also a travel blog from Colombia. We monetize our blog with travel search engines, affiliate links about travel journals and we have two travel infoproducts.

Carlicas is a travel blogger about counting travel tips. She is a blogger who started with the suitcase and then created others. To monetize your blog you have a search engine of skycanner, booking, link of amazon about travel, an international travel insurance, makes personalized tours for each destination and is a consultant of projects such as carlicas that teaches about digital nomadism and how to build your blog from scratch . (After silvia in Brazil it is the one that seems more interesting because it diversifies.)

Everyone of some degree or another monetizes their travel blogs, including us. (We have a lot of things and besides these consultants of digital markwting, advertising copywriting and seo in tourism, it is preferable to diversify your travel blog to focus on only one.)

If you are interested in seeing what we do and helping us to continue traveling, click here:


Travel bloggers latinamerica