A traveling reflection …

Yesterday we could not write to you but well … Ah, it turns out how they gave me the representation for what we were going to an assembly of the group that we lived. It was terrible. People do not despair because they cannot get money at the expense of others … While having lunch with my father, I saw a beautiful scene. Three boys from Argentina (Buenos Aires) were taking coins to continue their journey. I know they looked happy, while the others trying to get money and living unhappy.

It is really sad…

That is why we want to fulfill this dream and leave our comfort zone and enjoy our history with us.

We want you to join us so that you and we are happy.

We love you very much.

Andrea and Oscar.

Traveler nostalgia

Madrid romantic sites. last part.

the hiding place

If you are passionate about theater, you have to be in the hiding place. His proposal is this: two plays in theaters in 15 minutes each for a ridiculous price. Most are from independent authors and companies, but it does not fail, each one has quality.

In the hiding place there is a love for art on all four sides. so that the love and doing is seen in the works. Sites like these are actually enjoyable for the Madrid theater scene talking about a breath of freshness and fresh air.

They hidding place

sabatini gardens

Another of Sabatini’s gardens is a very romantic place in Madrid. It is an incomparable place and you can see the best sunsets of Madrid.

right at the foot of the royal palace, from the sabatini gardens we can enjoy its beautiful marble statues, the fountains and the breeze that can be enjoyed from the treetops. It is an incredible place where everything is possible, where we look into the eyes of this special person. worth it.

Sabatini gardens

We hope you liked these romantic sites. Would you visit them with your couple?

Perfect gifts for travel couples in South America. Part IV

travel diaries:

This gift is for traveling couples who love and write travel blogs.

You can write down all your adventures and use them even for a book or your travel blog.

Nor is it for bloggers but to do fun things like traveling challenges.

It is to inspire other couples to travel the world.

In the case of us we also have so you can buy them.

Get it here:

Travel notebooks
Travel notebooks

Keep memories of where you’ve been.

A decoration for your home. In this deciracion you can place tickets, cards of places where they have been traveling.

tickets to museums like we said, parks, or attractions, etc.

It will be an ornament that will speak every time there is a meeting at home.

Memories box.

We hope you liked it a lot.

Perfect gifts for travel couples in South America. Part III

We are back and with recharged energies. Let’s continue with what we left last year. (Some days ago). By the way, on Saturday we will talk about the romantic places of Madrid.

photographic camera:

trips and photo cameras and more if we are in a couple.

Leave impressions in Portugal (romantic site par excellence) visit Egypt and take a photo in the pyramids or on a beach in southern France and with a camera.

Amazing destinations and take pictures until you run out of photographic memory.

If you have your partner or are starting and love to travel this will be an incredible gift.

the olimpus camera is perfect for you because it is small and very basic for those who are starting and the sophisticated ones even more.

Photographic camera

wine bag with traveling glasses (stainless steel)

This is the ideal gift for a local getaway near the beach or even within your city.

For those who love wine and travel this gift is the ideal.

It has a capacity for two bottles and two stainless steel cups to leave home.

Wine bag

The world most romantic places by national geographic

Lonely planet when engaged in backpackers did not focus on guides for traveling couples. We realized that.

We will take advantage of it with our guide in English but for now enjoy this national geographic.

for now this book will give you ideas where to enjoy romantic places while waiting for ours.

The world most romantic destinations

Perfect gifts for traveling couples in South America.

travel gifts for travel couple

traveling as a couple is amazing to meet, enjoy and meet as a couple.

If you have your traveling partner and want to travel for the rest of your life for her, follow this post to give incredible gifts for this Christmas.

gifts that make you sigh until your next trip, gifts that remind you how united they are and also enjoy traveling together.

save for our adventure: save for our next trip.

a decorative savings box for when traveling together. It is a beautiful gift for all who remember for a long time that you have to save for travel and as soon as possible.

Savins travel

Camping lovers: mugs for him and her

If you love the mountain, or you love walking and camping this is your ideal gift.

two mugs that will always carry in the suitcase like the adventure begins, etc. the wanderlust awakens anyone.

Travel mugs.

world map in wood and 3d

Another gift for a traveling couple is a world map.

The map is incredible and it will also help you in the world, you can also have mini-studs shaped like an airplane to know which countries you have traveled.

Travel couple map

Personalized couple trips, how to do them?

When traveling there are three ways to make a trip. Hire a package in an agency, search for us on the internet or the third option (which we are) to have a trip planner or planners to achieve a customized trip. (That is, specialized destination consulting)

But for you we are going to give you the three options so you can travel together with your partner.

We are willing to ensure that your trip is personalized for you and your partner at this time and you can enjoy the places having the possibility of being personalized (more if it is a honeymoon or you want another)

If you like the possibility of searching for everything online you will have control (control over your tuxedo, hotel, food and many things) but if you almost do not have time as a couple, it is a double-edged sword for you and your partner.

If you want to have security and confidence, a travel agency will give you everything, but you will lose spontaneity and increase the price.

And which of the three do you like best?

Personalized trips

Destinations for lovers: six places in Argentina to enjoy as a couple.

From a dinner in nahuel huapi to a walk under the moonlight in the iguazu falls. You will decide that you fall in love with your couple.

6 amazing places in argentina
  1. Iguazu waterfalls.
Iguazu waterfalls

In missions, Argentina is one of the 7 most incredible natural wonders in the world: the Iguazu Falls. From all sides of the planet come to know the impressive waterfalls. The experience is more incredible when you take a walk in the moonlight. They are made 5 days a month and the guide shows the throat of the devil that is silver in the moonlight. You can also enjoy an incredible dinner with the rainforests and stay in incredible places with magnificent views of the falls.

2. Seven lakes

Seven lakes argentina

They are a must if you want to go through Patagonia. They are so fancy that it’s like being in a story (like certain places in Germany)

In the mountains, like San Martin de los Andes and Villa La Angostura, they have personalized boutique hotels for you to enjoy as a couple.

If you want to enjoy these places as a couple and stay in incredible places, here we leave this link for you to enjoy:

Iguazu waterfalls argentina
Seven lakes argentina

It is the best gift you can give to you and your partner to enjoy incredible experiences for you and your relationship.