our experience with booking in madrid, spain

our flight from bogota madrid was very interesting. We arrived at the Bogota airport by the day and when we arrived in Madrid it was the beginning of the next day, but let’s start in parts.

we arrived at the bogota airport. We wait and start riding on our plane. We started to enjoy our trip. I saw things from Europe, a movie, but I did not have the right clothes. late in sleeping. I slept at times.

I realized that the stockings I was wearing was the problem, it was impossible to sleep until I took off my stockings. There and half I could sleep. I liked the avianca theme and it gave everything, even wine. I liked it a lot.

We continue between waking and sleeping until I arrive in Madrid in the afternoon. We left the airport and took the train.

where we stayed (it’s an apartment called chueca village in fuencarral street) is a fairly central apartment in the Fuencarral area, near the train, the Gran Via and the neighborhood of malasaña (very touristy) besides things very close to there. (like the plaza españa and many gardens, besides

we stayed two days there and if you love the nightlife, you will have it properly on the street because there are bars, places where there are tapas, wine and an incredible nightlife this is your place.

If you want something quieter without so much nightlife there you will not like it.

the rooms were good, had good wifi and also closed the windows to avoid the sun.

If you like the idea of ​​staying in Village Chueca, you are on booking and you can see the scores here:

puntuaciones de village chueca madrid

and if you want to have an incredible discount, use this and you will have a discount on village chueca: 1457212 (there you will have discount about all your places travelers)

to me that I liked Madrid: precisely the nightlife and that you can have a good time in Fuencarral street besides malasaña, along with the surroundings of the train and everything. I recommend the place.

we give you a rating of 5 out of 5.

We hope you enjoy Madrid!

village chueca
rooms of village chueca, madrid
large room of village chueca

We were going to tell them that the virtual radio station ekoradio.com contacted us to be part of their radio station and to work together on the 747 radio travelers program. What an emotion that we can work together to make ourselves known. amazing.

tips to be a tourist all year round and without leaving your city in Latin America.

To know new cities, is one of the best pleasures we have. but we have a lot of circumstances such as work, family commitments and expect better circumstances. We have two options: regret and wait for the circumstances, or be a tourist every day. we will give you tips to be a tourist; without leaving your city.

Find out what tours there are in your city.

Many times we pretend to have great trips, which demand time and money. but we forget that this city is a place of tourism for others (that is more than true in our city and has tourist places)

live where you live, there are tourist attractions and there are reports for newcomers. so try to get closer to what options there are. You will be surprised how many things there are in your city.

half a day a week to be a tourist.

Start with half a day and you’ll want more. Just as we exercise, hobbie, see a movie and get together with friends can give you the opportunity to meet.

Having the places of your city, you are organizing. Choose a place the first week. Comfortable clothes, camera and to walk.

infect your environment.

they will look at you at home. then they will add up. returns with enthusiasm, good humor and desire for more. that is contagious.

we started to go to pance (in our city) and we loved it. My husband and I decided to do it.

near home
near home like tourist

tips to save for your next trip for Latin America travellers

How save money for your trips

Before entering this post about how to save money to travel you have to understand one thing: we are not millionaires, nor people who reach out to receive money, all trips have been paid for their effort. (Now we have a virtual store that can help us travel and more if we have a budget)

To understand that we are a normal couple who have worked in tourism and hotels.

For the last year and a half that we created this blog we are two normal people in Colombia. Now we want to travel and travel the world.

We do not like the idea of ​​labeling ourselves for something else, but sometimes we are a tourist and we observe everything, very rarely have we been backpackers (and we would love to do it).

We would love to work as a backpacker and travelers and to know the world. That is, we are low cost travelers who love being at our own pace.

We have traveled as locals, in airbnb, hostels and we have eaten in very cheap places and if it is with organic buffet much better.

With this blog and the YouTube channel we are looking for alternatives to monetize this blog. If you like the idea of ​​seeing the alternatives with which we monetize the blog, click here:


How do two people travel the world?

Our accounts were not prepared to travel nor did we have funds to reach the end of the month.

We saved enough for two years and say save now and travel later.

But when you have the way to travel create an objective that is what you want to create: 15 days in Miami, 1 month in Europe or a sabbatical year in the world.

Keep it in your head all the time. For us it is key when you have to buy shoes or buy tickets for a festival, etc.

Eliminate debts They will think that you can not! It can take years about credit cards and debts. That is the question that you have a money and that you do not have to pay them.

After falling into the account you can achieve a fortnight for you and you can save.

Do an analysis of the finances and organize your expenses.

You do not need to be a financial professional but do not fool yourself and be realistic with what you spend.

Do not spend on what you do not have.

In a few days we will continue talking about how to save on your trips.