tips that a luxury travel blogger do in quarantine.

we are in quarantine and it’s boring you don’t know what to do. you think about traveling, getting out of your confinement, visiting many parts. This coronavirus will one day pass and gradually we will return to normal, but in the meantime stay home and they will take you from the world to your room. transform staying at home into traveling at home.

read a book:

reading is the best way to travel. Take advantage of this time you left in half or start the one you always wanted to read. a book takes you to unknown places.

In Amazon and other places you can buy many books in ebook format. Editorial Planet under the motto #keepreadingencasa made free books available until March 31, where you can find everything from da vinci code books to cookbooks. Also on the web, you will find activities and virtual conferences for writers.

If you want to travel seriously, immerse yourself in travel books. Here we leave you a list of incredible travelers and also this self-published books that everyone wins: you get it cheap and earn more.

  • travel days and syndrome in paris by aniko villalba
  • removing borders: marking the pole
  • Africaneering: de guada aaroz.
  • a curious traveler and challenge your routes, by esteban mazzonzinni
  • journey to the land of straight hair. from dan lande
  • Asia, chronicles of the Far East, Yugoslavia and the labyrinth of the Balkans. from carola fernandez moore.
  • magic is traveling. aldana and magic dino on the way
  • my life in a backpack. by nati bainotti.
  • around the world in 10 years. from pablo rey (free in quarantine)

watch the TV:

Another way to teleport from your home chair is just TV. On Netflix (to name the most common) you will find a lot of movies and series during the quarantine and they take you to different places on the planet.

tales of night: documentary series for traveling. it is to see it from the mind and the gaze from the light.
street food – presents a city of asia and gastronomy.
midnight summer – a series with food stories from tokyo.
If you do not have to pay netflix, you have the app or platform of where there are 100% free movies, series, documentaries and shorts. you have the app register and watch.

finally on youtube, you have documentaries of dw and if we talk about documentaries do not miss hello world. if there is something more adventurous, jime and andres, they filmed their journey in 1247: the austral highway.

don’t forget about vimeo. It is forgotten by its competitor there you will have quality audiovisual content. We leave you the last ice box, a short film that will show something incredible in 45 minutes.

travel documentary
Travel Photos
travel picture

the mandatory question in quarantine: how to travel in luxury after the coronavirus

The entire planet is going through one of the most complicated periods of the modern era, a pandemic that changes our reality and puts us in difficulties. all sectors undergo major changes, from healthcare to industries and of course, tourism.

there are few certainties of the coronavirus, there is the awareness that we are fragile and vulnerable. human beings, who have been able to resist, adapt or evolve in more serious situations.

others say that they are suffering a shock, perhaps they are small details, the daily life that we will rediscover will no longer be the same.

We want to show with this post about luxury tourism and we will tell you the truth how tourism will change.

There is no scientific data, but that is what we will imagine in the future.

What are the psychological phases we will go through in relation to travel?

fear: it is normal that no one is thinking of traveling at this time. The fear has created a normal fear, also outbreaks are occurring in other countries.

uncertainty: when it becomes “under control” we will start dreaming about traveling. In any case, we will look at the safe areas, the risks that exist and the limitations. Let’s say that with uncertainty a recovery begins, but the future is not clear.

caution: now it is more manageable, the virus is managed (the vaccine can appear in 12 – 18 months) we are close to a vaccine. caution will be a brake.

recovery: travel has been ingrained in us since ancient times, we cannot deny it. Although we are going to be careful and we are going to do it in a safer way (in safe areas and premium commuter tourism will grow and more slow travel)

What are the main changes compared to the coronavirus?

controls at the airport: it is safe when we can travel, we will be subject to more health controls at the airport (travel insurance will increase more we even find the almost the same controls before 11s) in fact it will be a problem, but the lines (even being a first class tourist will be long)

airlines: the companies most affected by the coronavirus are found. air traffic is zero and with the weeks it will be an open wound. some will fail, new ones will emerge, focus and communication with customers will change. it is to be understood and discovered.

ota: like airlines, booking, expedia and others (online travel agency in english) are suffering enormous damage. Before the pandemic, they were the leaders of the tourism sector, controlling communication, focus, standards and consumer wishes. this can alter it, ota can collapse and look for new forms of reservation.

Communication and hotel offers: the world of hotels, hitherto “slaves” of the policies of the giants, is linked to the crisis of the ota (online travel agency) for them it is good disintermediation of the final consumer. It will not be very easy, but it will not be impossible either, the hotels will find fast, captivating and easy-to-use ways to enjoy and not get used to using otas.

the benefits are greater because the trips will be dictated in the next years. This will give a possibility and variety of offers, proposals, flexible and more personalized policies.

Now we are making our ebook of luxury trips and traveling couples and we will be delighted to make a good launch in English.

And since we are also personalized travel consultants and we want to help you when the recovery occurs, we explain it here and we could also work together (taking place with the safest places, slow travel and luxury hotels)

That is going to be our policy: closer trips and if they are far in safe places and luxury hotels so that they do not have to worry about security.

luxury travel post coronavirus
luxury travel
travel luxury post coronavirus
travel luxury

Places to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

2 days ago on March 3, 2013 we got married. It’s been 7 years (as time goes by) and we also wanted our list of what places to visit to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Romantic escape to the passion island in Mexico.

This hidden and idyllic place in Cozumel for its natural sources, along with its crystalline beaches and white sand will make your stay the ideal one if you and your Couple love the beach.

Passion Island mexico

Keruel Island, Hawaii United States

This place is overflowing with nature and is one of the most incredible places in the United States, Hawaii. Go calmly as we say and enjoy staying in a cabin to enjoy the water and the sunset is incredible and I do not know tea I forgot to leave without seeing the Hula.

