that in Colombia the phenomena of self-publishing and travel books are growing.

As paradoxical as it sounds, very young writers are conquering audiences that would dream traditional writers. The fan fiction made in Colombia has several examples that are cited at a Latin American level. they are caught in paradoxes: they want to publish in a traditional editorial to be legitimized.

in the traditional edition it has five intermediaries that generate value and cost to the original manuscript in such a way that it reaches the readers. In the traditional publishing house the manuscript is read, revised and prepared to be marketed and then distributed. if the book has resonated they are seen in media, etc.

There are several ways to self-publish. one of them is amazon (in Colombia the practice of it has not been generalized because it is thought to be an American franchise) if you want your printed book you can also do it in bubbok and in a traditional way. another is with the platform publishers authors (which is Colombian) and also can decide how much money they can earn.

The most important thing is to know what books you are going to ask for. andres felipe alvarez of the blog we resigned and traveled, they published their travel chronicles and with the same name. although his brand is followed by 50,000 followers of the 2000 books he bought, he still has half of it left, so it’s good to be careful how many you can self-publish.

selling is harder than writing. How do you sell a book that in the country reads 2.9 books a year? and how to make 2.9 books one’s own? without counting the distribution channels that the consolidated publishers have, the task is much more difficult. but if something is possible with social networks and the internet, anyone can build a brand with that. get your publicist friend to drink a beer, ask your sister (or yourself) that is viral in the networks, if the product does not measure up there are no influencers to stop it.

so if you are interested in the audience in English the idea that we have a book in English on the travel guide in Catalonia and Barcelona we will realize by the amount of likes and I like that we like.

If you would like to have the special book and enjoy it, we could do it.

travel guide catalonia and barcelona

We have decided to do this to Colombians and Latin Americans to see if they like the idea.

ebooks have not reached the highest level in our country, Colombia. Maybe in Latin America if (in places like Mexico and Brazil) Colombians like physical books very much in the publishing world, but the virtual ebook grows.

94.5% of books are physical, since 2010 digital books has tripled, marking a trend of a growing sector. the favorite ebooks are school and university books. Third, there are literary texts.

Because Colombians still love paper books, our ebooks about how to monetize your travel blog will still be in Amazon and if you like the idea, create a guide in English from Madrid.

We hope you like this news and that you can give us these answers.

We also want to dedicate ourselves to have the possibility to enjoy their trips and if it is more in Colombia and Latin America, better. We will also create an email marketing where you can enjoy our contents.

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This guide its in amazon