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the Latin America and Colombia wanderlust exists?

The wanderlust is more than a desire to vacation but have a ticket without return anywhere.

Wanderlust sindrome

The wanderlust syndrome is the desire to travel constantly and enjoy cultures and countries.

We write a lot about this topic. If you want to know and see this post, look for it as it is to be a wanderlust person.

What we want today is to show if in Latin America there is this tendency of wanderlust.

So far there are no statistics on the wanderlust and if you travel alone or accompanied, as a couple or children.

And neither is there anything that can be said about wanderlust in Latin America.

So there is no such thing as the existence of wanderlust in Latin America.

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a spectacular brand for the most sophisticated travelers or Colombian wanderlust.

Hi all. Today we want to do something different. We realized that we are very few travel bloggers who are in Colombia and we want to be the first to help you to fulfill your dream of traveling as we do.

Today we have a brand of Bogota that every time we see something is beautiful and we love it seriously … we started with this.

world map holder bogota andiamovolare

first we want to show you who is as a brand and why we like it so much.

with some words “With brave wings she flies” in Spanish means with brave wings she flies. The owner began to know many different cultures to his. Traveling in different countries made him inspire others to leave the comfort zone and travel.

So in 2017 he decided to create this brand with vintage products imported from countries such as Canada, England, France, the United States, etc.

in this case it is a vintage portaportport that makes you want to travel when we walk with it.

It is a very nice portaportsaporte has buttons, you can also carry it in your bag, with a very nice world map in the front and back is very good. (fits the passport with tranquility)

Do you like this passport? You can see it here that you love to travel.

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