Garden Island Hawai

In 8 days Talking about that.

A traveling reflection …

Yesterday we could not write to you but well … Ah, it turns out how they gave me the representation for what we were going to an assembly of the group that we lived. It was terrible. People do not despair because they cannot get money at the expense of others … While having lunch with my father, I saw a beautiful scene. Three boys from Argentina (Buenos Aires) were taking coins to continue their journey. I know they looked happy, while the others trying to get money and living unhappy.

It is really sad…

That is why we want to fulfill this dream and leave our comfort zone and enjoy our history with us.

We want you to join us so that you and we are happy.

We love you very much.

Andrea and Oscar.

Traveler nostalgia

Romantic places to go with your girlfriend to Barcelona

Do you want to escape with your partner to an incredible place in Barcelona? If so, your decision is the most incredible (despite everything), although Barcelona is not another European city, the city has its charm. There are incredible places to enjoy with your partner and leave your soulmate breathless. (also with a more benign climate)

Ready to enjoy these places?

horta labyrinth park

Do you want to enjoy the oldest gardens in Barcelona? You will find it in this beautiful place. This site belonged to the Marques de Llupia, Poal and Alfarras, which commissioned its construction from an Italian architect. The work conclutyo in 1808, this garden has neoclassical and romantic effects of great beauty. turned into a park in 1971, it has a maze with cypress walls and embellished with sculptures.

horta labyrinth park, Barcelona.

Sant Felip Neri Square:

It is one of the most beautiful and unique squares in Barcelona. Located in the Gothic quarter, or in the Jewish quarter, it takes its name from the Baroque church. It still retains the evidence of the civil war. It has Renaissance houses, it is also in the museum of footwear and an octagonal fountain. It also has an antiquity attributed to it (it had to be rebuilt by the civil war) is an oasis of peace amid the noise, would you like to go with your couple?

Saturday, we talking about this.

Sant felip square.

Madrid romantic sites. last part.

the hiding place

If you are passionate about theater, you have to be in the hiding place. His proposal is this: two plays in theaters in 15 minutes each for a ridiculous price. Most are from independent authors and companies, but it does not fail, each one has quality.

In the hiding place there is a love for art on all four sides. so that the love and doing is seen in the works. Sites like these are actually enjoyable for the Madrid theater scene talking about a breath of freshness and fresh air.

They hidding place

sabatini gardens

Another of Sabatini’s gardens is a very romantic place in Madrid. It is an incomparable place and you can see the best sunsets of Madrid.

right at the foot of the royal palace, from the sabatini gardens we can enjoy its beautiful marble statues, the fountains and the breeze that can be enjoyed from the treetops. It is an incredible place where everything is possible, where we look into the eyes of this special person. worth it.

Sabatini gardens

We hope you liked these romantic sites. Would you visit them with your couple?

Romantic sites in Madrid. Part VI

Madrid Teleferico:

Madrid Teleferico

Do you want to have an incredible view of all of Madrid? Then use the cable car. You will see the royal palace as well as the almudena.

Great view from above!

By the way, visit the place with your partner and at sunset. They will love it!

La paca café bar, Malasaña

La paca café bar

This coffee bar in Malasaña is the essential place of Malasaña. With quite cultural proposals, it has become the epicenter of Malasaña.

You can enjoy a dessert with coffee and enjoy the place. If your partner and you are cultural they will love it for the varied cultural proposal.

We await on Wednesday in another installment of Madrid and its romantic places.

Airbnb give you a trip with your couple un italy for calentones day

Do you like valentine (We in Colombia celebrated it on another date) but airbnb has the Digulian house, the original house of Romeo and Juliet and airbnb wants to give this gift to 1 couple on the planet to enjoy everything high in San valentin.

If you enter between January 21 and February 2 you will enjoy the stay along with an incredible walk and gastronomic walk.

In addition there will be a chef with two Michelin stars preparing your meal.

You will also know the balcony of the history of Romeo and Juliet, together with the beautiful city of Verona.

You dare?

The famous balcony. XIV Century
Romantic room
Casa diguluana. verona, italy

Romantic sites of Madrid. Part V

Tantra spa, nueva España.

Tantra spa, Madrid

Another place that you and your partner will love is tantra spa with its erotic massages, you will discover massages and incredible things with your partner with Thai massage, which comes from ancient India.

Enjoy tantric massages and couples massages along with 150 m2 of oriental and western aromas and sensuality.

Attic terrace 11 Madrid. Chueca village.

Attic 11, Madrid.

This terrace is the most beautiful and picturesque place in Madrid. It is open every day along with a spectacular meal and the best views of Madrid.

Located at number 11 of the great road, you can see the unobstructed views of the city. A place where good drinks, good food and great views and downtown Madrid and near the Subway and hotels.

Romantic sites of Madrid. Part IV

bogui jazz – village chueca

Bogui jazz

With the national and international media Bogui Jazz is the best place in Madrid to listen to live jazz.

If you want to enjoy a good glass of wine and incredible music rhythms, this is your favorite place.

Bogui Jazz will allow you to enjoy incredible jazz plus another glass of wine. You sign up?

The Invisible City – Cafe Travel Library. Malasaña

The invisible city is a coffee shop where you can have coffee with your friends and eating tapas made in an organic and natural way.

Apart from a cafe it is an amazing travel library. You can buy amazing travel guides and also second-hand books for consultation.

This library is a point where travelers meet because there are many cultural projects and activities that are carried out.

If you would love it like we do a travel guide only from malasaña you can support it and we will do it.