hemos decidido darle un giro al canal de you tube y twitch.

curioso que estudiando a youtube nos hayamos dado cuenta que haciendo determinadas cosas podremos crear una comunidad viajera adaptada para todos ustedes.

por eso daremos tips de viajes y tops de los lugares mas increibles. y en nuestro canal de twitch cuando mas muestres tu estilo de vida y lo que haces puedes hacerlo muy bien.

por eso decidimos darle este giro a la historia y al canal de travesias emocionales.

si te interesa ser parte de esta comunidad nos puedes seguri en el canal de travesias emocionales y si quieres tambien te puedes suscribir al canal de twitch tambien.

vemos que les gusta ver nuestra vida cotidiana y las historias que mostramos alli, asi que nos centraremos en las historias y cada vez que viajemos seria un travel blog.

si les interesa pueden seguirnos en este canal de twitch:


Balnearios en el Valle del Cauca | livevalledelcauca.com
lugares turisticos del valle del cauca. canal de youtube
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mañana estare en un directo que les puede gustar muchismo. nos vemos mañana.

Que les parece la idea de mostrar en twitch como trabajamos el libro en ingles de la guia de cataluña y barcelona.

Hola a todos. Ya se que mas de uno les gusta nuestros videos de latinoamerica mas que los de europa. Que curioso, no?

Y decidimos para siempre centrarnos en latinoamerica y un poco en otras partes (cuando nos vayamos de viaje ) y hablar de la experiencia de ser turistas en otro pais y en nuestros paises.

Les pareceria mejor que hablaramos de ello? Todo hacerlo un video blog de colombianos vloggers para el mundo al estilo de zach morris y otros?

Les parece una mejor idea?

Digannos que les parece y si les parece una buena idea.

Quisieramos en el canal de twitch tambien hablar de videos de nuestro entorno y nuestros viajes y mostrarles nuestro trabajo de la guia en ingles de barcelona y cataluña.

Pueden seguirnos pir aca en twitch:


Y nuestro canal de youtube se lo enviamos en este link:


Muchisimas gracias por seguirnos siempre.

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Top 5 about Barcelona

Hi all. Today we decided to reactivate you tube and have the first twich video.

I hope you like the video of twich and can see it here:


Top 5 visit barcelona

Top 5 sobre barcelona

Hola a todos. Hoy decidimos reactivar you tube y tener el primer video de twich.

Espero que les guste el video de twich y pueden verlo aqui:


Top 5 porque visitar en barcelona

notre dame and other stories.

Hi all. These days we will take vacations and that is why this is the last post before returning the other week.

By doing this post we would love to talk about notre dame and its history.

Built between 1163 and 1245 on the ille de la cite it is one of the oldest gothic cathedrals in the world.

The cathedral of Notre Dame has been renovated on many occasions, in which is the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte (David is his painting), the beatification of Joan of Arc and the coronation of Henry VI of England.

Due to the damage caused to the oldest Gothic church in the world, it is expected that the renovation can be done soon and also saved many gothic works of art.

I survived a renovation in the nineteenth century, the war of one hundred years, the French revolution and two world wars.

We hope we can see it soon and when we go to Paris, we can see it in its splendor.

Notre dame cathedral

By the way, we were going to tell everyone that we created a twich channel and we will post the twitch live on youtube.

The future of streaming is more important in twich than in YouTube and we are going to do it for now both.

Twich: andreaoscartravesias.

We are going to transform the channel channel and say goodbye to Easter.

Hi all. We have realized that we have been working on the channel for a year without so much result and we are very concerned.

We do not want you to feel sorry for us but it is our responsibility that we do not have subscribers.

That’s why we said that we were going to leave the channel for a while but we are realizing that we want to help you as a community and that you are happy.

And we realize that we want to dedicate ourselves to talk about entrepreneurship and travel.

So if you like the idea we would like to dedicate ourselves to tourism and vlogs when we travel. (Useful information as to do in such city, important places, interesting data of the city, etc) 😊all the vlogs and sometimes in direct of face and instagram.

That is our passion and we want to help all of you to fulfill your dream of living traveling.

I hope you like it a lot.

We also have a gift for you in Easter:


We are enjoying this page more and it is much easier than kindle. The next thing we have we will have it here more than in kindle.

I hope you enjoy it enough.

Happy Easter and we will have other post the other week.

Tourism bussiness

change in the channel and this blog. Travel guides and entrepreneurship as a digital nomad in latinamerica

Hi all. We have definitely realized that both you and we like to talk about destinations and help each dream destination have the ability to guide us. In addition to the possibility that you have good reasons to travel. (And write an ebook from time to time helping them how to do it with travel guides and others)

But we are willing to help you to achieve your dream.

With respect to the channel we want to get away from the classic of showing our trips and focus on entrepreneurship, digital nomadism, blogs, living traveling, etc. We want to do it to help you more and give you useful information.

We wanted to make this turn and we hope you like it a lot.

We want to create a strong personal brand and help you.

A huge kiss,

Andrea and Oscar.

Travel digital nomad
Travel digital nomad in latinamerica.