What is the main reason for having a travel notebook in Latin America?

It is normal to assume that seeing a finished text (be it a book, a post or something on instagram) in which the author focused on writing and achieved his inspiration. We forgot that there was a process behind, I need several polishes to stay as it was, the first draft, the reissues (more than writing you have to rewrite), the editing stage and finally the publication.

One of the obstacles of literature is to ignore the process. Writing is a messy process. That is why it is important to understand and accept the processes and not to mythologize them.

It all starts with a notebook and that is why it is so important to document everything for future texts.

If you think this is impractical, click here to write in a travel notebook.


Travel notebook

happy valentines day all … although we do not celebrate it in Latin America

Hi all. Thank you for being here and for following us.
We wanted to wish you all a happy valentines …
and wish them the greatest dream that is traveling together with their
couple everywhere.

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We wish you a happy Valentine.

This is incredible and we want to show them to you …

Hi. We have realized that when you go on a trip you accumulate experiences and you want to enjoy this trip if it is longer.

He remembers me when we were in Europe. We delayed a lot and did not have something to write experiences with.

That’s why we love the idea of having travel notebooks and travel notebooks is the way to write your experiences in your travels.

That is why we want to dedicate ourselves to help shape memories and that their experiences are shaped.

It does not seem great, right?

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I do not know about you but we love the idea of helping everyone enjoy their trips.

By the way, the first infoproduct of catalonia its here. Just wait in english. In spanish its in amazon.