Personalized couple trips, how to do them?

When traveling there are three ways to make a trip. Hire a package in an agency, search for us on the internet or the third option (which we are) to have a trip planner or planners to achieve a customized trip. (That is, specialized destination consulting)

But for you we are going to give you the three options so you can travel together with your partner.

We are willing to ensure that your trip is personalized for you and your partner at this time and you can enjoy the places having the possibility of being personalized (more if it is a honeymoon or you want another)

If you like the possibility of searching for everything online you will have control (control over your tuxedo, hotel, food and many things) but if you almost do not have time as a couple, it is a double-edged sword for you and your partner.

If you want to have security and confidence, a travel agency will give you everything, but you will lose spontaneity and increase the price.

And which of the three do you like best?

Personalized trips

Destinations for lovers: six places in Argentina to enjoy as a couple.

From a dinner in nahuel huapi to a walk under the moonlight in the iguazu falls. You will decide that you fall in love with your couple.

6 amazing places in argentina
  1. Iguazu waterfalls.
Iguazu waterfalls

In missions, Argentina is one of the 7 most incredible natural wonders in the world: the Iguazu Falls. From all sides of the planet come to know the impressive waterfalls. The experience is more incredible when you take a walk in the moonlight. They are made 5 days a month and the guide shows the throat of the devil that is silver in the moonlight. You can also enjoy an incredible dinner with the rainforests and stay in incredible places with magnificent views of the falls.

2. Seven lakes

Seven lakes argentina

They are a must if you want to go through Patagonia. They are so fancy that it’s like being in a story (like certain places in Germany)

In the mountains, like San Martin de los Andes and Villa La Angostura, they have personalized boutique hotels for you to enjoy as a couple.

If you want to enjoy these places as a couple and stay in incredible places, here we leave this link for you to enjoy:

Iguazu waterfalls argentina
Seven lakes argentina

It is the best gift you can give to you and your partner to enjoy incredible experiences for you and your relationship.

Places in the world to enjoy as a couple.



The African memoir that shows the serengeti prompted travel agencies to have champagne baths, to have safaris in the middle of the meadow. An incredible trip for adventurous couples.

Agra, India

Agra, india

An emerging city shows the jewel of Hindu culture: the Taj Mahal.

The 1600 sultan was built by his beloved wife in 1631. It has an incredible sunset and beautiful views.

Krabi, Thailand.


It is the least crowded island in Thailand, being accessible only by boat and which has jungles and immense rocks. If you like the beach we will tell you that it is your place.

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happy valentines day all … although we do not celebrate it in Latin America

Hi all. Thank you for being here and for following us.
We wanted to wish you all a happy valentines …
and wish them the greatest dream that is traveling together with their
couple everywhere.

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Travel with your couple in colombia.

Hi. It is definitely better to enjoy our history. A while ago we enjoyed a trip to the beach as a couple and it was delicious …

Feel the sand on your feet, walk in the salt water … breathe sand through your pores (and more if it is with your partner and hand) is one of the most delicious sensations forever ….

See the sunset, have lunch, enjoy the blue sea. That was almost unreal …

Lunch wow! It was sea food. We ate it with a desire and sitting down to listen to the sound of the ocean is a unique sensation.

That’s what happens when you enjoy your partner. More romantic impossible …

Imagine enjoying a wave or surfing the ocean … that will feel even more spectacular.

Or even more romantic possible: get an engagement ring or get married on the beach …. It is even more incredible.

In 8 days we will talk about the most romantic beach places possible to enjoy as a couple in our country, Colombia and then we will continue later with others.

romantic places of colombia for romantic getaways

Colombia has extraordinary landscapes. There are so many places that you do not know where to start. you have to choose what will be the true love that will accompany you in the trips.

Gorgon Island.  This plan is ideal to get away from the big cities for a few days. The island with three islets, is the Gorgon National Park, is a friendly place with the jungle. In addition to enjoying the beaches with hiking and ecological hiking, you can dive in the waters of the Pacific.

Resultado de imagen para isla gorgona

crab, kay. providence. 

The sea of seven colors is to be enjoyed as a couple. after diving the coral reef, crayfish is a place with few tourists because the visits are controlled to avoid the deterioration of the place, it allows a romantic experience.

Resultado de imagen para cayo cangrejo colombia

Santa marta colombia.

Tayrona Park is full of hotels with beautiful views that overlook the beach and the jungle. this getaway is romanic and quiet. wake up early to see the sunrise, have breakfast in bed, spend the day walking on the beach. receive a relaxing massage by the sea, eat seafood, watch the sunset with cocktails.

Lugar romántico y natural

Cartagena, Bolivar.

its colonial aspect, its colors, its little streets. its sunsets, the breeze and the sound of the sea. Cartagena is the quintessential romantic place, a place to fall in love on every corner.

You can walk through the small stone streets with your partner, enjoy the architecture and the colorful flowers sit in any square and dine in one of the many beautiful restaurants (and more if it is in the wall). a wonderful way to end the evening, is to have a cocktail in the most majestic part of the city.

Resultado de imagen para cartagena, colombia

barichara, santander.

Barichara is calm. its spectacular landscapes, its houses with wooden walls and balconies, make an unforgettable sight. This town is part of the heritage towns of Colombia. How about walking through its cobbled streets, looking at the starry and silent sky or visiting the archaeological museum. If yours is not calm in san gil you will practice extreme sports.


salento quindio. 

The wax palm frames this beautiful place full of romanticism and tradition. surroundings with streams, hills, coffee farmers, crafts. With your couples you can stay in boutique hotels or in a traditional farm. stroll through the gardens, have coffee, dine trick and be under the blankets.

Salento, Quindio

guatape, antioquia.

The municipality of Gauatape is populated by peninsulas and bathed by a beautiful reservoir. there you can rent jetsky, boats, and as plan “obligation” you can climb the peñol stone. Once up, your partner and you will see panoramas that make it worth all exercise.

we recommend you stay in hotels overlooking the reservoir. and it goes through the historical center. It is a romantic and memorable town. This romantic getaway is used by Mariana Pajon to get married in December.

Guatape Antioquia