What do you think about the idea of showing on twitch how we work on the book in English of the guide of cataluña and barcelona.

Hi all. I know that more than one likes our Latin American videos more than those from Europe. That’s funny, is not it?

And we decided to always focus on Latin America and a little elsewhere (when we go on a trip) and talk about the experience of being tourists in another country and in our countries.

Would it be better if we talked about it? Everything to do a video blog of Colombians vloggers for the world in the style of zach morris and others?

Do you think a better idea?

Tell us what you think and if it seems a good idea.

We would also like to talk about videos of our surroundings and our trips on the twitch channel and show them our work of the guide in English of barcelona and cataluña.

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Que les parece la idea de mostrar en twitch como trabajamos el libro en ingles de la guia de cataluña y barcelona.

Hola a todos. Ya se que mas de uno les gusta nuestros videos de latinoamerica mas que los de europa. Que curioso, no?

Y decidimos para siempre centrarnos en latinoamerica y un poco en otras partes (cuando nos vayamos de viaje ) y hablar de la experiencia de ser turistas en otro pais y en nuestros paises.

Les pareceria mejor que hablaramos de ello? Todo hacerlo un video blog de colombianos vloggers para el mundo al estilo de zach morris y otros?

Les parece una mejor idea?

Digannos que les parece y si les parece una buena idea.

Quisieramos en el canal de twitch tambien hablar de videos de nuestro entorno y nuestros viajes y mostrarles nuestro trabajo de la guia en ingles de barcelona y cataluña.

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hello everybody. we see that you love take vlog about our life and our environment. today have a twitch stream about a mall near home and share what it is and the beautiful place that you are.

we love that and we see that if we have the oportunity of we went twitch, we would that you yube.

what do you think?

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notre dame and other stories.

Hi all. These days we will take vacations and that is why this is the last post before returning the other week.

By doing this post we would love to talk about notre dame and its history.

Built between 1163 and 1245 on the ille de la cite it is one of the oldest gothic cathedrals in the world.

The cathedral of Notre Dame has been renovated on many occasions, in which is the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte (David is his painting), the beatification of Joan of Arc and the coronation of Henry VI of England.

Due to the damage caused to the oldest Gothic church in the world, it is expected that the renovation can be done soon and also saved many gothic works of art.

I survived a renovation in the nineteenth century, the war of one hundred years, the French revolution and two world wars.

We hope we can see it soon and when we go to Paris, we can see it in its splendor.

Notre dame cathedral

By the way, we were going to tell everyone that we created a twich channel and we will post the twitch live on youtube.

The future of streaming is more important in twich than in YouTube and we are going to do it for now both.

Twich: andreaoscartravesias.